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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Randy Savage vs Diamond Dallas Page (LV Sudden Death ; Halloween Havoc 1997)

The only match I was looking forward to in this sea of shitty, shitty matches on this DVD. DDP has the taped ribs which Savage immediately goes after (PSYCHOLOGY FOLKS!). I love how right away these two guys go straight for the stands and duke it out there, it's almost a 97-99 mandatory match staple. Makes a ton of sense in this match though as that's all these two ever did in their matches. I probably mention this in every single Savage review that I do, but his standing double axe handle off the top rope is one of the most beautiful every-match moves I've ever seen in my entire life, deserves all the praise that it gets honestly.

Even when Savage Irish whips DDP into the barricade he aims for the ribs, Savage's WCW run was nothing to die for but he was downright magnificent here. These two go crazy, putting each other through the set and everything in this LV Sudden Death match (it's a LMS match for those who haven't seen this before ). They eventually make it back to the ring after this all out brawl and start hitting each other with the big moves ... Diamond cutter, Elbow drop, it's all here. Savage goes for a camera shot but DDP SITTING DROPKICKS IT INTO HIS MOTHER FUCKING FACE. Savage almost wins but ELIZABETH NAILS THE REF WITH A GLASS PLATTER (no idea why) and starts CHOKING the shit out of DDP until Kimberly makes the save!

Dusty Rhodes screaming "CATFIGHT!" just doesn't have that same ring to it as when Styles does it. Anyways, this match has a typical WCW bullshit ending with DDP getting nailed in the ribs with a bat by a fake Sting for Savage to win the Go-Home match in this feud. Savage's last Classic perhaps ? Awesome, AWESOME match here by an all time great and another guy who was entering a fantastic prime in DDP. Loved the symmetry of how this was Savage's last big feud while this was Page's first. LOVE the trilogy, and this is no exception. One of the best WCW matches I've seen in a while.


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