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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
edit- I'll probably do a shitty version of a top 5 for each year later today when I can be arsed.
I look forward to reading it in the New Year

Christian vs Drew Mcintyre (5/31)

I thought it was comfortably below their 2010 encounters and in that respect I was a tad disappointed, but it was still good. Didn't like the early beginning of the match as it seemed a little disjointed and meandering, but everything after the transition spot was what we expect from both. Mcintyre was awesome controlling Christian and having a counter for everything Christian tried to regain momentum and Christian was great piecing together a comeback and in the finishing stretch. That being said, I found Drew's arm work from the 2010 series more engaging, and Christian was far better in the 2010 encounters as well selling wise. I also really hated the setup to Christian's comeback, where Drew caught a boot coming off the top rope. That's always stuck out as the most blatantly lazy transition spot to me and I was disappointed someone as good as Christian at building a comeback didn't come up with something more original/creative.

The spot where Christian goes to spring off the turnbuckle only to catch a punt to the ribs from Mcintyre was probably the spot of the match to me. It was timed so well in the context of the match that it came off as Mcintyre being on his game and having Christian scouted. Which again makes it disappointing that we didn't get as good a payoff with Christian finding a way to outsmart Mcintyre.

Quick attempt at a top 5 2000-2012 (gonna be brief on a couple of years because I can't remember much about the year)

HHH vs Chris Jericho - Fully Loaded Last Man Standing
HHH vs Cactus Jack - Royal Rumble Street Fight
HHH vs The Rock - Backlash
HHH vs The Rock - Judgement Day
HHH & The Radicalz vs The Rock, Cactus Jack & Too Cool - Raw Dallas

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle - Summerslam
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit - Smackdown Edmonton
Austin & HHH vs Benoit & Jericho - Raw
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit - Royal Rumble Ladder Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Benoit - Raw or TLC III - Smackdown

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker - No Mercy
Brock Lesnar vs The Rock - Summerslam
The Rock vs Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania
Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle - Summerslam

(I remember feck all about 2002. Didn't care for HHH/HBK, EC, Rey/Edge vs Benoit/Angle)

Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri vs World's Greatest Tag Team - Smackdown (5/22)
Kurt Angle vs Undertaker - Smackdown
Brock Lesnar vs Chris Benoit - Smackdown
HHH vs Shawn Michaels - Raw San Antonio
Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri - Smackdown or Brock Lesnar vs Big Show - Judgement Day Stretcher Match

Eddie Guerrero vs JBL - Judgement Day
Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero - Great American Bash
Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Edge vs Randy Orton, Ric Flair & Batista - Raw 6 Man Elimination Tag (6/14)
Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton - Summerslam
Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack - Backlash or Eddie Guerrero vs Big Show - Smackdown (4/15) (one of my favourite matches in company history)

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - Smackdown (6/23)
Batista vs HHH - Vengeance HIAC
Chris Benoit vs William Regal - Velocity (7/15)
Edge vs Matt Hardy - Unforgiven Steel Cage
Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - Great American Bash

Chris Benoit vs Finlay - Judgement Day
Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton - Smackdown 4/7
Chris Benoit vs William Regal - No Mercy
Kurt Angle vs Undertaker - No Way Out
Chris Benoit vs Finlay - Smackdown 5/5

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania
John Cena vs Umaga - Royal Rumble Last Man Standing
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels - Raw London
Matt Hardy vs Finlay - Smackdown 6/22
John Cena vs Randy Orton - Summerslam or John Cena & HBK vs Undertaker & Batista - No Way Out

HHH vs Jeff Hardy - No Mercy
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio - Armageddon
CM Punk vs William Regal - Madison Square Garden House Show
John Cena vs Randy Orton - No Way Out

(again 2008 is a blankspot. Don't think much of Jericho/Michaels and really any other match would just be added on for the sake of adding it on. Last watch I liked Cena/HHH NOC but I won't add it just to make a top 5, especially as I'm thinking I've forgotten a match I'd have over it).

Christian vs Jack Swagger - ECW 2/24
CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy - Smackdown Loser Leaves Town Cage Match
Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels - Raw
Christian vs William Regal - 8/25?

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio - Smackdown 2/12
Christian vs Drew Mcintyre - Smackdown July
Daniel Bryan vs Miz - Night of Champions
Sheamus vs John Morrison - TLC

(special mention to Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger from Smackdown in June. Was #5 until I was reminded of Sheamus/Morrison and how I impressed I was at how good a singles ladder match was without being relient on a huge number of choreographed spots).

John Cena vs CM Punk - Money In The Bank
Christian vs Randy Orton - Over The Limit
John Cena vs Rey Mysterio - Raw
Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan - Smackdown Live Steel Cage
Chris Masters vs Drew Mcintyre - Superstars May

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar - Extreme Rules
Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus - Extreme Rules
Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk - Over The Limit
CM Punk vs Mark Henry - Raw 4/2
Dean Ambrose vs William Regal - FCW 7/15

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