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Re: NFL Mafia - The Quest for the Lombardi Trophy - Night Two

yeah. i'll see if someone who dies on night 4 wants in...

Night Four

Fitz was doing some investigating all while trying to avoid some rape charges. Oh, and talk shit about the Baltimore Ravens. Just as he finished calling Joe Flacco an awful, pussy QB, someone sneak up and stabbed him in the heart. He was...
Spoiler for Fitz:
Welcome to NFL Mafia, TaylorFitz, you are the PITTSBURGH STEELERS – Winners Aligned

Win condition: You win if at least one member of your group is alive and all other players are dead (or if nothing can prevent the same).

QT: :ass

Role: Rolecop. Any on night in your QT, you may ask for the role of any player.

Flavor: Known for your tenacious defense over decades, it’s almost like you know what plays the offense runs. Well, now you’ll have the one up and know their roles.

Kenny was retired now. His playing career was all done, but someone still didn't want him anywhere a football field. So they shot him in the head. He was...
Spoiler for King Kenny:
Welcome to NFL Mafia, King Kenny, you are the GREEN BAY PACKERS – Losers Aligned

Win condition: You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Role: 3-shot Investigation Cop. On any night, you may ask me the alignment of any player. You may use your role three times.

Flavor: You’re a franchise from a small town in a small-ish state. You’re simple folk. You’re honest folk. With that kind of mentality, you should have no problem spotting a mafia player.

Alive Players
1) MDP and Ziggler Mark
7) Stax
8) DocBlue
10) McQueen
11) CP
12) Roger
13) Cloverleaf
14) Titania
16) sxe maverick
18) big man and AlexHumph
20) impulse
22) magic
24) Lawls

Dead Players
Ziggler Mark - Mid-day 1 - 3-shot Watcher
Hit-Girl - Night 1 - 1-shot Lightning Rod / Night 2 - Roleless
PacoAwesome - Night 1 - 3-shot Hider

Nov - Day 2 - Framer
chr1st0 - Night 3 - Note Passer
Rush - Night 3 - 1-shot Lynch Stopper
Dan The Marino - Night 3 - Bodyguard

Skyfall - Day 4 - 1-shot Recruiter/Usurper
TaylorFitz - Night 4 - Rolecop

King Kenny - Night 4 - 3-shot Cop

It is day 5. With 14 alive, it takes 8 to achieve lynch.

Kenny. Do you want to rep in for Magic?

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