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re: TantruM Presents: WWE 2007 - Rejuvenating Nostalgia

Ah yes, the first show. It was extremely fun to make this show and I hope that you guys like it. Haven't had any feedback in the thread itself but I was repped and been chatting on MSN and I know that I have some readers . The section seems a bit slow and I hope that changes within the coming season/year.

It's a great honor to be back into the swing of things, I don't have as many shows as I thought I'd have done by now but with hockey keeping me held up it's a bit difficult to find time to write. This one is in a short recap format that is similar to KOP's, I really liked the way his was set up. I hope to write in full in the future. I am open to any criticism or feedback, I'd love to produce what you guys want to see! But enough blabber, here is the show. ~EnJOY!


Monday Night RawApril 2nd, 2007
Nutter Center; Dayton, OH

Just 24 hours after the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment, Wrestlemania 23, Raw kicks off highlighting the event. It shows Randy Orton defeating 7 competitors from both Raw and Smackdown in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, being once again in the spotlight. It shows the poor millionaire head of one Mr. McMahon being shaved by Donald Trump, Bobby Lashley, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Melina defeating Ashley was also briefly visited, but last and certainly not least, John Cena defeating the Heartbreak Kid after an intense and classic match. The crowd goes absolutely berserk as we enter the Nutter Center for the first RAW of the new wrestling season, Pyro and the titantron of the per-usual Monday Night Raw show. We are then greeted by J.R. and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler who go over last night’s events and also remind us Backlash is coming!

The “Wrestlemania Fallout” edition of Monday Night Raw this week opens with quite an appearance of, still, WWE Champion John Cena. Cena comes to the ring and simply states that “The Champ is still here”, and talks about how Michaels was a worthy opponent but he just couldn’t pull it out. This gets a mixed reaction from the crowd of course. This invokes Michaels down to the ring, and he talks about how last night’s match wasn’t about a feud, a rivalry, two brothers colliding, or anything of the sort. It was simply about winning, which he wasn’t able to do. Michaels says he wasn’t happy with how last night’s match had ended, and he’d like a rematch. Cena goes on to say that Michaels shouldn’t get a rematch as he already faced Cena and lost. Now Orton is summoned to the ring, to a sea of booing and jeering. Orton proclaims that last night, both of them had one opponent, in a regular match. He stated they just had to beat each other fair and square in a normal match, and that he on the other hand had to beat out 7 other competitors in a ladder match. He says that if anything he should be in the title hunt and he isn’t being recognized widely enough for his talent. Jonathan Coachman walks out on stage abruptly and interrupts, saying that he doesn’t like all this arguing. He says that Orton isn’t wrong and neither is Michaels, and he proposes a proposition; tonight, it will be Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels to see who will face John Cena for his prestigious WWE Championship at Backlash. Cena nods his head and smiles as he agrees, Michaels and Orton stare each other down as we fade to black, inducing a commercial break.

Back from the break now we see a jobbing women’s match between Melina and Torrie Wilson, with Ashley doing commentary. The match didn’t so much focus on the in ring competition as it did Ashley’s commentary as it would seem. Ashley talks about how last night she was screwed over and deserves a rematch. She says that she wants retribution. Inside the ring you see Melina hit her famed inverted DDT, which would for sure end the match with her as the victor. She rolls up for the pin but Ashley comes in and stomps Melina on the back of the head, breaking the pinfall and calling for a disqualification. Torrie now goes up the ramp, holding her head as Ashley keeps stomping and stomping, pummeling Melina to a breaking point. Melina lies there seemingly lifeless as Ashley goes and gets the Women’s Title and holds it over Melina’s distraught body.

We pan out from that scene to see backstage a bald Mr. McMahon walking through a long hallway filled with equipment and staff, some trying to hold in a laugh, and some just staring at the odd “doo-rag” on the head of what we all know now as a no-haired chairman due to last night’s events. The chairman’s discomfort is palpable, but is now turning into anger. He is met by a running Armando Estrada coming from off camera, yelling and pleading that the chairman doesn’t get mad or punish him or Umaga and that is wasn’t their fault. He goes on for a few seconds with no breaks as McMahon stands in sorrow and agony. McMahon softly and calmly tells Estrada he doesn’t want to talk to him or anyone at this time, but that he will have revenge on Bobby Lashley. You finish with McMahon walking into his office alone and shutting the door. We then go out to J.R and Jerry Lawler who say that that isn’t the usual Chairman we’re all used to.

We are then moved to a shot of Todd Grisham who says he is standing by with “The Champ” John Cena, who looks quite happy as always. The interview of course is to ask Cena about what he thinks about the match tonight between The Viper and The Heartbreak Kid. Cena says he’s looking forward to it and he isn’t too worried. He states that he will in fact be watching the match tonight, as you could suspect. The Champ also says he’s beaten HBK before on the world’s biggest stage, he can do it again. He claims that he’s got Orton all figured out, and he knows exactly how to play Orton. He finishes the interview off by saying he hopes it’s a fair contest, and let the best man win. Before he can leave Orton walks in and says that he WILL be winning this match, he has a few tricks up his sleeve, and they try and 1 up each-other with their words as Orton finishes the promo with the line “You’ll see Cena, you’ll see” as he turns and walks off as Cena looks off in that direction with a curious and confused expression.

We return to the ring to see the previously announced tag team bout between the World Tag Team Champions, The Hardyz, Matt and Jeff, and The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The Hardyz would manage to pull out the win even though the night before at Wrestlemania they were both nearly torn in half. In the closing seconds of the match and in a last resort effort by the Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade tries to cheat his way to victory. Murdoch was down for the count after Matt Hardy hit a devastating clothesline and was going for the pin, Lance Cade entered the ring. Jeff scrambled across the ring and tripped up Cade with a leaping two footed kick to the face, and went to the top rope as fast as he could, jumped and nailed a Swanton Bomb! Matt then kneed Murdoch in the sternum and hit a twist of fate to end it after pinning the fallen redneck. Matt and Jeff were given their belts back and held them high as Murdoch and Cade mercifully made their way up the entrance ramp, holding their stomachs, necks, and all other targeted body parts as we head to a commercial.

Back from the break, a short little video is shown to hype the Backlash ticket sales, showing last year’s Backlash moments including the insane triple threat match put on by Edge, Cena, and Triple H. It says that you can’t escape the Backlash, no matter how hard you try. It then has many superstars wrenching in pain, really putting in perspective how bad things can hurt in the industry, especially at a pay per view right after Wrestlemania.

Vince McMahon’s music hits as the crowd goes crazy because of his predicament. His head shaved bald he is quite distraught, looking around the arena with a face of sadness. He gets on the mic only to say that he is quite sad and upset about last night’s events, and that Umaga had quite simply let him down. He says he can’t rely on others to fight his battles for him and that he is going to have to handle this personally. He says that he needs to man up and take on Lashley man vs. man. He challenges Lashley to a match one versus one at Backlash. Lashley of course comes out and says that he accepts the challenge, and begins to walk off. Vince says not so fast, and that he has a match that starts right now! Lashley is not happy with the news, but is luckily dressed for the occasion. McMahon orders him to get down to the ring immediately, which he promptly does although unwillingly. McMahon goes back by Lawler and J.R. and sits in a chair at ringside to see what he has to go up against at Backlash. Lashley waits for the music to boom so he can tell who his opponent is, and it’s THE GREAT KHALI. Lashley looks on in somewhat of horror as McMahon leans back and puts his hands on the back of his head, smiling kicking his feet out and crossing them, looking as relaxed as ever. J.R. now goes on about how diabolical McMahon is by setting Lashley up to be ended before he is begun for Backlash.

Bobby Lashley put up a great fight, but he couldn’t finish it off against the monstrous “man”, if you can even call him one, The Great Khali. Lashley was doing fine and dandy in the beginning but after being chopped in the head a few times he was getting woozy. We all know that Khali’s wrestling skills aren’t really… well… wrestling skills; he’s more of a fighter. Khali does however manage to finish Bobby Lashley off with a gigantic and thunderous choke slam, and then only needing to cover with his boot on Lashley’s chest for the victory. McMahon is now clapping at ringside and he hops into the ring and stands tall over the seemingly physically lost Bobby Lashley. McMahon smiles and sticks his hands in his pockets with the greatest smile on his face.

We are taken backstage now to a split screen of Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton walking down hallways getting set for their match here in our main event. Both superstars look confident, tough, and ready to go as we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break we had a stunner of a main event; Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton would be very hard to be a disappointment as it would seem both competitors really wanted that WWE Championship belt around their waist. The match had a very interesting turnout to say the least, with an unpredictable ending to the first show of the new “wrestling year” being a day after Wrestlemania. In the closing seconds of the match, Shawn Michaels had Orton down as he tuned up the van for his patented Sweet Chin Music. Orton stood up and turned but ducked under the kick and ran out of the ring towards the entrance ramp. Orton looked at the stage and started to wave his hand towards the ring. From the stage, Edge comes out of the back! J.R. and The King talk about the fact that he was almost broken in half last night by Jeff Hardy’s leap off of the ladder and they are astonished he is here. Orton and Edge embrace and walk down to the ring as Shawn Michaels looks down at them in confusion. After all, they had just had a match together last night against each-other for the Money in the Bank briefcase, Orton of course winning. Orton slides into the ring as HBK and The Viper go at it for a little while longer as Edge sits at ringside. We then get a split-screen showing John Cena looking on backstage now standing with his arms in the air, seeming confused as well. The split-screen ends as Michaels and Orton go at it for a bit longer, but HBK gets The Legend Killer down once more as he tunes up the band! Shawn goes for it again, but Orton ducks out of the way, grabbing the referee! Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music… But it’s on the referee as Orton throws him in front as a human shield… The referee of course falls, down and out. The Heartbreak Kid turns around only to be RKO’d by Orton! Orton goes for the cover! 1…2…3…4… The referee is still unconscious! Orton now frustrated drops Michael’s leg and sits up, releasing the pin. The Legend Killer gets up, grabbing his head in agony as he seems to have an idea. He backs into the corner as if he is going for “The Punt”, which would surely put Michaels on the shelf for a while! Orton waits for HBK to reach his knees… He sprints at him… BUT EDGE SPEARS ORTON?!? Orton’s down as HBK looks at Edge in amazement! The referee is now to his knees, Edge now out of the ring walking backwards up the stage to see what unfolds. The fans are now having mixed reactions about this as they are confused as well! They love to see Orton lose, but they certainly do not like Edge. Anyways, Michaels gets the referee as he goes for the cover! 1…2…3! Shawn Michaels has done it! The Heart Break Kid is the new number one contender for the WWE Championship! Michaels stands using the ropes for balance as he looks up at Edge in confusion, Edge looking back with a dastardly, vile look on his face, still seeming fixated on Orton. J.R. and Jerry Lawler freak out screaming and yelling in confusion for what just took place as we fade to black.


Quick Results:
Melina defeated Torrie Wilson via disqualification
The Hardyz defeated The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pinfall
The Great Khali defeated Bobby Lashley via pinfall
Shawn Michaels defeated Randy Orton via pinfall



Date: April 29, 2007
Location: Philips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Official Theme: “There and Back Again” by Daughtry feat. Brent Smith

WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. John CenaŠ

Grudge Match
Vince McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley

The rest of the card to be announced…


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