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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

The Khali match might have drawn because he hasn't been on TV for a while and the casuals love Khali.

Random matches with nothing at stake don't draw. The fact that the WWE gave away Bryan v Mysterio, a match we've never seen before, with no build after having just announced moments beforehand shows how much their booking sucks.

Funny how Punk is one of the few people who's drawing ratings. But I suppose people are still going to blame him for the declining ratings. To quote Mick Foley from his book, Have a Nice Day:

About an hour before the match, Flair had talked to me for a longtime about changing the course of my career. Naitch, short for Nature Boy, felt that I needed to be a heel (bad guy). His rationale was simple.”You and Vader had the most brutal bouts I’ve ever witnessed,” began Flair in his trademark voice, a strange combination of lisping and perfect enunciation “But your rematch didn’t raise the ratings at all. Nobody cares about you as a babyface.”

Even before the Monday night Raw/Nitro wars, WCW had always lived and died by its television ratings. At that time, its flagship show was WCW Saturday Night. Also at that time, there were no quarter-hour breakdowns to more accurately determine just who was responsible for viewing patterns. In other words, Flair was holding my fifteen minutes on air responsible for the ratings of the entire two-hour show. He also failed to realize that ratings increases are more a result of trends and ongoing story lines than just one match. In my book (and once again, this is my book) Flair was wrong about the ratings. But he sure as hell was right about the brutality of my matches with Vader.
Kevin Nash was one of the worst bookers in WCW and wrestling history. I don't care how eloquently, entertaining, or logically guys like him, Russo, or Cornette can explain their views on booking, it doesn't mean they're right or that they're good bookers. Nash can go on about how smart he is and how is IQ is a 156, or whatever the fuck it is, but Chris Langan, a man who is considered to be the smartest man/have the highest IQ in the world has done nothing with his talent and intelligence, blaming others for his problems.

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