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Originally Posted by sXeCalli View Post
What I find crazy is when people say atheists are actually religious because they worship science. False, worship would involve me praying to science for a miracle to happen or going to CERN and singing songs of praise with other atheists. I do not worship science, science is just what I know is true. I find the idea that all this came to happen from seemingly nothing much more fascinating than "A man made us...
When people say that Atheists have their religion because they worship science they don't mean that they pray every night "dear science please help my sick brother", they mean that they have an answer to everything what exists and it's most science.
Just like religious people believe that God created everything the Atheists believe that science and technology stands for everything that exists.
Most Atheists sound stupid when they say they don't believe in anything. Only because they don't believe in God that doesn't mean that they don't believe in anything.
If a man almost dies in the hospital and survives in the end religous people will say that God saved him because they believe in Him.
If an Atheists believes in nothing how can he say that doctors, technology and science saved him? By this logic nothing saved him, he survived on his own
Originally Posted by sXeCalli View Post
Also, it's easier to believe, where did God come from if he made everything?
It's pretty ignorant from Atheists to say if God created everything what created God and what was before him when the big bang theory is like this
"A cosmological theory holding that the universe originated approximately 20 billion years ago from the violent explosion of a very small agglomeration of matter of extremely high density and temperature"
What created all of this, this hot and dense state what will later be known as the universe as we know it?
The Atheists call it nonsense when they heard that God created time because there must be something before God and when it comes to the big bang theory their answer is that time and space didn't existed.
So, believing that the God is the creator of everything is nonsense because something must existed before God but those who believe in Big Bang theory say that time and space didn't existed before the Big Bang.
"it is because before the universe was once in a hot and dent state before all of this happened" but who or what made this hot and dent state?
And that makes the whole Atheists fools. Even if someone believes in the big bang theory, what created the hot state before the Big Bang?

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