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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

ADR/Kane was the peak of last week's show? Well fuck me.

A couple of things: Last week I mentioned how if the 2.3 was true for the Punk/Kane match, that it definitely feeds the argument that Punk is a ratings killer. However upon seeing the breakdown and the way it's worded, it sounds like the match was gaining viewers throughout and amounted to the gain we saw combined with the overrun. So the match didn't do as terribly as it appeared. That being said, a 2.66 overrun (especially when it also had Shield and Ryback in it) is dreadful.

Cena just isn't helping the show anymore. Between this week's Cena and Sheamus tag match doing a terrible 9PM gain and abysmal rating number, and last week's Cena/Ziggler match losing 17,000 in the 10PM after weeks of build up, it's safe to say Cena isn't a ratings draw anymore, which would also explain the overall ratings continual decline. Vince McMahon's 10PM segment was the best gain in awhile for that segment, but it's still a mediocre number. Same thing goes for the overrun as far as rating goes for this week's show. Punk's segment gaining in a random quarter before Miz came out is a good sign for Punk. Of course it's only 24,000, but considering the week before it lost 139,000, and the week before that it lost 80,000, and it's just generally a losing quarter is good to some extent. Nothing to jump up and down about, but it's not bad at all.

Oh, and Ryback/Titus doing a decent number to start the show (and for the show's rating a great number) last week is a good sign for Ryback. He's continuing to do well in the ratings. I would say the same about Titus, but his tag match this week didn't provide the same goods. Perhaps a singles run is the way to go for Titus. But honestly based on the past several weeks, Ryback may just be the strongest ratings draw WWE has right now.

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