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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I think he gave up his dads money(kayfabe) to charity or something like that. Dibiase can't pull of the money gimmick at all(WWE have tried the gimmick and even had the chance to make the Millon Dollar Man jr. gimmick by having Dibiase make it his own by having him play up the rich, spoiled, snob aspect of the character but they didn't).

No-one cares about Dibiase anymore never mind the casuals. I would have him mix/shake up his attire a little as he still looks like he hasn't got over Legacy. Have him grow a beard and/or change up his hairstyle. Do the exact same thing with Michael McGillicutty(new attire and head style?(or whatever you want to call it) but plus changing his name to Joe Hennig. Give them matching gear, give them a Legacy type gimmick(doesn't matter if they play up as good or bad or switch between etc), a tag finisher and a tag name. They should keep together for a about a year and a half(with them not being relegated to NXT or Superstars they can go there but not as regulars).
This could be the stepping stone for Dibiase depending on how he does(or Hennig). My change would add another real tag-team to the divison and reintroduce both of them as Dibiase right now gets about the same reaction and/or intrigue as a random Ryback jobber.
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