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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Jotunheim View Post
then again, everything you said about nash offense is false, he was more like a slow retarded jellyfish that could easily be stopped by himself whenever he teared his quads, and I was a big fan of nash, but instead of being a complete idiot you have to admit what is true, Nash wrestling skills were complete and utter garbage, and saying he can't be compared with punk who is miles ahead of him wrestling wise because nash is bigger is utter horse BS, he sucks and sucked in the rin, punk did not, period, there's no other way to say it
DAT INTERNET BAD ASS Fuckin' Jotunjobber is apparently really serious about some Kevin Nash opinions, Jesus.

Nash is underrated. I prefer giants in my matches as opposed to the Benoit & Angle workers of the world. Unless it's strong style. Nash worked fine for what he was trying to do. Was he the best? Of course not. But he was far from the worst, like people want to act like.

I guess I'm just a "complete idiot" for not acknowledging that Nash was a "slow retarded jellyfish" that "teared" (sic) his quads. What was I thinking!?

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