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Re: Punk And Miz DO NOT LIKE eachother!

I think some of you guys had unrealistic expectations from that segment or are just trying to bury the Miz because you don't like him or your hero might not like him.
- The segment is NOT Miz vs. Punk. It was centered around the lie detector test and finding out the truth about Punk/Heyman/Shield/Maddox. A verbal battle between Punk/Miz would take away from that and would be counterproductive. Punk's role was to be annoyed/pissed off about doing the test, especially upon hearing insulting questions, and fire insults at the host which he did well. It's debateable whether or not he went too far since some of the insults were legit as they were issues Punk has alluded to in the past in real life. The Miz's job was to hold his composure and keep the show rolling/get to the point, which he did just fine. If he was caught off guard in any way, then he played it off very well. Bottom line is expecting a current midcarder, in the face host role, to go back and forth with or outwit a main eventer he's not in a storyline with in that moment is unreasonable IMO. If anybody looked bad in the segment it would be Punk who clearly dug deep for his insults and got zero reaction while Miz got a huge reaction with a lousy mother joke which took no effort.
- The mother joke was obviously lame, but the delivery was solid and the sarcastic OHHH was even better as evidenced by the crowd and Lawler's reaction. It broke the tension of Punk's tirade and again, got a reaction which is the whole point. Cmon, anybody who watches wrestling with any sort of regularity knows that it's not always about the substance of a joke/catchphrase, it's the delivery and the reaction you get. Miz's own "I'm Awesome" line is a perfect example. It's super douchy but it's catchy and the crowd has been all over it for about 3 years now. If you're looking for intellectual battles and insults then why are you watching PG era WWE in the first place. I don't know why people suddenly had such an issue with that, other than to whine about Miz. Yeah the Miz's joke was lame but telling people they 'suck' and 'need to go back to wrestling school' is brilliant? Right....
- I would personally LOVE a heel punk/face miz feud somewhere down the line. I think they work great together, I loved the disgusted looks Punk was making when Miz was running his mouth in the first segment, especially when Punk thought it was his turn to talk and Miz kept on speaking. I think this feud would be 100x better than Punk/Cena and Punk/Ryback, especially in a setting where both are on the offensive. Punk would get the best in a war or words but Miz seems like he could hold his own better than most.
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