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Re: Official WWE Main Event Weekly TV Show Discussion

This was the best episode of Main Event for me thus far.

I even enjoyed the first commercial which portrayeded Cena as "irresistebly charismatic". I laughed at that till the whole break was over.

I like the fact they keep giving Cezaro mic time, because he needs every bit of practice infront of a big crowd to build that confidence in himself. People bitch all the time how bad he is on the mic, but I appreciate the fact that he tries his best. It's not hard to understand that he will never be Punk or Foley on the mic, but that is not a reason to blindly hate on him for it. In fact I laughed like twice at his promo and most people would never have that effect on me with a mic in their hands. The first was when he said that despite the crowds best effort he is still the USA champion. The second one was when he said to the crowd "I don't hate you, I pity you" with the best goddamn face expression in the whole world. You can get the best hollywood actors and their impression would still blow compared to his.

Cesaro and Kofi felt like a short match, but an entartaining one nonetheless. Both can impress in the ring, especially Cezaro. Having Barrett and Truth on the commentators table during the match was a nice add. Barrett is great on the mic and Truth can always be funny.

The tag match was good and the ending was funny.

As a big fan of Barrett/Cezaro I was happy to seem them in a tag match as a team.

It's amazing how much talented heels are in the company currently.

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