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Re: Fantasy Football - WF NFL League 1

Originally Posted by Mr. Christmas Joe Diffie View Post
Half the discussion was talking about awful trades last year.


We made two leagues because a lot of people had interest (we wound up with THREE leagues here). We put the leagues together with having it in mind to put the experienced players across both leagues while also keeping some continuity. Aid, Psycho, Stacks, and PP are the guys that went to the other league. DH too but he's AWOL so we can't really count him anymore. RIP DH.

Mission accomplished as far as I'm concerned. I can't help it if you guys can't have fun. That's on you.

Blame WWF. His team sucks (inb4 he beats me again this week), and he's barely active in the thread. That's some choice shit talking GONE.
Discussion in these leagues are impossible as no one wants to talk any trash, except of course me who the just gets told to shut up. If I didn't post a lot in this thread then more than half the posts would be gone(yes I realize I didn't have half the posts in the actual thread but a lot of my posts caused others to post).

And I had fun, or at least tried to, but oh well.

And WWF had the second most posts in this thread, it's hardly on him lol.
Originally Posted by JM View Post
Despite what some people think, I'm not Jesus, I'm not GOD, if everyone agrees with my ideas then so be it. If the popular opinion is not my idea then that is what we go with. When has this not occurred? Don't make something out of nothing and don't put blame on me when anyone could have proposed a better idea. Where were your ideas then?

I'm glad you're actually submitting ideas now. Too many playoff teams. Good point. Shows you can actually contribute to a discussion with only certain parts of your posts being you being a sarcastic douche. You should do this more often.

For the record:

Teams were divided by guess who? MrMister. Not me. Thanks though.

I'm in 4th. Look at the standings. I'm not even sure why this is an argument. These are the things you argue.
I blame you because they were your suggestions. I highly doubt I didn't say some of these things back when this started either, I was probably just ignored, which furthers my point below.

And I used to try contributing on this forum but it lead to nothing as I was either ignored, not taken seriously or called MAD(which is why I started using Kobe smileys btw, otherwise everyone just calls me mad over and over). So I really don't see why I should bother. If people are going to call me an idiot regardless of what I say, then I might as well act a douche.

Do you or do you not have the third best record in the league? Like seriously, you're tied with GA in win percentage, that's all that matters.

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