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Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Wrong. I can believe in Jesus. I just don't believe he is the son of God or God in human form because I don't believe there is a God. Doesn't mean there wasn't an incredibly charismatic bloke called Jesus who had a lot of people believing his twaddle.

I can believe in Noah because many cultures talk about a great flood, even before the first scriptures of the Bible were written. I can believe there was a guy called Noah who survived it. However, I can't believe he was contacted by a God and actually put two of every animal (seven of some) onto a big boat and that's where EVERY SINGLE CREATURE ALIVE TODAY comes from. Consider all the different species of spider for example. There are thousands of them. Noah got two of all of them onto his boat? Yeah, good luck convincing me of that.

You still don't understand my counter argument. Maybe you do, but your Christian ignorance won't let you accept it.

Atheism is a simple concept. It rejects the belief that God exists.

That is all.

And that is all.
I'm sorry you're the first person that I have met that is ok with saying that Jesus Christ is real, and then call themselves an Atheist. So you are a closet Christian? I'm still confused about you, Anark. Hmmm? You have the word Ark in your name? That's fishy? You are a closet Christian it's hidden in your name. Hence why you give credence to the mere existence of Noah's Arc. Do you believe Jesus walked on water, and cured the sick as well? Because people wrote about that the same way they wrote about his alleged "real life". lmao. You should do stand up comedy. Your stupidity is atrociously hilarious. Bravo, bravo, bravo. Indeed sir you have your PhD in the "Fine Arts of Foolery". Face it, you're Agnostic.
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