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Re: Atheists

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Nah, this became boring. Gandhi already proved in this thread that he has no idea about the Bible just like he proved in the past that he has no idea about the Islam and obviously also no idea about Atheism because he thinks too much about hell that actually should not exist for him. It makes no sense to talk with him about that
He should stick to posts about necrophilia, at least he knows what he is talking about
Sure it became boring

You've done nothing but run away from everything I say simply because you can't reply for shit.What I proved is that everything you say is bullshit and you like a child won't admit you are wrong.I proved to you that Jesus supposedly agreed with the horrid rules of the Old Testament,I proved to you some religions do have violent horrid verses.You are like a kid who won't admit he's wrong,Grow the fuck up you sad excuse for a human being and be a man for once and admit you're wrong instead of making a fool out of yourself.

And and another thing,I've admitted that necrophilia is wrong because I was given good arguments by a certain user.You see I saw there was no point in denying that I was wrong,And unlike you when I know I'm wrong I admit it I don't act like a stupid kid like you.

You are a dishonest person and a coward,Its sad really seeing people older than myself be as stupid and childish as you are.

Originally Posted by BULLY GRINCH View Post
I'm agnostic.

No,Nobody should have a problem with somebody being an agnostic really.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Nah, I decided to don't post in this thread anymore. A bunch of Atheist who use "God LOL LMFAO ROFL" stupid GIFs and 15y old girls talking on YouTube as their only arguments.
I suggest that you ignore this thread because nobody would admit anyway that you are right. You could post the best post in the world and you would get a "LOL stupid" response.
Don't bother, half of them are probably keyboard warriors who will go to church on sunday
You've decided not to post in this thread because you've been raped in it and shown to be an idiot.Nobody is going "OMG GOD LOL" but a few and the many who aren't posting things liek this are people you can't reply for shit to.Keep running away pal.
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