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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Hey guys, it's skinny fuck me again. Ok, so i started to lift really seriously back in September. Now, I'm doing this at home. All I have is a barbell and a bench. So my exercises consist of variations to bench press, barbell curls, bent over barbrell reps, squats and the bench machine has a leg exercise thing attached to it.

I started off benching 40lbs, now I'm at 50. Started off curling 20lbs, now I can get 2 good sets out of 25lbs and then finish up with some 20s. Bent over rows went up from 25lbs to 30lbs. Squats went from 25lbs to 30lbs.

And I know it's only 3 months but I'm lifting more right, so shouldn't my body reflect that a little? I'm expecting too like John Cena over night here but to me I haven't made a single damn gain in size since Spetmeber. So when the hell would it start to look like I actually do start working out? I've seen people make some damn good progress in 3 months (people that I actually know) so what the fuck's the problem with me?
how much do you weigh and how much are you eating? possibly just bumping calories will help. Those are decent results though; like I said, bumping calories will probably speed up results and make them better.

with a barbell you can pretty much do everything necessary: skull crushers, curls, bench, dead lift, rows; don't know how you can safely squat with only a bench, but you can just do that free weight during the break then start up once you get back to a gym.

you can always buy that pullup bar you put onto a doorway; pullups are the best!
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