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Re: 2012 King of Be The Booker Thread!


CONTESTANT #1: Flux Capacitor

The entry!

Spoiler for Flux's entry:
Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor
I'm sure you're all aware of the Matt Hardy/Lita/Kane love story back in 2004, if not, then do some research and watch some videos to get up to speed. Everything up until this segment stays true to what happened in real life, so there is very little need for a backstory. Enjoy.

When we return from the final commercial break of the evening, we are instantly greeted to a shot of the newly decorated ring. However, the decoration isn't attractive what so ever. The mat is clad in a thick, pitch black canvas. On the canvas stands heaps and bouquets of black and red flowers, along with an old, polished, mahogany alter, which an innocent looking priest, also dressed in complete black, is standing behind. Over the arena speakers, we hear typical wedding music playing. The atmosphere is very tense, with nobody in the whole building knowing what to expect of whats to come within the next 15 minutes.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw and I speak on behalf of myself and Jerry Lawler when I say that I apologise for what you may, or may not, see or hear as we await one of the most uncomfortable weddings in the history of mankind...


And in an instant, the whole mood is changed as the organ sounds turn off and the lighting in the arena transitions in to that of a pale red, signifying the entrance of the man himself, none other than The Big Red Machine, Kane! After a couple of seconds, the monster appears on the stage, dressed in an all white three piece suit! With a maniacal smile on his face, Kane strolls down the black carpet that is intricately rolled down the entrance ramp, before entering the ring. Everybody's hairs in the arena are on end, knowing that nothing good can possibly come of this, and rather than the negative reaction you would expect whenever Kane enters the arena, there literally is no reaction simply because of the bizarre and uneasy situation that the crowd and viewers are in.

Jim Ross: I don't even know if I want to look, King. For the love of god, this is one of the most unnatural things I have ever seen, not only in this business, but in all of my life. Marriage is supposed to be about committing to one another and dedicating your life to whomever you love... Not... Not this, whatever it is!

Jerry Lawler: I have to agree with you, JR. There certainly is a weird atmosphere tonight, and for good reason. This man, Kane, is one of the most sick, twisted, sadistic and unpredictable men we have ever seen in the WWE and although he is marrying the woman that he says he loves... That still doesn't mean that this is going to go to plan.

Jim Ross: You hit the nail on the head. Sick, twisted, sadistic, maniacal... All words that describe this creature perfectly. That's exactly what he is, King, he's a creature. He's not a man! He's not a human! The destruction and chaos Kane has caused over the past seven years is the complete antithesis of what being a human being is and it's a guaran-damn-tee that his reign of terror over the WWE isn't ending any time soon.

The monster's music then fades out, as an air of reluctant anticipation rushes through the arena, as Kane turns to face towards the stage, awaiting for his "blushing bride" to arrive. We hear Lawler and JR mutter under their breaths on commentary, as they still cannot believe what they are about to witness. After a few moments of eery silence, the organs play once again as all attention is now turned to the stage... Where eventually LITA dejectedly walks out, dressed in a black gown, showing no skin whatsoever, going against the norm for weddings. The crowd reacts to the unorthodox gown with a collective "oooh" as Kane isn't best pleased with the outfit choice from his fiance. The red-headed Diva slowly makes her way down the ramp, bowing her head all of the way, avoiding any eye contact with Kane.

Jim Ross: Wow... I'm speechless, King. For the past four years, here in the WWE, Lita has brightened up hundreds of arenas around the world with her natural beauty and radiance. Many people have even said that she is the most beautiful diva in WWE history. But although tonight, she still looks the same aesthetically, the beauty has been drained from her. The passion, the love and the energy has been leeched from her soul... It's sickening that a woman so innocent has to be put through this treacherous experience...

Jerry Lawler: And I was one of those people that said that about Lita, JR. This man... This demon has sucked the life out of Lita and he has transformed anything that was beautiful about this young woman and turned it in to a body of discontent and unhappiness... I may not be the most morally correct person in the world, JR, but this is absolutely disgusting.

Lita then makes her way in to the ring, still not having made eye contact with her fiance, as Kane gazes at the love his life, questioning her willingness and commitment to their relationship. It is obvious Kane is confused, thinking he had it all sorted, but he, surprisingly, lets it go and allows the wedding to proceed as it would. The organs then fade out, as the couple stand side by side, but with no contact between the two.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of god, and in this face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable estate, instituted of God, signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church.

We get a shot of both Kane and Lita. Neither of whom are showing much emotion whatsoever, as the crowd looks on with great intrigue.

Priest: Sir, are you in possession of the rings?

Kane looks up at the priest, nods, and then delves in to his pocket, from which he pulls out two ring boxes, presumably with the wedding rings inside of them. Kane then keeps one for himself, before forcing the other box in to the hand of Lita.

Priest: I am also of the understanding that the both of you have your own vows?

Kane once again nods, whereas Lita still hasn't moved, her head still bowed dejectedly. The priest pauses for a moment, waiting for an answer from Lita, but after realising he isn't going to get one, he continues anyway.

Priest: Very well. Kane, if you will, please proceed with your vows.

The Big Red Machine then turns to face his unwilling bride. He grabs the two hands of Lita, who is still looking directly down at the canvas, refusing to raise her head and look at the man whom she must commit to.

Kane: Lita... For the past seven years, I have simply been known as a monster. An inhumane, unsafe, haphazard freak of nature. Someone to avoid at all costs. But these past few months, with you playing a prominent role in my life, have been heavenly. From the moment our eyes first met, to the moment our bodies first touched, I knew all that I needed to know.

Kane then smirks a little, but proceeds regardless as a small "HARDY" chant breaks out amongst the fans, to which Kane completely no sells

Kane: A life that was once filled with pain, anguish and misery... Magically transformed in to one of affection, passion and love. And that is all down to you. So with this very ring, I am committing and dedicating everything I have in life and all of my efforts, in to returning the favour to you - My angel.

The seven footer then sadistically chuckles off of the microphone, as the crowd now begins to boo Kane.

Priest: Very well. Now Lita, your turn.

Kane takes a nervous Vince McMahon-esque gulp, awaiting for Lita's vows. The diva slowly but surely raises her head and makes eye contact with Kane, and for the first time we see Lita's face... She's crying! Tears are rolling down her face, and her eyes are covered in smudged mascara from the tears. Kane's face instantaneously turns in to one of confusion, almost as if he doesn't what's going on...

Lita: Kane... I don't want to be here...

OOOOOOH is all that is heard from the crowd, whilst Kane winces in agony as them words cut him deep. He remains silent, however...

Lita: I am only here because I contractually agreed to this. I just want you to be reminded that every time you look on your finger and you see this ring on your finger... It doesn't represent my love or my affection to you... It represents the result of my misjudgement...

The sobbing Lita takes a moment to regain her compousre, as Kane's lip begins to quiver - From anger or sadness, we aren't quite sure of.

Lita: But more importantly... It represents my eternal love and admiration for someone else... Matt Hardy.

AND THATS IT! KANE HAS SNAPPED! THE BIG RED MACHINE THROTTLES LITA, WHO HELPLESSLY DANGLES FROM HER PETITE THROAT, WHICH IS BEING COMPRESSED BY KANE'S GIGANTIC HAND! The Big Red Machine then brings his face closer to Lita's and whispers something in her ear, through his gritted teeth which are clamped together as tight a humanly possibly. The priest then escapes the ring, fearing the worst as Kane continues to slander and abuse Lita off mic, as the crowd are in a state of shock and horror...









Jim Ross: Damn! Dammit, dammit, dammit!

And in the matter of a few seconds, the tide has turned, as Kane mounts a grounded Hardy and proceeds to pummel the ever-loving shit out of him with stiff, brutal right hands to the temple, and despite Hardy's best attempts of covering up and protecting himself, the power and precision of the strikes are too much to handle. To say the crowd are blowing the roof off with boos would be an understatement - There isn't one person out of the 14,000 in attendance that isn't booing the sadistic monster, as he continues the cringe-worthy beat down...


LITA CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE, SHE CANNOT TAKE WATCHING HER BEST FRIEND AND LOVE OF HER LIFE BEING TREATED LIKE A DOG LIKE THIS! But ehr efforts aren't enough and she simply does not have the physical attribute to cause any damage to Kane, as he slowly but surely gets on to his feet, still with Lita on his back... And a demonic grin fades on to his face, as he reaches behind his head... HE THROWS LITA SPINE FIRST ON TO THE CANVAS! KANE REMORSELESSLY THROWS LITA AND HER 100 POUND FRAME ON TO THE CANVAS, AS SHE CRASHES AND BURNS, LYING SIDE BY SIDE WITH HER LOVER, MATT HARDY, WHO STILL HASN'T MOVED AFTER THE BEATDOWN HE SUFFERED.

Jim Ross: For the love of god! Will someone please put a stop to this, please!

Kane criminally chuckles to himself, before picking Matt Hardy up... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER TO MATT HARDY, CRUSHING HIS HEAD AND NECK! HE COULD BE DAMN-WELL PARALYZED!

The crowd are in a state of complete shock, as Kane - In the space of mere seconds - Has turned his wedding in to a ring of chaos and destruction. But the attention of the maniac then turns to, what we would presume, is now his former fiance. The grin is still plastered over the scarred and tortured face of Kane, as he picks up Lita by the hair...








And Kane pulls out from underneath the ring...







Jim Ross: Oh for the love of god...









... And he kicks Matt Hardy out of the ring, who falls in a heap on the cold, hard, arena floor...





THANK GOD! A wave of security has flooded the ringside area, and Kane's attention is now towards the twenty or so security officers, all equipped with battons and fire extinguishers, ready to pounce at any moment. Kane once again maniacally giggles to himself, gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes as hard as he can... Repeatedly screaming "NO! NO! NO!"













Everyone in the arena is in complete horror... This has never been seen before... The whole arena is in a state of chaos... The whole locker room floods out to ringside - Everyone from Val Venis, to Randy Orton, to Eric Bischoff to Triple H to Chris Benoit... The whole locker room, I mean hundreds of people, camera men and referees, have come down to the ring as we see Matt Hardy coming around, before he is restrained by Batista, Earl Hebner, Al Snow and Ric Flair...

The poor man has just seen his soul mate being burned alive... He is screaming, crying... Everything you would expect, he literally is heartbroken, as over a dozen medical personnel swarm the ring to check on Lita, who has been extinguished and isn't moving whatsoever...

The last shot we get is Matt Hardy trying his damndest to scream and shout, but he can't due to being so emotionally overwhelmed... He's choking up and finding it extremely difficult to breath, as he is being dragged from ringside in to the back. We then see Kane being mounted by around 20 different people, whilst Lita is surrounded by Medics and EMTs, we can't even see her properly...







Originally Posted by Judge #1
Total: 27/30
Feedback: I'm pretty sure that I watched this one happen in real life so it was definitely a challenge for you to make it different. You did well in describing that the event was such an awful one, from the commentary, to the environment, even to writing Lita, it was great. The event turned into utter chaos in just a matter of seconds, and what chaos that was. I know that setting someone on fire is something we've seen before but holy hell, setting a diva on fire? Now that's a spot. It was pretty interesting to read Kane's vows and when it was Lita's turn, the event turned around but not for the better. Might've been an overeaction for the entire locker room to come out but that was a nice touch too. I really like the last image of Matt, you did it pretty well. One thing I would critique is maybe the backstory where you told us to research about it on our own. It would've been nice to see a story that you could come up with but it was a pretty significant event so I don't think it hurt you that much. Good job and good luck!
Originally Posted by Judge #2
Flux Capacitor
Creativity: 8/10
Description: 10/10
Grammar/Aesthetics: 10/10
Overall: 28/30
Notes: Wow…just wow. This was a really powerful piece of work here. You used Kane, Hardy and Lita’s characters perfectly here and created absolute chaos. The way you managed to put into words, the emotions of Hardy at the end was perfect. Didn’t see anything wrong with the format or grammar. Good work!
Total score: 55/60



Spoiler for 619DH's Entry:
Originally Posted by 619IDH
Setting the Stage…

~August 8th, 2006~
ECW Superstar Kurt Angle asks for a leave of absence (not retirement) from various injuries

~December to Dismember 2006~
Following the results of the Extreme Elimination Chamber, Paul Heyman goes off of TV and has his contract expire, leaving no one as the on-screen director of ECW

~New Year’s Revolution 2007~
Umaga w/Armando Estrada def. John Cena via DQ for the WWE Championship, thus Cena retains and Umaga remains undefeated

~Royal Rumble 2007~
John Cena def. Umaga & The Big Show in a Triple Threat match by pinning Big Show, Umaga staying undefeated and unpinned

~30-Man Royal Rumble Match~
The Undertaker wins the 2007 Royal Rumble match, but Kurt Angle makes his surprise return at #21 and making it to the Final Four

~ECW – January 30th, 2007~
Umaga w/Armando Estrada def. The Big Show in such authoritative fashion, Big Show is written off of television

~No Way Out 2007~
Bobby Lashley def. Kurt Angle to retain the ECW World Championship after Umaga interfered and delivered a Samoan Spike to Angle

~RAW February 19th and ECW February 20th~
Kurt Angle calls out Umaga, but is both times refuted by Estrada, only for Umaga to show up later and decimate Angle

~RAW March 5th, 2007~
Angle again crosses brand lines in search of Umaga, only to be Samoan Splashed through a table, breaking his ribs

~ECW – March 6th, 2007~
Umaga w/Armando Estrada def. Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match, effectively taking out all opposition of Estrada for the GM position

March 19th, 2007
Monday Night RAW
Conseco Fieldhouse – Indianapolis, Indiana


We return to RAW with the odd sound of the Smackdown color commentator’s Wall St. bell, and his signature limo pulling in the alley between the entrance stage and the front-row crowd. The crowd, who was buzzing after the return from the break, is in a very noticeable, but scattered, round of heat as the chauffer steps out and heads to the back door and opens it…only for the music and Titantron to suddenly do a complete 180…


…and out steps the well-dressed, cigar-chewing, sunglasses-inside-and-at-night-wearing, grinning loudmouth Cuban we know as Armando Estrada. He has on a brown three-piece suit, complete with a very JBL-esque tie that he fixes before reaching back in the limo and pulling out his white hat putting it on his head. Following him out of the limo not too far behind is the best of a man himself, Umaga, who looks incredibly out of place exiting out of a fancy longhorned limo. He has that wild expression in his eyes, screaming incoherent Samoan to many nearby fans, and even turns to the chauffer and does it, freaking the man out enough to hurryingly shut the back door and get back in the car. The crowd is throwing a much heavier rain of heat than they did before.

Estrada still has his ridiculous grin plastered on his face, a Cuban cigar sitting right between those gleamin’ teeth. He steps up onto the entrance ramp, waiting for Umaga to come with him, which he finally does, Estrada opening his arms towards the Samoan Bulldozer to show him off the whole way as the two walk down the ramp (or in Umaga’s case savagely waddle). They reach the base of the ramp and then at ringside, Umaga opening his arms and screaming towards the sky before pounding on the steel ring steps and walking up them and stepping into the ring. Estrada laughs manically at his beast’s savage nature before walking up the steps himself and into the ring beside him.

The camera gets a close up shot of Umaga’s never-changing expression, his mouth forever open and showing his teeth, the paint on his face gleaming with years of Samoan heritage. The close up paints a very savage picture, but it’s really a cover up so Estrada can go over to grab a mike. When we pan back out, Estrada suddenly does have a microphone in his hand and pulls the cigar from his lips, putting it back in his coat pocket.

Escúchame, escúchame. Ev’rybody leesen – HAHA – to me.

~Estrada rips the sunglasses off of his face for emphasis

My name es Armandoooo…Alijandrooooo…EstRRRRRRada. HAHA!
~Estrada actually has people in the arena saying this along with him, despite being the heel

Ju’ all should remember dat name. Because in just a few short weeks, I will be named the permanent General Manager of ECW.
~Heat there for that statement

Last week, my campaign got an…how ju’ say…“endorsement”…from not only Shane-O McMahon. But as ju’ can see, I have also gotten it from de Wall Street Warrior himself, John “Bradshaw” Layfield. HAHA!
~Estrada opens an arm back towards the ramp/stage, where we get another good look at the pearl white limo

It is only a matter of time until I am put in charge of dat garbage wrestling on de Sci-Fi.
~A chorus of heat for that line, an “ECW” chant breaking out somewhere in the arena. Umaga reacts to it, screaming crazed Samoan in the direction of the chant

And if I can’t get rid of de broken down, wrinkled, past-deir-prime garbage wrestlers on my show…den I will jus’ have my campaign manager do it for me. De undefeated, unpinned Samoan Bulldozer…OOOOOOOMAAAA-GAAAAAAHHH!! HAHA!
~Estrada does his laughing verbal tick before pointing at the Bulldozer, who upon hearing his introduction opens his arms and savagely screams, sticking his tongue out, and beating his chest before going back to being somewhat subdued

Dat is right, Umaga! Get excited! Because soon enough, all of dese old-timers will be shown jus’ how j’useless dey are. Jus’ like Umaga has done to Ric Flair…

Jus’ like “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan…

Jus’ like Tommy Dreamer…
~A pop and another small “ECW” chant

And jus’ like De Big Show!
~Heat for Show’s name

But dere is one man who jus’ does not seem to understand dat his time is up and dat de undefeated Samoan Bulldozer is now de biggest dog in de fight. And that idiota is Kurt Angle.
~A HUGE pop for Kurt Angle’s name. One so big, that Estrada has to actually stop and lower his microphone, his eyes a little wide from the interruption. Umaga is likewise livid, again yelling in angry Samoan, but the “An-gle! An-gle!” chants are so loud and widespread, they drown out the serenade of the savage beast

Ju’ people keep cheering him on. But Kurt Angle, ju’ are no doubt a…how ju’ say…dead man walking!
~Another round of heat

Ju’ come out here week after week, show after show, trying to smear my name. Now dat is something ju’ jus’ do not do to a man about to be in great power. But ju’ do something even stupider – ju’ keep trying to call out de unstoppable Samoan Wrecking Ball!!
~Umaga throws his hair back and screams at the mention of one of his monikers again

But de thing is, Meester Kurt, is dat ju’ are done. Ju’ are pas’ j’ur time and j’ur prime. And ju’ cannot step into a…how ju’ say…time machine! The only place ju’ need to step…is aside! HAHA!
~The crowd does not like that joke at all, but Estrada’s grin gets no smaller

Ju’ can’t see dat ju’ are nothing more than a broken down old man. Ju’ took a leave of absence some time ago, Kurt. Ju’ know why ju’ did? Because j’ur back was hurting. Because j’ur ribs were hurting. Because j’ur neck was hurting. HAHA!
~Estrada does this like he was talking to a baby, only coming out of it when he again hits his laughing tick

And now j’ur back. And thanks to Umaga, now nothing is just hurting. J’ur back is broken. J’ur ribs are broken. And j’ur neck is…HAHA…FREAKING BROKEN!!
~Estrada cackles madly while Umaga doesn’t seem to get the joke and just looks at him, showing the closest thing to a smile his savage face can muster…which is nothing more than a sneer

Ju’ jus’ don’t seem to get it –


ANGLE!! ANGLE!! The crowd is popping like crazy, Estrada’s face going white, Umaga getting incredibly aggressive, everybody looking for the Wrestling Machine!! But after several hyped moments…no one’s showing up. It keeps playing and it’s evident that nothing is going to happen except give Estrada yet another reason to laugh, which he does quite dramatically as the music cuts, doubling over in hysterics. The pops transform into direct heat at the needlessly cackling Cuban.

Ju’ people thought dat Kurt Angle was here? He’s can’t be here when he’s in a…how ju’ say…full body cast!!
~Estrada laughs hysterically once more to sustained heat, Umaga still appearing to be just as fooled as the audience was, but he now just seems to be coming around to the notion that Angle’s not here

And jus’ so all of ju’ people still don’t get it – Kurt Angle is finished. He is never coming back because he has been broken…mangled…demolished…embarrassed…and ultimately destroyed by OOOOOOOOMMAAAA-GAAAAA!! It’s true!! It’s damn true!! HAHA!!

Ungodly heat pours down on Estrada and his beast now, as Umaga opens his arms to welcome it, Estrada pointing at the monster behind him, the biggest grin still plastered on his face. The heat continues until a sound roars across the threshold that thwarts everything…


The crowd gives an initial pop yet again, but they’re not nearly as ready to throw their hands in the air and stand and cheer as they were a few seconds ago. Estrada’s expression is very much the same as last time, but he seems much more puzzled this go ‘round, scurrying closer to Umaga, who is watching the entrance stage with intensity. The crowd waits while the theme still tunes, their lukewarm reaction still holding…

ANGLE!! IT’S ANGLE!! HE’S HERE!! HE’S REALLY HERE!! Indianapolis proceeds to go absolutely nuts at the sight of the Wrestling Machine, who bursts from the curtain in his black and red wrestling gear with an all too intense aura, constantly fleshing his mouthpiece. Estrada looks like he’s about to shit himself with a look of horror, as Umaga is beside himself, shrieking incoherently in anger up the ramp. Angle doesn’t change his incredibly intense expression and doesn’t move at all until after a few seconds when he pulls down one strap…then pulls down the other as the crowd gets re-energized, again blowing the roof off of the Fieldhouse. When the straps are down, we see Angle’s bare upper body, the midsection of which is wrapped in medial tape, giving telling evidence of his broken ribs. After a moment of standing with his eyes directed towards the ring and absorbing his reaction, Angle pumps his arms and roars in a way that would only rival Umaga…before bullrushing down the ramp to the ring!!

The Samoan Bulldozer climbs through the ropes as Angle comes a’rushin’, meeting him at the very base of the ramp, the two duking it out in a no holds barred brawl right in front of us!! Angle and Umaga trade lefts and rights, going at it in an absolute flurry of intensity!! They’re going back and forth, each man looking positively inhuman in their expressions – it’s Machine vs. Monster! Unfortunately for Angle, even a beast as single-minded as Umaga can see the huge target on his ribs, Umaga driving a knee right into them. With Angle now doubled over, Estrada is no longer scurrying away from the fight, as he suddenly wants his own piece of Angle.

The gold medalist is forced back up the ramp by the Bulldozer, who stays on him and keeps clubbing him blow for blow. Angle roars in pain as the air leaves his body from each hit, but the Machine’s gears get working as he grits his teeth through the pain, grabbing Umaga by his braids and trying to pull him back around, the two now locked in a brutal tango on up the ramp, going back and forth once again. It’s Angle who is the aggressor now, hitting Umaga with one…two…three European uppercuts, Estrada going absolutely nuts behind him. The loudmouth Cuban actually pulls up the gall to SMACK Angle in the back…but this only stops Angle’s vengeance directed at Umaga and gets it going towards Estrada as the gold medalist turns ever so slowly to take a look at Estrada. A somewhat sick grin comes over the face of Angle as Estrada’s twists into fear as the crowd pops, but before Angle can even lay a finger on the Cuban, Umaga takes advantage and takes Angle by the neck and base of the tights, THROWING HIM ALL THE WAY ONTO THE ENTRANCE STAGE!!

Angle lands badly on his left shoulder as his entire body crunches off the titanium stage, Estrada really getting into it now by loosening his tie and throwing his jacket off, now ordering Umaga to unleash hell on the bald Olympian. He points in the direction of JBL’s limo that’s still parked in the alley beneath the stage and between the crowd in that little production area. Umaga seems to get the point, his face seething as he grapples the supposedly aged Angle and spins around…CHUNKING ANGLE OFF THE STAGE AND ONTO THE HOOD OF THE LIMO!! Angle hits the car with such veracity, that the longhorns on the front of the car actually pop off, coming down with Angle as he slinks off of the hood.

The crowd does not have the life it once did with their hero being slaughtered even further, Angle’s ribs possibly in shards after hitting the car so damn hard. Armando’s face is now warped in his own sense of vengeance, again barking orders and directing Umaga to cause more destruction. Umaga leaps down from the ramp/stage and down into the ally, picking up the limp body of the Wrestling Machine and rolling it onto the roof of the limo. Estrada then points out the longhorns that fell off, Umaga noticing them now as he picks it up, one of the horns evidently having fallen off, leaving a lone horn as a spike. Umaga takes the spike with him as he climbs from the roof of the car up the windshield and onto the roof to join Angle, where he picks him up off the top and holds him up by his throat in one hand…AND THE HORN IN HIS OTHER HAND. He looks over at the entrance stage where Estrada is watching comfortably…as he promptly snaps a cigar in two. Umaga ROARS savagely, cocking the horn back…

NO!! Angle breaks free as this particularly life-threatening version of the Samoan Spike comes swinging his way, dropping down and hitting Umaga with a low blow!! The crowd comes to life once more, as even the most savage man is still indeed a man and has a weak spot. Umaga drops the horn spike on the roof, while he falls onto his hands and knees. Estrada is beside himself looking at that, his face being frozen with his eyes wide. Angle now has new life and he uses it to now take the spike Umaga had in his hand, awaiting for the Samoan Wrecking Ball to be up only on both knees…before BREAKING THE HORN OVER UMAGA’S HEAD!! Fatu falls lifelessly, eagle-spread over the roof of the car, Angle huffing and puffing from just narrowly escaping death…but he’s not nearly done.

Angle grips his taped ribs as he looks towards the entrance stage, surprising everyone when he leaps from limo roof to entrance stage in the single bound, getting a big pop from the crowd, Angle hopping around for a second mouthing “I’m not that old yet.” After this slight lighthearted moment, Angle looks down at the savage beast beneath him before pumping his arms and turning his back towards the alley/pit and beginning to crouch…is he really going to try this? Angle catches a glimpse of Armando Estrada, who is out of his reach, but still within his view, giving him an ‘oh its true. It’s damn true’ before looking to leap back with the MOONSAULT FROM THE STAGE TO THE LIMO BOUND UMAGA…

NO!! At the last second, Estrada bursts forward and grabs hold of Angle’s ankle, forcing him to stay in place and perhaps saving his ‘campaign manager’. The Fieldhouse lets out an enormous parade of heat as they’re robbed of a huge spot…but their anger and disappointment soon elevate to anticipation once more, as Estrada soon realizes the position he’s put himself in. He stops trying to wrestle Angle’s leg from underneath him and just slowly begins to look up…before seeing the sinister grin that’s come over Kurt Angle’s face. Estrada quickly jumps to his feet, brushing himself off and forcing the fakest smile anyone has ever seen, trying to play it off as nothing, before turning around and trying to haul ass…only to get his left ankle picked from behind by Angle…ANKLE LOCK!! ANKLE LOCK!! ANKLE LOCK ON ESTRADA!! Indianapolis is losing their minds as Estrada gets his just deserts in ankle-snapping form!! Angle wrenches the foot of Estrada, forcing in ankle to torque in ways it shouldn’t, leaving him screaming in pain and tapping out in vein, as the ligaments in his leg are being ripped apart with each second. It looks as though Angle might damn near snap the whole leg off…until Umaga comes and bashes Kurt from behind!!

Estrada curls up and holds his ailing left ankle close to him, clutching it in pain, while at the same time apparently trying to get the scuff off of his very expensive shoes. Umaga clubs Angle right in the back of the surgically repaired neck, reaching down and doing it yet again!! Angle isn’t moving a whole lot, but we get a good look at Umaga’s face and we can see why he’s so vexed. It’s because the shot from the horn left him BUSTED OPEN, the blood mixing with his sweat and face paint to create a truly inhuman effect. Apparently having gotten back up the ramp somehow during the Ankle Lock, Umaga doesn’t need any orders from Estrada to know what to do next. He takes the beaten Angle and grabs him by the throat seemingly as tight as he can, causing Angle to gag. Umaga spreads his stance, taking his taped thumb and extending it out, no one liking where this is going…SAMOAN SPIKE…

NO!! Angle finds something in him to duck underneath the Spike attempt, catching Umaga from behind as he spins all the way around. He sets one arm over his shoulder while grabbing hold of Umaga’s leg, the entire crowd anticipating where this is going…

Angle lifts Umaga clean over his head…

SUPER ANGLE SLAM!!! ANGLE SLAM FROM THE STAGE ONTO AND DESTROYING THE LIMO!!! ANGLE SLAM TO A 350 POUND WAR MACHINE!! OHH MYYYY GAAAAAADDD~!! Both Angle and Umaga fly through the air and CRASH on top of the pearl white vessel, completely BREAKING THE THING DOWN – tires are flattened, windows are smashed, constricted dents are everywhere, glass has gone flying, as the middle portion of the roof where they fell has the imprint of both men’s bodies on top of it, Angle landing perpendicular to it while Umaga lands right across. Neither man is moving from the explosive impact, but Indianapolis is blowing the roof off of the Fieldhouse at what they just witnessed. Estrada’s face is wide-eyed and mouth agape, also losing his mind in a much more quiet way at what just happened.


Neither man moves an inch until EMT’s storm the scene, coming out from the ally where the limo is parked, several officials coming onto the entrance stage. The EMT’s in the pit have a pair of gurneys, as they try and pull Umaga off of the demolished car first. The crowd is still resonating in their own pop, buzzing still all over the place. The 350-lb beast flops lifelessly off of the car right onto the floor, nothing but dead weight and a decimated savage. The other gurney men try and roll Angle off of the car, but Angle rolls off on his own power, refusing the stretcher. He makes his way over to the entrance ramp, where he climbs up with no assistance from the officials that have gathered there. The crowd comes unglued again as Angle grips his ribs and gingerly walks up the ramp, every bone in his body obviously bothering him, but he’s leaving under his own power. He stumbles for a moment, leading officials to try and help brace him before he falls, but he shakes them off before finally getting to the curtain where he stops. He turns back around, absorbing the incredible reception he’s getting before throwing his arms in the air as the little RAW logo pops up on the bottom of the screen. But Angle isn’t done, giving us one hell of a soundbite as we fade away with the crowd roaring–

Kurt Angle:
I still got it, you sons of bitches!!

Originally Posted by Judge #1
Total: 27/30
Feedback: You did the backstory in a very simple way and I can appreciate that as it really added as to why this whole thing even happened. To be honest, the promo started a little slow since you had to get AAE's words in and the mockery he did of Angle was great as well. It was great how you constantly wrote reactions from Umaga too because he was surely to be the highlight of the whole thing. Very intrigued to see that the brawl seemed like it went for a good amount of time, wasn't really sure it would close RAW until the end when you said so. So maybe it would've been better if you said that "RAW returned from it's final commercial break." I'm trying to find things to critique but I can't really find any to be honest. The spot you conjured up was really wow, those "holy shit" chants were well-deserved, had me thinking the same thing. Description really helped you here, so good job. A strong entry, good luck!
Originally Posted by Judge #2
Creativity: 9/10
Description: 9/10
Grammar/Aesthetics: 9/10
Overall: 27/30
Notes: Well damn, that was an awesome spot. Character wise, Umaga, Estrada & Angle were all perfect down to Estrada’s talking, Umaga’s expressions and Angle’s intensity. The big spot itself was fucking insane. Angle Slam off the stage onto a limo? That’s some video game shit that would look EPIC in real life. Didn’t see many problems with the grammar or format. Good job!


Spoiler for Melvis' Entry:
Originally Posted by Melvis
Had to re-format all of this, so again, if there's any glaring issues, give me a bell.


‘Fear of Flying’

Backstory: The night after Hell in a Cell saw the return of Evan Bourne, much to the delight of the fans. Bourne stepped in the ring against Primo Colon, and it seemed business as usual for Bourne, utilising his high-flying arsenal to take control of the match. As he climbed to the top rope for the finish, however, he froze. While the crowd waited for Bourne to execute the Shooting Star Press, the high-flyer couldn’t bring himself to make the jump, allowing Primo to recover and Superplex Bourne off the top rope for the win. The following week, Jack Swagger also made his return to Monday nights, saying his own faults were nothing compared to Bourne’s abysmal showing last week. He said the only reason people watch Bourne is because of the Shooting Star Press, and if he can’t do it, why is he still employed? Of course, Bourne came out to argue his case, saying he was just getting back into the swing of things, after spending so long out of action. Swagger rebuffed this – he brought up Bourne’s broken foot and his Wellness violations, saying that Bourne was a chronic choke artist, incapable of doing the very thing he was brought in to do.

The next week, Swagger and Bourne had a match, but once again for Bourne, disaster struck, as he found himself incapable to perform the Shooting Star Press when the chance arrived. This gave Swagger a window of opportunity to knock Bourne off and make him tap out to the Ankle Lock on his weakened foot. At Survivor Series, the two were on either sides of Team Foley vs Team Ziggler, in which Ziggler and Swagger were sole survivors when Bourne again froze on the top turnbuckle, and he was pinned by Ziggler. The next night, the All-American American campaigned for Bourne’s removal from Raw, as a liability to the safety of other superstars and the show’s weakest link. Bourne arrived to say that he didn’t know what had happened to him – he used to be a daredevil, it used to be as easy as breathing in and out. It didn’t come as easily to him anymore… but luckily, he assured him, he could beat Swagger without it. The All-American American responded by blindsiding Bourne, wrapping his ankle in a chair and looking to break it with the Swagger Bomb, but Bourne escaped at the final second, much to the relief of the fans in attendance.

Swagger spoke to Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero, of course a former associate of his, and said he wanted a match with Bourne at TLC, to remove him personally. Vickie, showing no sympathy to the struggling Bourne, granted such a contest, under TLC rules to allow Swagger to do ‘what needs to be done’, and put Bourne’s contract in a briefcase suspended above the ring. If Swagger won, he was free to rip it up and have Bourne fired. Not content with that, Vickie said they would do something revolutionary; if Swagger wanted to make Bourne tap, he could. For the first time, a TLC Match could end with a pinfall or submission, just to make sure that Swagger could have his ideal finish, preferably a submission to the Ankle Lock. (This also became the case with the other two TLC Matches on the card, as WWE tried to make the matches tenser and liable to end at any moment.)

Swagger told Bourne that at TLC, he would use everything at his disposal to cause him pain, including breaking his ankle – in fact, Evan could be grateful; he’d have an excuse to not use the Shooting Star. Bourne, increasingly unsure of himself, managed to beat Primo with a Roundhouse Kick to the skull, but was forced to listen to Swagger on the TitanTron after the match… “I’ve figured it out. You can’t use your finisher because you have a fear of failure. Thing is, Evan, it’s not good to have a fear of failure when you ARE one.”

As TLC arrived, it became clear that this TLC Match wouldn’t be about crashing and smashing weapons – this was far too emotional now for that. Bourne believed he could beat Swagger without the Shooting Star Press, using his other high-flying moves, but his concern was that, if he couldn’t use his actual finisher, maybe the fans would grow tired of him. Going into this match, Bourne didn’t just have to avoid a beating from Swagger – he had to defeat his greatest enemy yet…



Brooklyn’s Barclays Center buzzes as we prepare for our next match, and we have tables, ladders and chairs strewn about the place, which can only mean one thing… the bell chimes…

Justin Roberts:

The crowd cheers for the implementation of some weaponry. Above the ring is that briefcase, suspended in the air with Evan Bourne’s contract supposedly inside.

Justin Roberts:
This match can be won by either pinfall, submission, or by retrieving the briefcase suspended above the ring!



The arena fills with heat as Jack Swagger trots into view, bouncing to the beat of his music. He spreads his arms wide and flashes his classic grin, before he adjusts his singlet straps and heads for the ring. His singlet features a sweeping design of the stars and stripes along its right-hand side, which he points to and says “All-American American, all the time” to the nearest camera.

Justin Roberts:
Introducing first… from Perry, Oklahoma, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds… the All-American American… JACK – SWAGGER!

Jim Ross: We’re set for our first TLC Match of the evening, gentlemen, and tonight could be the night that Jack Swagger gets what he’s been campaigning for recently.

Jerry Lawler: No two ways about it, JR. I don’t agree with the way Jack Swagger’s been bragging his way around Raw and I don’t agree with how he talks to Evan Bourne, but I really think this guy could do some damage in this match, I really do.

Michael Cole: I don’t think Jack Swagger has a line in the sand, either, King. He’s made it very clear that he’ll do whatever it takes to push Evan Bourne out of the WWE.

Jim Ross: Well, we’re lookin’ at tables, ladders, chairs… this is the best chance he’ll get, folks. If he unhooks Bourne’s contract, hanging above the ring, he gets to do whatever he likes with it. I hate to think what he’d have in mind – maybe Bourne leavin’ would be merciful in that case.

Swagger heads up the steps and swings into the squared circle. He grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to taunt at the crowd, pointing down and mouthing “ON – YOUR – KNEES!” in unison with his music. Hopping down, he falls to do some push-ups in the ring, before he takes a pre-emptive lap of victory around the ring. Eventually, he rolls to the outside, running his hand across the tables set up at opposite corners of the ringside area, then checks the ladders, and finally grins at his recent friend… the chair. As he picks one up and weighs it in his hand, his music dies down and we can hear plenty of boos for the All-American American.


A heart-felt pop goes up now, as the Mini-Tron flashes with the usual flurried red-and-black design, and the music builds to welcome Evan Bourne, forgoing the smile tonight. Shaking out his shoulders, Bourne stares down at Swagger, who rolls back into the ring, and the high-flyer taps his ankles, one at a time, to assure himself they’re both working. Noticing the crowd’s warm reception, Bourne tilts his head up to the Barclays Center, and slowly raises his peace sign, again refusing to smile, but his steely-eyed expression tells you how much he appreciates their support.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent… from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at one hundred and eighty-three pounds… EVAAAAAN – BOOOOUUURRNNE!!!

Michael Cole: Look at that man. He knows what’s at stake here.

Jim Ross: I don’t doubt it, Cole, and I hate to be the one to say this, but – even if he knows what’s at stake, and he does, is it enough to make him go the extra mile? We haven’t seen that from him recently. This is a big ask for him, guys.

Jerry Lawler: I have to agree with JR, I mean… if Evan Bourne can’t hit the Shooting Star Press, is he going to be able to win this match? I don’t know. I think this could be the biggest challenge of his career, and even I’m not sure if he’s up to the task.

Jim Ross: Mm. He knows what he’s letting himself in for… but can he do anything about it?

Bourne paces down the ramp, half-heartedly heading to one side to slap a few fans’ hands, then turning his attention back to Swagger. The All-American American spreads his arms wide to invite him into the ring, smirking, so Bourne takes a step, then sprints and dives foot-first under the bottom rope. The high-flyer immediately darts towards Swagger upon standing, but referee Mike Chioda gets between them, trying to stop the pair getting at each other’s throats. Swagger nods with that annoying grin again, clearly enjoying the fact that he’s got under Bourne’s skin, eventually turning his gaze up to the briefcase up high. Chioda forces them to either sides of the ring, as Bourne adjusts his blood-red kickpads and bounces on the balls of his feet, frowning… and now Chioda calls for the bell to begin Bourne’s biggest test.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match; Pinfall or Submission Allowed
Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne

The classic sound of the bell reverberates around the Barclays Center… and Bourne goes RIGHT after Swagger, catching him off-guard by sprinting across the ring and firing away with frenzied right hands! The crowd pops as Bourne lights a fire inside himself, throwing as many kicks and punches as he can – Swagger is taken completely by surprise, and falls back to the corner in shock. Bourne keeps swinging with shots, until Swagger manages to compose himself and shove Bourne away, out of the corner. The high-flyer rolls to his feet with the momentum, then goes for Swagger again – NOBODY HOME ON THE CORNER SPLASH! Bourne leaps, but all he meets in the turnbuckles, and now he reels into the middle of the ring, where Swagger waits for him... the All-American American wraps his arms around Bourne with the waist lock, then hauls him to the ground with an amateur takedown and begins to roll him around the ring! Swagger’s trademark style shows as he tries to wear the high-flyer down, and you can see the effort on Bourne’s face as he gets overpowered.

Swagger transitions into a front facelock, then pulls Bourne up and forces him to the ropes. Bourne rebounds, leapfrogs Swagger, hops on to the ropes and blindly leapfrogs the All-American American going the other way! The high-flyer hurtles back into the opposite side, coming back at Swagger – BAM! Bourne rocks him with a big knee strike between the eyes, knocking Swagger back into the ropes, and when he dizzily staggers into Bourne’s path again, the underdog catches him with the SMALL PACKAGE…



Both men get up, with the expression on Swagger’s face saying it all; he can’t believe Bourne caught him with that pin, and he scowls. Bourne, conversely, looks spry and full of life, bouncing on the balls of his feet and raising his fists. Swagger darts in for a lock-up, but Bourne ducks the athlete’s grip… he spins… crack goes Bourne’s sharp boot off Swagger’s side, then again, and again! The All-American American winces as he takes those stinging shots, and Bourne hits the ropes again – BUT SWAGGER SCOOPS HIM UP AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE SPINNING DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN!!! That big hit takes the air from Bourne’s lungs, and Swagger gets to his feet, exhaling furiously and telling himself “Let’s amp it up, Jack…” He lays a few stomps into the underdog, then rolls to the outside – AND GRABS A STEEL CHAIR. As the crowd boos, Swagger slides back in, but Bourne can’t get up fast enough, so the All-American American boots him in the chest! Bourne reels sideways, allowing Swagger to prepare the butt of that chair… AND HE BRINGS IT DOWN ON BOURNE’S ANKLE! The crowd groans as Swagger goes for the ankle Bourne injured in his car crash earlier this year, and the high-flyer writhes immediately – it might be fully healed now, but not for long!

After a few shots with the chair, Swagger throws it down. Pacing in circles around the gasping Bourne, the All-American American nods his head. He pulls Bourne up and tosses him into the corner – and now the shoulder thrusts, right to the underdog’s gut! Each shot contorts Bourne’s body, eliciting a gasp from the high-flyer, and now Swagger rolls to the outside. He grabs Bourne by the ankles and just wrenches them out from underneath him! Bourne falls hard, and now Swagger BLASTS Bourne’s left ankle off the steel ring post! “OHH!” cries the crowd with each shot, of about five, before Swagger moves away, satisfied with his work. Bourne, meanwhile, rolls back into the ring, face wrecked with pain, and tries to force his body up. Of course, Swagger’s given him a few things to think about, so he’s rather sluggish, but he manages to limp up, testing the weight on his ankle as Swagger rolls back in… Bourne smiles half-heartedly, the ankle seemingly holding up – BUT SWAGGER CAREERS THROUGH HIM WITH THE RUNNING KNEE LIFT! The crowd groans again as Bourne goes down in a heap, and Swagger wastes no time, hooking a leg…



A pop goes up for Bourne’s refusal to stay down, but now Swagger gets up and starts stomping on the high-flyer again. Bourne can’t shield himself from Swagger’s aggression, and now the All-American American uses the sole of his boot to shove Bourne from the ring. Naturally, Swagger follows him out, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and SLAMMING Bourne’s face off the surface of a nearby table! Again, Bourne’s eyes are unfocused as he reels off the wood, and Swagger latches on to him once more… before he flings him into the crowd barricade! The crowd groans at the sight of Bourne collapsing on the outside floor, but Swagger smiles darkly and moves away, heading over to an upright ladder. He collapses the struts and slides into under the bottom rope, rolling in as well. A buzz fills the arena as Swagger lifts the ladder up, and sets it up under the contract; he looks up at it, that smirk forming again, and begins to climb! Boos fill the arena, louder with every step… BUT BOURNE IS UP, AND HE SLIDES INTO THE RING! The crowd cheers as Bourne leaps, planting his feet on the ladder struts, and starts to fire away at Swagger with right hands!

Swagger is taken aback by Bourne’s revival, despite the hits he just took from the All-American American, and now Bourne fires a kick to Swagger’s lower back… but Swagger comes back with a big elbow! Bourne nearly falls off, but he stylishly hooks himself on using his left foot against a ladder rung, then pulls himself back to Swagger – AND HE TAKES THEM BOTH OFF THE LADDER WITH AN IMPROVISED DROPKICK! Both men crash to earth, Bourne selling it that little bit more as usual, but as Swagger lies flat out, the high-flyer has a chance to get up, measuring the bigger man. Swagger slowly struggles up, shaking out the cobwebs, so Bourne charges in for a Hurricanrana… but Swagger shoves him off! Bourne has to stop himself careering into the upright ladder, then turns around – so Swagger scoops him up for the OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE – NO! Bourne escapes out the back and catches Swagger with a sweetly-timed Dropkick, knocking the All-American American through the ropes to the outside! The crowd cheers as Swagger clatters awkwardly on to the thin mats, and now Bourne fights through any issues in his ankle, clambering to the top rope… Swagger struggles up… AND BOURNE THROWS HIMSELF TO THE OUTSIDE WITH THE CORKSCREW PLANCHA, WIPING SWAGGER OUT!!! SENSATIONAL!!!

The crowd loves that – Bourne might not be able to pull off the Shooting Star Press, but he still has a few other flashy tricks he can rely on! Swagger’s face is scrunched up on the outside floor, groaning as we see a few replays of him taking Bourne’s right kickpad right to the nose. Bourne, meanwhile, can force himself up, obviously taking less of a blunt impact than his opponent, though he staggers. He looks to the ring, blinking with a loud exhalation, and notes the ladder and the discarded steel chair within. Choosing to leave those alone for a moment, he hops up to the apron, and watches Swagger – the bigger man’s hand slams into the top of the announce table, yanking himself to his feet. We get a good camera angle from near the commentators, showing the dazed look on Swagger’s face, trying to figure out where he is before he turns around… AND BOURNE SPRINGBOARDS FROM THE APRON INTO THE ASAI MOONSAAAAUULLT… NOOOOO!!! Swagger dives out of the way and BOURNE CRASHES INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! The crowd screams “OHHH!” as Bourne takes a massive risk and fails – the high-flyer cannons off the announce table cover and collapses to the outside floor, clutching his stomach in agony!

Swagger, meanwhile, can’t believe what happened – he’s leaning against the crowd barricade, counting his lucky stars that he dodged a bullet. Slowly, he gets to his feet, until he realises Bourne’s condition and that smirk begins to form. He heads around ringside, quickening the pace now, and finds the other ladder that was set up, snapping it shut and carrying it towards Bourne… and past him? Swagger carries the ladder round to the side of the hard camera, then lugs it up… and places it horizontally between the ring apron and the crowd barricade! A buzz runs through the Barclays Center now, with Swagger raising the stakes, and the All-American American heads back to the announce desk, grabbing a limp and pained Evan Bourne. He yanks Bourne up by his hair, lugging his practically-dead weight over to the ladder, and forcing him up to the apron. The crowd begins to boo as it becomes clear what Swagger has in mind. He knees Bourne in the gut, forcing him to keel over, and now he spreads his arms wide, saying “Get this hack offa my show!” in his brash accent… up goes Bourne for the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB – BUT BOURNE WRAPS HIS LEGS AROUND SWAGGER’S NECK AND HURLS THEM BOTH DOWN WITH THE HURRICANRANA… INTO THE LADDER!!! The steel bends but does – not – break, echoing a fierce CLANG of skin on metal throughout the arena!

It’s anarchy in Brooklyn – a stunning counter by Bourne has the crowd on its feet! We even get a few “HOLY SHIT!” chants from the nearby smarks, as the camera zooms in on Bourne’s gasping frame on the outside floor. We then cut to Swagger, still on the slanted ladder, lying on his side, clutching at his back and moaning in pain. He presses his forehead against the steel and tries to breathe, as we at home get some in-depth and slow-mo replays of Bourne throwing both men into the steel. After a few moments of leaving them to sell that spot, we have movement, as Swagger falls to the floor, while Bourne hauls himself up and slumps against the ring apron. He slowly rolls inside, struggling to get back to a vertical base, and finally finding the ladder. The crowd begins to cheer, believing Bourne can win it here, and the high-flyer begins his half-hearted ascent, each step a trial after his impact alongside Swagger just now. Bourne keeps trucking, making it towards the top of the ladder, and the noise level gets higher and higher as Bourne reaches for the briefcase… BUT SWAGGER’S BACK IN THE FRAY, STUMBLING THROUGH THE FATIGUE, AND TIPS THE LADDER OVER – BOURNE GOES TUMBLING DOWN!!!

The crowd groans as Bourne takes a nasty fall on that ankle again; he winces considerably, clutching at it on the canvas, as Swagger takes the ladder off the ropes and throws it to the canvas. Bourne tries to put an optimistic hand on the bottom rope, but the only way he’s getting up is if Swagger hoists him up by force… which he does, looking to take advantage of Bourne’s bump from the top. He wraps his arms around Bourne with the waist lock, no-selling Bourne’s weak elbowed attempts at resistance – GERMAN SUPLEX! Swagger is efficient as always when it comes to the amateur moves, sticking in the pinning position after the impactful hit, and now Mike Chioda drops to make the count…




A pop goes up after that, but Swagger’s having none of it – he stands, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, and yanks Bourne up by his hair. The high-flyer gasps, and lashes out with a kick, but Swagger brushes it aside and shoves Bourne to the ropes. The St. Louis native gets some wind under his wings, but Swagger’s waiting for him to rebound… and he sends him for an absolute RIDE with the Back Body Drop, sending Bourne crashing down from a huge height! Bourne writhes in pain, showing how well Swagger caught him with that, but to the high-flyer’s credit, he punches the mat and tries to get up again. His small frame shudders and nearly falls, but he’s up, raising his fists to Swagger – a statement of how he’s not ready to give up on his WWE career yet! Swagger, also breathing heavily, scowls and boots Bourne in the gut, before he hoists him into the Oklahoma – Bourne gets RAMMED into the turnbuckles… AND SWAGGER ROARS WITH ADRENALINE AS HE COMPLETES THE OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE!!! Again, Bourne has the air forced out of him, this time with the Running Powerslam, and Swagger falls into the cover…




Swagger shoots a look at the official, but Mike Chioda just shows him the dreaded two fingers with a shrug! The All-American American narrows his eyes and gets up, pacing around the ring and putting his hands on his hips. He looks to the ladder, then up to the contract in its briefcase; he places a foot on the collapsed ladder, considering the set-up and climb, then looks at Bourne, on all fours, struggling to breathe. Swagger takes his foot off and mutters something under his breath… before he grabs Bourne by the ankle FOR THE ANKLE LOCK – BUT BOURNE SPINS AND KICKS HIM AWAY! Swagger stumbles back in surprise, only to go for Bourne again… but the high-flyer’s got himself a window of opportunity, and he won’t waste it, hitting the ropes himself. They meet in the middle, and Bourne cascades on to Swagger’s shoulders, going all around the world before bringing him down with the Headscissors Takedown! Swagger rolls across the ring in shock, forcing himself up again, and Bourne looks to kick him in the head… wait, no, that’s a DRAGONRANA! Swagger takes another tumble, as Bourne hits the ropes to meet a rising All-American American – WHEEL KICK PUTS HIM DOWN!!!

This time, Swagger stays down, and there’s never been quite this fire in Evan Bourne’s eyes! The high-flyer immediately heads to the outside, putting aside his aches and pains aside to find the top rope, as the crowd cheers… for a moment, Bourne hesitates, and now Swagger wobbles up – SO BOURNE LEAPS OFF AND SPIKES SWAGGER INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE DIVING DDT!!! The crowd goes wild as Swagger gets planted, and this could be it, Bourne looking to put his doubts behind him with a high-flying finish…




Bourne rolls to the side and looks up at the ceiling. You can see that this is a constant struggle for him, the implications of this match literally hanging over his head in the form of that briefcase. Staring at it, Bourne forces his wobbling knees into action, and ignores Swagger as he tries to recover in the corner, heaving the ladder up and opting for that route to victory instead. Michael Cole asks if Bourne’s trying to bypass his challenge by winning the match this way, but of course, it’s all legal, so the crowd cheers Bourne on as he gradually constructs the ladder, then tries to haul himself up it. The contract looms for him, but Swagger, up to his knees in the corner, spots the STEEL CHAIR that he abandoned earlier, hiding under the bottom turnbuckle! The All-American American’s eyes light up, and he grabs it, immediately turning to force his tired body up the ladder, on the other side! The crowd buzzes again as things get tense, both men climbing towards the summit… but Bourne winces – is it his ankle, which has taken a few jolts, or is it something else? Regardless, it gives Swagger the time to join him near the top, chair in hand… AND SWAGGER CATCHES BOURNE THROUGH THE RUNGS WITH THE BUTT OF THE STEEL! Screams echo in the arena as Bourne nearly topples down and out of the WWE, but he holds on, even though Swagger does it again… but Bourne grabs the butt of the chair and shoves it back at Swagger! The All-American American reels back in surprise, giving Bourne a window… HE TAKES A STEP UP, THEN SLINGSHOTS HIS LEGS THROUGH THE RUNGS, KNOCKING THE CHAIR INTO SWAGGER’S FACE… AND SENDING BOTH MEN CAREERING DOWN TO THE MAT!!!

Bourne just continues to impress – THAT was huge! The Barclays Center is completely on his side, cheers reverberating throughout the masses, telling him not to give in just yet, and with moves like that, it looks like he won’t! Swagger rolls to the outside on impact, slouching to the mats and trying to shake out the cobwebs. Both men sell that moment while we catch some replays, and now Bourne’s checking on his ankle, leant against the bottom turnbuckle and frowning as he tries to get some air into his lungs. Swagger, meanwhile, forces himself up using the crowd barricade, groaning loudly to motivate himself, and he even grabs the nearest steel chair, hurling it into the ring in anger! He slumps against the barricade, telling himself “Gotta keep my head in the game, c’mon,” before he looks around ringside… AND COLLAPSES THE NEARBY TABLE. As Evan Bourne manages to get up, he slumps against the top rope for stability, giving Swagger the time to slide the table in and enter the ring… Bourne sees the danger and moves towards him – BUT SWAGGER HAS THE TABLE IN HAND, AND HE BLUDGEONS BOURNE WITH THE FLAT SIDE! Down goes the high-flyer!

Swagger turns and sets the table up, perhaps looking for the grand finish. Baring his teeth to sell the pain rushing through him, he turns to Bourne and pulls him up for the front facelock… and now the Gutwrench hold! Almost emotionlessly now, Swagger holds Bourne in place and prepares himself… but he looks to the side, and sees the chair he just threw in! The crowd is buzzing, a mixture of boos and shouts of protest against the Gutwrench, but now Swagger’s attention is transfixed on the chair… so he CLUBS Bourne to the mat, and goes to grab it! It seems like an odd move, but it all becomes apparent rather quickly – Swagger snaps the chair open. Boos fill the arena as Swagger moves over to Bourne, and yes – SHUTS THE CHAIR LIKE A VICE AROUND BOURNE’S LEFT ANKLE!!! At ringside, we hear the commentators’ muted disapproval, as if staying quiet will dissuade Swagger, but as he drags Bourne adjacent to the turnbuckle, we hear some “Not like this…” from JR and such, coupled with the fierce boos of this Brooklyn crowd. Swagger steps back, well away from the table and vertical ladder, no longer intent on winning the match as much as making a point… “Knew I’d break you, Bourne…”

Swagger allows himself one last smirk, then charges in for the SWAGGER BOMB ON TO THE CHAIR… NOOOOO!!! Bourne rolls out the way, and Swagger eats nothing but canvas, much to the delight of these fans! Bourne is back in the game now, wrenching the chair off his ankle… AND HE SNAPS! Bourne hurls the chair to the ground, eyes burning, and slowly, Swagger uses the turnbuckle to get to his feet, wincing as he does. He turns to see Bourne waiting for him on the apron – SPRINGBOARD… AND BOURNE TAKES SWAGGER DOWN WITH THE DIVING DOUBLE KNEE DROP – AND THE PIN…




Both men get up, Swagger clutching at the back of his neck, but Bourne is still FURIOUS that Swagger tried to end his career with the chair, not for the first time either! Swagger narrows his eyes, wary of Bourne as the high-flyer bristles with anger… Bourne yells with rage and hurtles for the All-American American, who instinctively shoves Bourne into the ropes – BUT BOURNE COMES BACK WITH A STINGING ENZUIGIRI TO THE FACE!!! HUGE HIT FROM BOURNE, THAT WAS STIFF!!! Swagger goes down again, this time in the corner not as near to the set-up table, eyes glazed over, and the raging Bourne looks around the arena… is that confidence in his eyes? The crowd is chanting his name, egging him on, and Bourne nods his head, before he heads to the outside – AND UP TOP!!! The Barclays Center goes WILD as Bourne sets himself, staring down at Swagger and raising the double peace sign… is it time to break his streak? The crowd buzzes…

…BUT BOURNE CAN’T DO IT!!! Somehow, after all this punishment, Bourne still hasn’t got the desire, the bravery, to pull off a move he’s come to fear, and that realisation hits him like a tonne of bricks! The look on Bourne’s face as he moves from anger to desperation tells it all, his breathing quickening as he stares down at the motionless Swagger… the crowd screams for him to finish it all, giving their gladiator the signal, the thumbs-down… but Bourne just won’t launch the Shooting Star! Bourne is FROZEN to the spot, mouth slightly agape as he tries to understand… BUT SUDDENLY, SWAGGER COMES ALIVE, SLUGGISHLY THROWING HIMSELF ON TO THE SECOND ROPE – AVALANCHE HIP TOSS!!! SWAGGER JUST SLAMS BOURNE OFF THE TOP!!!

The crowd groan in pure awe of Swagger, and Bourne might be out cold here! That huge, huge move from Swagger was all instinct and no thought, just a reaction more than anything, but all you need to know is this – Bourne may have cost himself his own career! The high-flyer lies still, but Jack Swagger is slowly to his feet, using the sole of his boot to shove Bourne into the corner… a small run-up from Swagger – THE MOST LETHARGIC SWAGGER BOMB YOU’LL EVER SEE!!! Nevertheless, it does the damage, surely ending it all for Evan Bourne, as Swagger slumps into the pin, too exhausted to hook a leg…




Where did that come from? Swagger looks at Mike Chioda as if he’s joking, but that foot is there, on the ropes, clear as day! Bourne’s eyes are pretty much closed, so how he pulled that off is anyone’s guess, but Swagger is incensed! The All-American American gets to his feet, unsure what else to do, and again, he turns to the ladder, with its chair still rammed in one of the top rungs, and the table ominously set up beneath it. Swagger takes a step towards the ladder, then stops himself. “I said I’d break your ankle… I’m gonna do it…” he mutters, and yanks Bourne to the centre of the ring – ANKLE LOCK!!! The crowd screams out in one unanimous protest, booing wildly as Bourne comes alive, yelling and gasping with his own trial… he raises a hand, face stricken in agony, and Chioda slides beside him! Bourne may have to tap here – if Swagger had only sporadically fulfilled his ‘ankle-breaking’ promise before now, he’s looking to collect that bounty now, wrenching it to the side… BOURNE SCREAMS – THEN PULLS SWAGGER DOWN WITH A VICTORY ROLL OUTTA NOWHERE!!!




The crowd gasps at the last-second kickout, and both men get up… Bourne misses with the ROUNDHOUSE – AND SWAGGER PLANTS HIM DOWN WITH THE BIG BOOT! Once again, Swagger murders a Bourne comeback attempt, and now he finds that chair from before, snapping it fully shut and pitching it in his hands. It may not have broken Bourne’s ankle before, but he’s going to end this match with it now anyway… it takes all of Bourne’s strength to get to all-fours, then his knees, then stagger to his feet. The crowd tries to warn him, as he turns, AND SWAGGER SWINGS FOR A HOME RUN – BUT BOURNE DUCKS IT… ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE CHAIR!!! The crowd ROARS with delight as Swagger topples backwards – and he lands on the table! Bourne rushes to kick the chair from the ring, putting his hands on Swagger to throw him to the canvas and make a cover… but he stops, listening to the screaming crowd again! Bourne’s gaze darts about the Barclays Center, and he realises what he has to do!

Bourne nods. He forces Swagger’s body entirely on to the table, then turns to the ladder – AND BEGINS THE SLOW CLIMB! Poor Evan’s taken all sorts of beatings in this match from a brutal, cruel Swagger, but he still has the drive to find the top of the ladder, an inevitable smile breaking out as he puts his hands on the briefcase. But again, before he can take the easy way out, the crowd is making all sorts of noise, and Bourne has to accept that it’s now or never! Slowly, his hands retract from the briefcase, and he looks down at Swagger, still unconscious on the table below… Evan takes a step down, removing the CHAIR from between the top two rungs, and returns to the top. The camera zooms slowly out, encompassing the entire Barclays Center as thousands of fans get to their feet to see this. Bourne holds the chair in one hand, the briefcase cord in the other to steady himself. He stares at Swagger, and it’s clear that he’s not sure – the lines increase on his face, his breathing quickening again…

…but then something catches fire inside him, from God knows where, and he lets go of the briefcase cord – he raises the peace sign, to the delight of the crowd! At ringside, JR is screaming “DO IT, EVAN! THIS IS WHAT YOU LOVE!” and Bourne channels that spirit, spreading his arms wide –


The Barclays Center EXPLODES!!! The pop is just deafening, everyone ecstatic that Evan Bourne just conquered his own fear, hitting possibly his greatest Shooting Star Press ever, and coming down on Swagger with a HUGE impact! Needless to say, Swagger is a broken mess, lying still somewhere beneath Bourne’s body, the chair and the crunched remains of the wooden table! Referee Mike Chioda gets on his knees, stunned, unsure where to begin with these two…

…and now Evan Bourne, face hidden as he lies next to Jack Swagger, slumps his arm across the shoulders of his opponent… Chioda, wide-eyed, makes the count, as the crowd chants along…






Justin Roberts:

EVAN BOURNE HAS DONE IT!!! Through the most incredible means possible, Evan Bourne has kept his WWE career alive, finally hitting the Shooting Star Press again, and he has BEATEN Jack Swagger! Slowly, slowly, the high-flyer rolls to the side, detaching himself from the wreckage with a face twisted with pain, but crucially, the most tired, satisfied smile you’ll ever see. A few medics rush down the ramp to help both men, one of them aiding Bourne to his feet so Chioda can raise his limp arm.

Jim Ross:
In all my years at this desk, gentlemen – say what you will about Evan Bourne, but never say he doesn’t love his job. Now THAT is bravery, by gawd.

Jerry Lawler: Did you see that Shooting Star Press? Evan’s got it back! He beat his fear, and he beat Swagger! His contract is safe! This is great!

Michael Cole: Guys, we might have witnessed something special from Evan Bourne tonight – this… this wasn’t just a win for him, it might have been THE win. This could completely change where Evan Bourne’s career goes from here! Like JR said, that jump took courage that I don’t think even the old Evan Bourne had.

Jim Ross: Evan Bourne will never forget this night, ladies and gentlemen, but this was merely the first of three TLC Matches we have on tap tonight…

As JR shills the remainder of the show, we’re left with just the image of Evan Bourne, exhaustedly soaking up the applause and the ovation of this sold-out crowd. Slumping over the top rope without the help of the medics, Bourne raises the peace sign with his signature warm smile, and reflects that tonight, he beat his fear of flying.

Originally Posted by Judge #1
Total: 26/30
Feedback: I think it was pretty cool to see that you conjured up a storyline like this that WWE could've used and already at their next PPV. I think that's pretty impressive, fast booking I should say, so good job with the backstory. It was pretty interesting the backstory with Bourne not being able to do his finisher, I really liked it. I like that you wrote out the entrances and commentary as it just gave the match a better feel, gave us a better feel of the environment and how the aura was like for the wrestlers. As for the match, I think it flowed very well but there were some instances where it kind of slowed down when you wrote down some questions and stuff of that sort. Again, you gave us multiple spots but that last spot was just amazing. I'm a mark for Bourne so that helped, but it was really good, incorporating the table, ladder, and chair. It was good that you gave us a reaction from both Bourne and the commentators after the match was over. Good job and good luck!
Originally Posted by Judge #2
Creativity: 10/10
Description: 9/10
Grammar/Aesthetics: 9/10
Overall: 28/30
Notes: My god, I really enjoyed the way you went with this. Absolutely loved the backstory behind it and the significance that it gave the match. Teasing it a couple times and putting so much emotion behind Bourne finally doing it really helped, imo. Description wise it was pretty on key and grammatically I didn’t see many problems. Good work!

CONTESTANT #4: ThatWeirdGuy

Spoiler for WeirdGuy's Entry:
Originally Posted by ThatWeirdGuy

(OOC: This match is following on from the events of my entry in the previous round)

Backstory: Justin Gabriel became the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship by defeating Wade Barrett, and effectively leaving Nexus. The next week however Barrett stated that before his match with Gabriel last week he made a deal with the Anonymous Raw General Manager and Gabriel’s contract belongs to Barrett himself, and not the WWE. Barrett said that Gabriel would be welcomed back into Nexus with open arms if he did go to Survivor Series and win the WWE Championship but immediately hand the title over to Barrett. Obviously Gabriel had no choice but to go along with this plan in the lead up to his first ever title shot.

At Survivor Series Gabriel battled Randy Orton for the WWE Championship but was unable to defeat Orton, and the two men shook hands as a mark of respect at the end of the match. The show of respect was interrupted by Nexus who came down and attacked both Gabriel and Orton. The next night on Raw, Barrett set up a punishment for Gabriel where he had to face the other members of Nexus in a Handicap Match, and he obviously succumbed to the numbers game against Otunga, Slater, Tarver, Harris and McGillicutty. The next week, Gabriel proposed a match to Barrett for TLC, the next WWE Pay-Per-View. He challenged Barrett to a TLC Match with his contract hanging above the ring. If Gabriel wins he is a free man but if Barrett beats him Gabriel will see out his career under Barrett so either way Justin Gabriel will be no more trouble to the Nexus. Barrett accepted the terms and the match was set. However it was also revealed on the Rae before TLC that Barrett had also secured the contracts of the other Nexus members as well, creating a rift in the group where it was only Otunga and Slater that stayed under Barrett, as the Englishman had promised them the Tag Team Titles after he wins the WWE Championship.


Match Six:
Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match:
Justin Gabriel’s Contract on the line:
Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel

The bell rings, which in turn sets off a loud roar of approval from the fans and the two men walk into the centre of the ring with tensions about to hit boiling point. Barrett points up to the contract hanging above the ring and he gets right into Gabriel’s face and shouts “YOU’RE MINE!” before moving his head back with a cocky smile on his face. Gabriel smiles himself and has a reply “Not if I have anything to do with it.” And the South African then slaps the taste out of Barrett’s mouth! Barrett recoils back from that shot but Gabriel is right on the offensive with forearms to the side of the head that knock Barrett loopy into the ropes. Gabriel whips Barrett across the ring and he meets him in the centre of the ring with an Arm Drag. Barrett gets right up and he is taken over by another Arm Drag from Gabriel! Barrett makes it up to his feet once again but he walks right into a Dropkick to the face from Gabriel!! Barrett is knocked right onto his back after that move and Gabriel gets up to his feet to a massive ovation from the fans after his impressive start to the match. Gabriel waits on Barrett to get back up to his feet once more and he charges at the Englishman but Barrett sidesteps... Gabriel has to stop himself from going right into the turnbuckles but he turns around into a BIG BOOT from Barrett! The fans boo as for the first time Barrett is in control of the match and he checks his mouth for blood following the dropkick. Gabriel used the turnbuckle to get himself back up to his feet and Barrett is quick to come in and he starts to lay into Gabriel with rights and lefts to the mid section... before he finishes the sequence off with a stiff right hand to the head that knocks Gabriel down! Gabriel falls right down onto his face and Barrett turns him over before he begins to stomp right through Gabriel’s chest. Barrett walks back and leans into the ropes before he comes off with a huge elbow to Gabriel’s chest! Barrett is back up to his feet once more with a smirk on his face.

Barrett sees Gabriel getting back up as well and he cockily pushes his boot into Gabriel’s face which is greeted by a large amount of boos by the fans. Gabriel tries to roll away from Barrett and he goes out onto the apron. Barrett reaches through the ropes and pulls Gabriel through the ropes back-first, so Gabriel’s head and back are inside the ring whilst his legs are hanging on the ropes. Barrett holds Gabriel by the back of the head before he starts to drive his knees right into Gabriel’s back!! Barrett is ruthless in his assault; striking Gabriel a good ten or so times with the knee! Keeping hold of Gabriel, Barrett pulls the South African the rest of the way through the ropes and he then drops Gabriel right across his knee with a PENDULUM BACKBREAKER!! Gabriel screams out in pain as he is left squirming on the mat following that; Barrett though starts to head towards the ropes and he exits the ring! This can’t be good news for Gabriel as Barrett scans around the ringside area amidst the sea of weapons available. He looks up at a ladder but decides against it until he focuses on the stack of chairs up against the ring barrier and he picks one out. Barrett slides the weapon into the ring and follows suit. Wade picks the chair up and he sees Gabriel struggling up to his feet following the strikes to the back but he has left the injured area exposed... and Barrett CREAMS GABRIEL’S BACK WITH THE CHAIR!!! The South African drops to the mat like he has been shot in the back and Barrett merely smiles to some heat. A “GABRIEL” chant starts around the arena but it is quelled immediately as Barrett cocks back and he strikes Gabriel’s back with the chair once more!! Gabriel is in some real pain right now but it doesn’t stop his former leader from REPEATEDLY STRIKING GABRIEL IN THE BACK WITH THE CHAIR!!! There is no one to stop Barrett from dishing out these devastating blows, but he decides enough is enough after the seventh or eighth blow as he throws the chair down onto the mat. Gabriel is left squirming down onto the mat kicking his legs down to try and stave off the pain. The fans start to boo once again because Barrett is heading back down to ringside!

Barrett jumps back off of the ring apron and down to the floor and he scans the area once again and he returns back to that ladder he was looking at before... and he slaps the sides up and folds it... before sliding it into the ring. There’s a mixed reaction from the fans at the ladder’s introduction into the match but it turns into boos as now Barrett quickly stands the ladder up in the centre of the ring and snaps the sides back down. Barrett takes one final look at the contract hanging above his head before he starts his journey up the ladder!


Barrett is almost half way up the ladder but now Gabriel comes to his senses a little bit and he sees that Barrett is on the ladder. Gabriel uses the base of the ladder to pull himself back up to his feet and Barrett sees Gabriel coming... but he is stranded on the ladder! The fans pop at this and now Gabriel gets back up to his feet using the ladder. He walks around the ladder and grabs Barrett’s leg and he pulls Barrett off of the ladder; Barrett’s face bouncing off one of the rungs as he hits the floor!! Barrett holds his nose in pain after that but he isn’t even given a chance to recover because Gabriel is TIPPING THE LADDER OVER TOWARDS BARRETT-BUT WADE ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!! The ladder is now leant on the ropes and Barrett stands in his usual favourite place at ringside tapping the side of his head as he thinks he has outsmarted Gabriel but what he doesn’t notice is Gabriel running against the ropes and towards the ladder... and Gabriel RUNS UP THE RUNGS AND LEAPS OFF THE END OF THE LADDER WITH A CROSS BODY TO BARRETT!!! The fans go wild for the first time in the match with Gabriel showing us his high-flying prowess for the first time in the match. Both men lay in a total heap after that move and the familiar “GABRIEL” chant makes a triumphant return to the arena. This seems to will the young South African on as he is the first man up to his feet following that risky move. He gets up and has his hand on his back as he stumbles around the ringside area looking for something to punish Barrett with. The commentators note that we’ve never seen Gabriel in this environment before; we don’t know what he is capable of. Gabriel seems set on the stack of chairs that Barrett selected from earlier and he walks over and pulls another one away. Seeing that Barrett is now getting back up to his feet, Gabriel storms over to him... and drive the CHAIR INTO BARRETT’S MIDSECTION!! This brings out a huge pop from the fans as Barrett is left keeling over. Gabriel now steadies himself once more... before WAFFLING THE CHAIR OFF BARRETT’S BACK!!! Barrett falls down to his knees in pain, but it seems like Gabriel is not finished here. Justin drops the chair on the floor a couple of feet in front of Barrett before he walks behind the Englishman and takes a few steps back. Everyone wonders what Gabriel is thinking but then he charges towards Barrett, and he leaps and puts both of his feet onto Barrett’s back... forcing him forwards and down FACEFIRST ONTO THE CHAIR!!

A pretty loud pop rings out around the arena for the innovative offence from Gabriel, and it appears like he is well at home in this kind of environment. He gets up with a smirk on his face before he starts to walk towards the corner of the barricade where it meets the ramp... where a stack of TABLES are against the barricade. He picks one up and starts walking back towards Barrett. He sets it up next to the ring on the camera side right near where Barrett lies, and the fans start to buzz in anticipation as a table in that part of the arena can mean ANYTHING in this kind of match. Gabriel starts to bring Barrett up, and it is apparent now that Barrett’s nose is BLEEDING after it being rammed into the chair. Gabriel lays Barrett down onto the table, and there is no initial resistance from Barrett so Gabriel sees this as an okay to jump up onto the apron! Gabriel stands over Barrett on the apron and the fans start to cheer... Gabriel is about to jump but then he looks at the turnbuckle which is next to him. The fans pop even harder now because Gabriel climbs up to the top rope! He can’t be thinking of a 450 can he?! Gabriel starts to steady himself up... but Barrett leaps up into action! The bloody Nexus Leader was playing possum! Barrett jumps onto the apron and Gabriel is left with nowhere to go! Barrett though has an idea as he plucks Gabriel off of the top rope and he puts him on his shoulders in a FIREMAN’S CARRY!! There is a sound of horror in the arena now as Barrett is set for a WASTELAND THROUGH THE TABLE—NO!! Gabriel is able to wriggle himself off and he lands on his feet in the ring!! Barrett turns around to face Gabriel... RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK!! The impact knocks Barrett back off of the apron AND THROUGH THE TABLE!! The Barrett lays amidst the wooden wreckage and Gabriel dropped to the mat immediately after hitting the move; going back and favouring his back once again.

A united pop from the WWE Universe in the arena as Gabriel comes to a quick realisation of the situation! A determined look is now spread across his face as he starts to use the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. He looks around for a moment and spots the ladder that was leaning against the ropes and Gabriel now pushes it back into the centre of the ring and he erects it once again! Gabriel slaps the sides down and he starts to climb!


Gabriel winces as he scales the ladder because of his back.


Justin takes a look back to check on Barrett, and he sees that the Nexus Leader has rolled back into the ring! The fans boo and Gabriel starts to turn around on the ladder! A pop rings out now and Barrett hasn’t clocked that Gabriel has turned around... GABRIEL FLIES OFF TOWARDS BARRETT... AND RIGHT INTO THE WINDS OF CHANGE!!! Barrett counters Gabriel in stunning fashion and the ladder falls down onto the mat! Once again both men are left down and out due to pure exhaustion and the amount of punishment they have put themselves through in the course of the match. Neither man has been able to get back to their feet yet but Gabriel squirms around the ring once more as his back takes another massive hit. Barrett starts to pull himself up to his feet as all of the cockiness has seemed to have left him upon realising he is in for another fight tonight. He stumbles over to the ladder that fell down before and he folds it right down so it is lying on the floor. Gabriel however starts to get himself back up too, and Barrett notices this. He waits for Gabriel to turn around before hoisting him up onto his shoulders.... and BARRETT DROPS GABRIEL WITH A WASTELAND ONTO THE LADDER!!!! The noise is just sickening and Gabriel’s back arches as he holds the back of his head. Barrett’s blood is now trickling down his chest from his nose and he looks down on Gabriel in awe at what he just did. Once he’s done admiring his work, he quickly darts out of the ring and heads towards the group of tables that became active earlier on and he slides the wood into the ring. Barrett follows it in and he sets it up in the corner; slapping it for good measure. Gabriel has rolled off of the ladder in the ring and Barrett picks the ladder up and sets it up in the place where it was before. He takes a look down at Gabriel who is not showing much sign of life as of yet but the South African looks back up at Barrett, unable to do anything at this moment. Barrett gazes up at the contract hanging above the ring and has his eyes locked on it as he starts to move up the ladder!


GABRIEL STAGGERS UP TO HIS FEET! He looks up at Barrett and stumbles around the ladder... and starts to
climb on the other side!






The two men are near enough at the same height on the ladder with Barrett having the size advantage... BARRETT REACHES UP... HE HAS HIS HAND ON THE CONTRACT!! But Gabriel delivers a right hand to Barrett’s midsection! Barrett tries not to let it deter him but he can’t use both hands as to not lose his balance! Gabriel rocks Barrett with another blow, but not Barrett fires one back right to Gabriel’s head! Barrett drops down a rung in order to get a proper platform to strike Gabriel. Barrett comes in with another stiff shot to the head or Gabriel that knocks him down a little and Gabriel almost falls back off of the ladder but he maintains his grip. Gabriel goes for another forearm but Barrett grabs it and lifts him up onto the top of the ladder!! Gabriel is in a precarious position as he desperately tries not to fall off... but Barrett pulls him back onto his shoulders into the Fireman’s Carry once again!! There’s a shudder in the arena as Gabriel is left stranded on the shoulders of his former leader and Barrett goes for WASTELAND FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER-BUT GABRIEL COUNTERS... TORNADO DDT FROM THE LADDER!!!! A “HOLY SHIT” chant echoes around the arena as Barrett is spiked on his head and Gabriel takes another heavy bump onto his back and both men roll out of the ring from the impact and land in a heap in front of the announce table! Both men are LAID OUT!

The replays of that awesome move are shown countless times and we go back to ringside where it seems that Gabriel is starting to get back up following that and he drops right back down and reduced to a crawl and he uses a nearby ladder to pull himself back up. The pain is etched on his face as he is able to pull himself back up to his feet slowly. Barrett has still not moved at all and is still caked in his own blood coming from his nose. Gabriel looks around ringside and he holds onto the ladder he used to support him. He folds the ladder up and he folds it up and goes to slide it into the ring but he just leans it on the apron and he lifts the other end up onto the announce table! There’s a pop in the arena as the ladder is in a very interesting position. Gabriel turns around and Barrett is charging in from out of nowhere!! But Gabriel reverses with a Drop Toehold and Barrett goes face first onto the ladder! Barrett screams in pain after that strike and Gabriel now comes from behind and lifts Barrett onto the ladder so Barrett is lying across the ladder helpless as he is out of it once again. The fans go WILD in the arena as Gabriel looks around and it seems that everyone in the arena has the same idea in their head. The commentators ponder it with shouts of “NO!” from Cole as Gabriel climbs up onto the apron! King urges Gabriel to just go and win the match but the South African is set on putting Barrett to rest and out of the match. Gabriel steps into the ring and defiantly walks limps towards the corner. He steps onto the second rope and then he moves himself up onto the top rope. He takes his time as he balances himself up onto the top rope and he takes a deep breath. King heralds this as Gabriel’s last chance not to do this but Lawler’s girly scream comes out because GABRIEL LEAPS OFF OF THE TURNBUCKLE... AND HITS A 450 SPLASH ONTO BARRETT!!! AND THE LADDER SNAPS IN FUCKING HALF!!!

Cole’s “OH MY!” is nothing compared to the “WHAT THE FUCK” chant from the crowd at that move, proving to be too good for the “HOLY SHIT” one. The ladder is snapped in two with Barrett being bent in line with the ladder and Gabriel just sprawled on top of him after putting his LIFE on the line to try and take Barrett out. The replays from all sorts of different angles are shown and it gets better with every different time of viewing. Gabriel starts to move now as he tries to sit back up from Barrett who is well and truly DONE at this point; the Englishman lies amongst the rubble of a broken ladder with blood trickling down his body. Gabriel holds his stomach in AGONY as every part of his body must be hurting following this match, but the South African is being willed on by the fans as he starts to crawl up the steel steps. Gabriel gets onto the ring apron and he takes another look at Barrett who still shows no sign of even moving. He falls in between the bottom and middle rope and crawls as fast as his body will allow him towards the ladder set up in the centre of the ring and he reaches it and he starts to pull himself up!!









Winner: Justin Gabriel (15:58)

Originally Posted by Judge #1
Creativity: 8/10
Description: 8/10
Grammar/Aesthetics: 7/10
Overall: 23/30
Notes: Really enjoyed the story behind this one. Felt that you did a good job writing the spot and it delivered as it seemed devastating. Description wise I didn’t have too many problems. However when it came to format I felt that there were a few times where paragraphs could have been broken up a bit shorter. Nothing too serious though. Good work!
Originally Posted by Judge #2
Total: 24/30
Feedback: I like the continuity you have going here as this one was a continuation of your last tournament entry. The backstory helped a lot once again and now the stakes are even bigger, which usually results in people doing absolutely anything to win so it was a match that had to have a spot waiting to happen. I do think you should've written entrances since it gives us a feel of how the competitors are feeling. There were some instances where you misspelled something or used the wrong word or needed a punctuation. The ending seemed to have been rushed imo. The "WTF" chants amused me for some reason. As for the spot, it was alright. There were other spots in the match that were pretty good too so you didn't fail in that department. Seeing some reaction after the match would've been good as well. I think you could've had a better entry but this one wasn't bad at all. Good job and good luck!

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Flux Capacitor: 55/60
Melvis: 54/60
619DH: 54/60
ThatWeirdGuy: 47/60
LegendofBaseball: N/A

Because of the tie in 2nd place, we'll be seeing a TRIPLE THREAT FINALS of FLUX CAPACITOR vs MELVIS vs 619DH!!!!!

Honestly, all four of you did a great job with this. All of you had really good ideas and they were a blast to read. Sorry if I fucked up with any grammar here or anything, it's 9 AM. My apologies for the wait again but I hope everyone had some fun here. Final round will be posted soon!

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