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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

I'd love to see Dolph win more, but regardless, he goes out there and he entertains me in promos and matches. That, to me, is what wrestling is about. He does his job very well, in my opinion. If others don't like him or think he's a glorified jobber, why should I care? He's entertaining. Why are we all bickering because the WWE has failed miserably at booking him for so long? That's not Dolph's fault. Guarantee that if he got Cena treatment, we'd all look at Dolph very differently. But that's not the case-Dolph career has been full of stupid booking decisions. So why is it a surprise that some people have trouble buying him as a main eventer?

Pro wrestling is very simple-it ALL comes down to booking. You can be Dean Malenko in ring, but if you get a Jinder Mahal push, you are going nowhere. Conversely, guys like Khali, Hogan and Andre, all terrible workers (and fuck off anyone bringing up Hogan's work in Japan, it wasn't that great), have been successful because the Fed got behind them and gave them serious pushes and posed them as stars. Its all in the presentation. Again, why are we arguing over a subject like this? Is Ziggler just a glorified jobber? Who cares, the Fed has their own agenda and will do with him what they want. What I care about is if he entertains me, and he does. It'd be nice to see him get the success I feel he deserves, but that's all subjective.

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