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Default Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm the biggest HHH mark in Canada probably , and I'll stop at nothing to bring up how many AWESOME matches Trips has had over the years (just the fact that I feel he's been the BITW since 2000 kind of backs up that whole MARK claim ) , but I still don't think 2000 HHH is the greatest year for a WWE performer ever. That distinction would go to Austin in 2001 , Who never went below *** 1/2 on PPV that year and had numerous top 100 matches of all time such as the Benoit matches, the Angle matches, the 2MPT tags , vs Rock , etc.

Personally, I'd put Foley/HHH and Jericho/HHH over anything Austin has done post Bret , but that doesn't stop my opinion that Austin in 2001 was complete GOD mode. Fuck, I'm not even a big Angle fan but I'll come out and say that that motherfucker completely OWNED 2003 alongside Brock.

Top Five Individual Years in WWF/WWE History

1. 2001 Steve Austin
2. 2000 Triple H
3. 1997 Bret Hart
4. 2004 Chris Benoit
5. 2003 Kurt Angle/Brock Lesnar
HM's. 2012 Punk, 2004 Guerrero, 2007 Cena, 1996 Shawn, 1997 Shawn , etc....

Another Trips related note. I personally think the guy went through two "in-ring primes" to be honest, his first obviously being the 00-01 pre-quad tear Trips. His second prime I feel started on that December night in 2003 when he took on Shawn (the match that made him care again IMO) and ended when DX reformed in 2006. In that period I believe that he was a top 3 worker the entire time, sometimes behind Benoit, sometimes behind Benoit and Guerrero, sometimes the best in the world.

My PPV ratings for that EPIC TRIPS RUN PT.2

RR 04 vs HBK : *** 3/4
WM XX vs HBK vs Benoit : *****
BL 04 vs HBK vs Benoit : *****
BB 04 vs HBK : ****
VEN 04 vs Benoit : *** 3/4
SS 04 vs Eugene : *** 1/2
UNF 04 vs Orton : ** 1/2
TT 04 vs HBK : *** 3/4
SS 04 Elimination Tag : ****
NYR 05 Chamber : **** 3/4
RR 05 vs Orton : *** 1/2
WM XXI vs Batista : ***
BL 05 vs Batista : *** 3/4
VEN 05 vs Batista : **** 3/4
TT 05 vs Flair : **** 1/4
SS 05 vs Flair : **** 1/4
NYR 06 vs Big Show : ****
WM XXII vs Cena : ****
BL 06 vs Cena vs Edge : ****

Other EPIC Trips matches during that time period ;

vs HBK Dec 03 : **** 1/2
vs Shelton Apr 04 : ****
w/Evolution vs Benoit/Foley/Shelton/HBK : ****
vs Benoit Mar 05 : **** 1/4
vs Benoit (Gold Rush) 05 : ****

Forgetting some of them, but oh well my point has probably been made by now. He had more classics in that time period than he's had since. He's fantastic as a part-time performer for sure and has a few classics left in him as evidenced by having two top 5 matches this year (despite wrestling two matches). He had alot of GREAT matches from 07-09 , but it seems as if he only produced a classic every now and then.

Trips' **** list post second prime and pre part-time work

NYR vs Rated RKO : **** 1/4
NM 07 vs Orton : **** 1/4
NOC 08 vs Cena : ****
SS 09 vs Legacy : ****
RAW 09 vs Cena : ****
SS 09 vs Cena vs HBK : ****

Triple H from 04-06 produced over twice the amount of classics that he did from mid 06-mid 2010. He's only wrestled in six matches since then, and here are the ratings ;

vs Taker WM XXVII : **** 3/4
vs Punk NOC 11 : ****
W/Punk vs Truth/Miz VEN 11 : *** 1/4
vs Nash TLC 11 : *** 1/4
vs Taker WM XXVIII : **** 1/2
vs Lesnar SS 12 : **** 1/2

Whenever he comes back, he delivers. There's my personal ratings that basically back up how I think Trips is awesome. Believe me... Or be buried.

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