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Re: SPOILER *all five books* THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

Originally Posted by PhilThePain View Post

That preview was awesome. I noticed the Unsullied. I thought they were supposed to be fat?
Strong Belwas is fat, I always got the impression they were kinda fat too, but it never made much sense if they're supposed to be the best of the best. Their armour is dumb, though in that video. Looks stupid.

As for Winds of Winter's prologue. I'm putting my money on Balon Swann hunting down Darkstar, only to meet his end, whilst Darkstar reveals some pretty awesome secrets to us. A nice epilogue for Winds for me, would be a flashback of when Ned spent the his final hours in the Black Cells, thinking over everything that's happened and revealing a lot of the series most discussed secrets.
The prologue is plausible but what could Darkstar know? He'a a Dayne, true, so maybe something to do with house Dayne or maybe he's a secret ally of [XYZ].

The epilogue obviously won't happen. The flashback would have to be from someone alive as that's the only way GRRM does them. We might see Ned again via Bran, though.

I was so sad when I saw Kevan was the epilogue, though.

Also the Prologue has switched between North/South of the wall so far, so we're due a Southern one. Swann would be cool. Maybe someone from Highgarden either? Willas or somebody?

Actually maybe we'll get another Maester!

I really like the Reeds casting btw. Think they look awesome.
Don't mind Mance looking old, tbh. Let's just pretend he's 'grizzled' from living North of the Wall.
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