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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
This is a fucking joke. I love C.M. Punk. One of my favorite guys in all of WWE & I followed his career all the way through the Indies but this title reign has not meant dick & when he does lose the best, people won't give two-shits & Punk will just fall down back to the midcard. I have no doubt in my mind that a year-long reign was some sort of clause in his contract or some shit at this point. None of his wins have meant anything & the length wouldn't even be obvious to anyone if Punk himself didn't talk about it to try to get it over. He has not added any prestige or credibility to the title. When he was a babyface title holder, he played second fiddle to John Cena. Now as a heel, he's just another coward that runs his mouth. No one gives a shit.
You are wrong. Holding the belt for 381+ days in this era is simply ludicrous. The only person to hold it for just as long is John Cena, and he is this generation's top star. And Punk passed him too. Do you really think they would have him hold the belt for a year without having future plans for him? He's going to be in the main event for a very long time once he drops the belt.

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
The problem is the filler, why we need that extra hour? to see those random ADR and Sheamus matches?, you know I'm probably biggest ADR fan on this forum and I'm tired of him appearing on RAW, he should just wrestle on SD and may appear on RAW backstage short segments with Rosa.
I agree. ADR is a failed experiment and needs to stop being pushed.

Originally Posted by Perfect.Insanity View Post
Let's review the spoiler for the upcoming Smackdown:
To be honest, I don't watch Smackdown. I haven't in years. Ever since the brand split ended it's relevance has deteriorated to being simply a filler show. Raw is the main show thus I make all my conclusions based off it.


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