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Re: Fantasy Football - WF NFL League 1

Originally Posted by The MAGIC of Christmas View Post
Hey JM, our football league last year was not only very competitive but we also had a lot of discussion/activity/trades. What was the major change from last year to this year? Pretty sure it was you becoming the commish and suggesting most of these ideas that caused the problems in this league. The value/keeper picks that? You're idea. Not allowing the majority of our last year's league to stay together even though it was really successful? Your idea.

And you want to know why there isn't much trade with keeper implications? Because there are 8 playoff spots which allowed most of the league to be in contention for most of the year. I believe 10 teams were in the running for the playoffs up until last week. Most people aren't going to want to do trades for potential keepers if they can still make the playoffs.

And I brought up the basketball league as it's just as terrible as this league. The only difference is that it has a lot of active users. Last year everyone knew it was going to be you and Aid in the finals and guess what? It was. At least in this league we don't exactly know whose going to win as there are at least 6 times that can potentially win it with the rosters they have.

And you're in third, smart guy.
Despite what some people think, I'm not Jesus, I'm not GOD, if everyone agrees with my ideas then so be it. If the popular opinion is not my idea then that is what we go with. When has this not occurred? Don't make something out of nothing and don't put blame on me when anyone could have proposed a better idea. Where were your ideas then?

I'm glad you're actually submitting ideas now. Too many playoff teams. Good point. Shows you can actually contribute to a discussion with only certain parts of your posts being you being a sarcastic douche. You should do this more often.

For the record:

Teams were divided by guess who? MrMister. Not me. Thanks though.

I'm in 4th. Look at the standings. I'm not even sure why this is an argument. These are the things you argue.



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