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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Falkono View Post
People need to accept that the current roster including the champ is mostly very under average guys.
That's the argument most people are fucking making when they say that Punk . The idea that there aren't guys who are there own could draw would be folly, but say that one guy is the reason for the declining ratings, even though there are so many other factors, is ignorant. The roster is filled mostly with uninteresting characters with shitty booking and few actual storylines. You talk about how certain guys can make the ratings go up big time, but when the Rock and Brock Lesnar were around the ratings barely got past the low 3s. The Rock wrestled for Survivor Series last year and it barely drew more than the year before. Lesnar wrestled for Extreme Rules this year and it barely drew more than the year before. It wasn't until they were put in PPVs that matter that the full extent of their drawing power could be harnessed. The booking has made it so most of the guys, episodes, titles, and PPVs mean nothing. You can bring in some of the most entertaining guys in the history of the business, but it still won't make the product hot or save it.

I also find it strange that some of you say Punk was/is a midcard champion, and blame him for the declining ratings. If he was booked in the midcard and not treated as the center/star of the show, I don't see how he can take a large portion of the blame. For most of Punk's reign, Cena was the center of the WWE Universe and continued to be the figurehead of Raw while Punk only had one or two segments in Quarters like 2,3,6, etc. Cena was the one who took up multiple segments during the RtWM to build up to his main event with the Rock. Cena was the one who wrestled one of the most popular UFC champions in history, Brock Lesnar. Cena was the one who feuded with the top heel, Johnny Ace. If your theory about how shows only draw due to one guy, then this should all fall upon Cena's shoulders since he's been the centerpiece for the WWE and face of the business for not just the past year, but the past 6 years.

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