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Re: Got Laid off from my Weekend Job...

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
SO long story short, I was working for a Wells Fargo office on the weekends. Not one of the branch banks, but an office that processes & handles all the transactions and keeps all the information up to date. It was a temp position that was supposed to go until the end of the year and suddenly, this week, they terminated me and eliminated my position there.
its the end of the year...you're making a big shit about a temp job? Temp jobs are subject to be cut out at any time they desire.

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
I was told over the phone the day after I worked there while at my regular job during the week. The reason given to me was that I was a "auditing risk". What that means, I am still not fully clear on.
So was your position eliminated, or were you terminated? There's a distinct difference. It sounds to me like YOU were the auditing risk. No way in hell is a POSITION an auditing risk. Next time do the fucking job you're supposed to, and dont cut corners.

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
It was annoying getting this job as I had to do a full criminal background, and even had to go an office 40 minutes away just to be fingerprinted so I could be allowed access into the building. To make things worse, some of the people I worked with were assholes. And on top of that, my time cards from my last weekend there have not been approved, so they don't even want to pay me for the last weekend I was there.
Are you legitimately complaining about it being a pain in the ass to GET A JOB? You had a job, there's a few million people who would have fucking killed to take a 40 minute trip and endure a criminal background check to get a job. Everyone works with assholes, get over it. How fucking old are you? Seriously, you're whining about shit that so many other people in the workforce have no problem dealing with silently on a daily basis.

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
So yeah, gloves are off now. Can anybody give me any suggestions on how I can troll them? Nothing illegal, but I would like to get back at them in some way, shape, or form. I am already planning ot raise a stink about my last paycheck, but I'd like to hit them with something else.
I wont stop you from doing something retarded, thus effectively killing any chance at getting a good reference from them in the future. Burn the office down you dumb fuck, that should really show them a thing or two about firing an expendable cunt like yourself.
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