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Re: Who are your top 5 superstars that could win they 2013 royal rumble?

5. The Miz. Like him or not, he's already one of the more decorated talents on the roster, and is one of the company's biggest stars. MOST of the Rumble winners in the recent past were superstars who were well-accomplished and guaranteed major players. Well, Miz is that. His recent face turn could lead him to a big push. He's on the list because there's not too many others on the roster who deserve to win it more.

4. John Cena - Because he's John Cena. They don't mind giving him every accomplishment in the book. He doesn't NEED to win a Rumble match to have title shots or big Mania matches, but if it means Cena is constantly in the spotlight, then he'll shamelessly be there to win. They gotta set up Rock vs Cena II, so they can neglect their other talents as usual, and feed Cena a SECOND Rumble victory. >.>

3. Brock Lesnar - Lesnar is another guy who has already won the Rumble, so he doesn't need it, but the WWE doesn't care. I don't think they're beyond making the same guy win multiple Royal Rumbles, which is a waste of a once a year only event. It's an easy way to set Lesnar up for a big match, and he will inevitably be at WM.

2. Ryback - They're gonna pull another Del Rio with this meathead and push him to the moon way before he should. Most Rumble winners are guys who have been world champs, but Ryback will be another ADR in that he isn't. He's another one of the WWE's pet projects, so he gets all the opportunities without any of the work.

1. CM Punk - NOBODY on the roster deserves it more in my opinion. Since Punk will no doubt be dropping the belt to Rocky, he can at least have his Rumble moment. I don't see why he can't work both matches. Just have him come in the Rumble towards the end and win. He could do something similar to the 2011 Rumble where instead of having The Nexus help him eliminate people, he could use The Shield. Only this time he needs to actually win. Punk is a seasoned superstar who has a lot of accolades under his belt, but a Royal Rumble victory is one of the few things he hasn't done yet. They might as well have him win it while he's the top guy. He won't be around forever.

I will be all kinds of pissed if ANY of the following guys win the Rumble: John Superman Cena, Rybotch, Blandy Boreton, or some other up and comer who WWE gets a hair up their ass to push for no reason.

Others I wouldn't mind winning: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Big Show.

CM Punk holds world title for over 250 days. [X]
Zack Ryder wins another title. []
John Morrison comes back OR he reaches one million Facebook likes. [X]
Triple H vs Lesnar happens. [X]
Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, or Christian return. [X]
Cena takes time off. []

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