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Re: Atheists

Atheism just doesn't reject God, it rejects Religions that adhere to a God, the same God we reject. Does that make sense yet? How many years did they write about Jesus, who were these men? So, you'll take their word that Jesus even exist even though real Atheists reject the notion that a man named Jesus who believed he was the son of God, born unto the Virgin Mary. Atheists don't believe such a person exist. Nor do they believe that Moses led the Jews out of slavery, there is no real historical evidence to suggests such an even occurred at all. This Earth has been flooded many times, and there is no way current cultures could accurately depict any "Great Flood" back then because no one would have survived. There was never a man named Noah who built a massive boat at the request of God. The idea is not plausible. Quit taking out ideas in order to suit yourself.

Don't give me this, "Well a man named Noah could have existed". Atheism rejects anything to do with, or in association with God. There is no creator. Nor was there a virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus, with 3 Kings as witnesses. Nor, did this man Jesus ever exists. People were frustrated with being oppressed by the Romans who did not take a liking to non-Pagan Religions. Jews, and Christians were thought to be "Atheists" themselves by the Romans. However, that is probably way to much for you to handle so I will keep this simple. Christianity came from Judaism, and there was plenty of religious movements going on at that time involving the rise of Christianity, so it's no surprise one could come up with a story about some guy who is the son of God. It never happened. Jesus was never crucified, because he never happened. Not to mention most of what was written about Jesus came after he died 100 yrs later.

You can admit that Jesus exists, and still call yourself Atheist though. You have any clue as to how stupid that even sounds? Keep fooling yourself, and thinking that you are Atheist. Naturally you are just a fool with the notion that you know what you're talking about, but ironically enough you don't. Hence the reason you keep losing this debate. At this point this is no longer a debate, rather a lecture for you, from me. Have you even gotten, a paper, or pencil yet? Get with it kid, it's going to be a long ride.

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