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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Foley was an upper card guy. Thing is, he won about as often as he lost and when he lost it was after he typically dished out and took a preposterous amount of punishment. Getting a win over Mankind and Cactus Jack meant something. He was never booked like or put on the level of Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker or Triple H but those guys knew if they got in a feud with Mankind or Cactus jack it was going to be a motherfuckin' war.

Now Ziggler is kind of in that upper card position. He's higher to me than a pure midcarder but he loses clean all the time in just regular matches. He's done it twice, in under 15 minutes both times, to an opponent who was kayfabe injured. In back to back weeks, no less. It looks bad. You can lose and still look like a God. Ziggler loses too easy and it makes him look like a geek.

Foley felt like more of an upper card guy to me. Ziggler does feel like jobber-to-the-stars enhancement talent. People say he is a victim of his in ring skills but especially the bumping ability. He's in the make-the-other-guy-look-good role right now.

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