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Re: How would you like to see CM Punk/The Rock and John Cena saga unfold?

Originally Posted by Stone Cold Truth View Post
Punk loosing the title to the GOAT is the best thing to ever happen to his career. If he won it would practically ruin his career the same way it killed Y2J for years when he beat Austin/Rock in 01 bc hes never been positioned as the guy or equal to the guy.

Its so funny to me how so many fans try to blame Rock for Punks shortcomings and lack of star power. Rock isnt even there 95% of the time and has only headlined 2 PPV in 2 years so what about the other 22 PPV? Cena has been the guy whos constantly made Punks life and title run an afterthought yet he gets little blame its all Rock even though hes hardly there to "steal" or even "bury" Punk.
Who's blaming Rock over Cena? Point me in their direction so I can slap the taste out of their mouths.

That being said, I get that even in losing, Punk still gains from getting to wrestle The Rock and it will probably be the biggest match of his career. I don't get how he'll be ruined if he managed to beat The Rock though, or that it's somehow worse for Punk than losing to Rock. That's nutty to say. Jericho beating Rock/Austin didn't kill any part of his career. He wasn't not positioned as "the guy" because of that. It was how he was booked following that, specifically in the WM18 Stephanie/HHH feud because he was simply a lackey to Steph in that. That's why he was in the position he was in and that comes down to booking, not his big kayfabe victories.

Punk beating Rock (hypothetically of course... I'm certain it's not happening) would be wonderful for Punk's career... hell it would be the best thing that could happen for him right now bar ending Undertaker's WM streak. The only potential negatives and "career killers" would be the booking after that and unrelated to the big victory.

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