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Re: How would you like to see CM Punk/The Rock and John Cena saga unfold?

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
He can lose the title once he hits 500 days. Not until. If they've gone this far with it they can damn well keep going.

Just because he's "the bad guy" doesn't mean anything in 2012. Today's wrestling is all about talent, people want the characters who are more entertaining to succeed, not the babyface. Hence John Cena's reactions for the last 7 years, hence Daniel Bryan's reactions (despite the fact I'm not a fan, I can recognize what the people want) every single show. This notion that wrestling has to be eternally stuck in 1984 while the rest of the world lives in the present is RIDICULOUS.

If it's SUCH a big issue then just turn him face again so he can get the milestone for the current era of wrestling. God knows we need something to remember from the pitiful state WWE's in.

Punk loosing the title to the GOAT is the best thing to ever happen to his career. If he won it would practically ruin his career the same way it killed Y2J for years when he beat Austin/Rock in 01 bc hes never been positioned as the guy or equal to the guy.

Its so funny to me how so many fans try to blame Rock for Punks shortcomings and lack of star power. Rock isnt even there 95% of the time and has only headlined 2 PPV in 2 years so what about the other 22 PPV? Cena has been the guy whos constantly made Punks life and title run an afterthought yet he gets little blame its all Rock even though hes hardly there to "steal" or even "bury" Punk.

Its also wroth noting that Punk has been lobbying for this match for a long time, even Phil knows this loss will be the highlight of his career.
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