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Re: Fantasy Football - WF NFL League 1

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
I blame you because they were your suggestions. I highly doubt I didn't say some of these things back when this started either, I was probably just ignored, which furthers my point below.

And I used to try contributing on this forum but it lead to nothing as I was either ignored, not taken seriously or called MAD(which is why I started using Kobe smileys btw, otherwise everyone just calls me mad over and over). So I really don't see why I should bother. If people are going to call me an idiot regardless of what I say, then I might as well act a douche.

Do you or do you not have the third best record in the league? Like seriously, you're tied with GA in win percentage, that's all that matters.
If the playoffs were to start now I'd be the 4th seed. I'm 4th due to some tie breaker that I'm not aware of. Either way, this is pointless. The standings are there.

I'm not really sure about this whole mad not taking seriously thing but if you actually post serious I take you seriously. I don't think you're an idiot. You may act like an idiot sometimes but so do others, me included...occasionally...I don't really care if you act like a douche, but of course if you didn't all the time. If you act like a douche all the time though I'm just going to call it like I see it.

If you have ideas to make these leagues more fun and what not go for it. I think everyone can admit these leagues haven't been as fun as baseball and basketball so we should try to fix that. I don't think it's just the sport causing it either.



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