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Re: What do you hate about the WWE now?

Hooo boy, let me count the ways...

1. Nobody seems to have any idea how to build main eventers anymore. Let's use Del Rio as an example. When he debuted, they literally threw every accolade they could in his face. World titles, Royal Rumble, I think he even won Money in the Bank (not sure). They tried to use these prestigious accolades to get him over, and therein lies the problem: you don't use titles to GET people over, you give them to people that ARE over. Thus, the only legit main eventers around right now are Cena, Punk, Ryback, Sheamus and Big Show. Even Randy Orton is an upper-midcarder now.

2. As a result of using titles to get over, championship prestige is at an all-time low. Nobody backstage cares about the U.S. title, the IC title is hotshotted without any real storyline, see above for the WHC, and the WWE title wasn't booked as the most important thing in the company, for a time. John Cena was. Yeah, being booked below Cena vs. Rock is one thing, but Cena vs. Laurinaitis? No. As a result, the U.S. title is shit, the IC title is a slightly more polished shit, the WHC title is the new US title, the WWE title is the new IC title, and the title of being John Cena is the new WWE title. And then there's the fact that (kayfabe-wise) nobody cares about the title anymore. "LEO KRUGER DOESN'T CARE ABOUT TITLES, HE JUST WANTS PREY", "BROCK LESNAR DOESN'T CARE ABOUT TITLES, HE JUST WANTS MONEY", "RYBACK DOESN'T CARE ABOUT TITLES, HE JUST WANTS TO HURT CM PUNK." If nobody in the company cares about the title, why should anyone else?

3. Due to their mad scramble for more main eventers, all they focus on now is hotshotting a newcomer to the main event and making him a monster. The midcard is a dead zone now. Most midcard feuds are half-assed (or non-existant), midcarders get no mic time, etc. And since hotshotting accolades doesn't work, their hotshotted main eventers usually (not always) end up being set back by it all. And since nobody in the midcard is getting attention, there's nobody ready to break the glass ceiling. They end up with a grand total of 0 main eventers.

...tl;dr version: titles are booked in a way that lowers their prestige, bad booking in the main main event, nonexistant booking in the midcard.

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