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Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Now read your post again and try to find out where did it all go wrong :shaq
You are exactly the person I wanted to get to respond. Perfect. What was wrong with what I said? I'm completely serious. There are many males in the United States who have to register as a sex offender because they had sex with a female 2-3 years younger than they are. I was making a point that many of you are just to afraid to admit. You never had a crush on someone older than you while you were a teenager? Give me a fucking break. What are you a Soccer Mom? I'm completely against anyone doing anything against their own will, but I am not opposed to, two people having sex.

I'll say it again. If I were 15 years old, and some college girl wanted to rock my world, I would do it. Why is this so hard for you to understand? Did you think when you were 15 that girls were nasty? If I were a female who was 15, and was sexually attracted to a guy older than me I would make the conscious choice to do what I wanted with him. Since when do I not have the right to choose who I want to fuck? Now, for the adult on the opposite end it's a different story.

However, that is not my point. I'm speaking on the behalf of myself when I was that age. You couldn't tell me that I couldn't have sex with a 19 yr old if I wanted to, and especially if they did to. No, I may not have been an adult, but I still had the capacity to understand what a fucking blow job is, and to know that it feels great. Why would I turn that down from someone that I am attracted to? No woman ever coerced me in to having sex with them, or brainwashed me to have sex with them.

At that age your hormones are going through the roof so yeah, having sex is practically normal by that point. It's having responsible sex that is the key. Maybe it's a culture shock for some of you that I loss my virginity when I was 13, and loved every second of it. I wasn't afraid, or nervous. I was proud, I felt like I became a man, and actually wanted my friends to know about it. The girl was 14, and I was 13. By the time I was 15-16 I looked like I was a sophomore in college. It was easy for older girls to think I was older than I was.

I was just under 6ft tall at that time, and a little more than 165 lbs. I didn't have a full beard, but I did have plenty of facial hair. If you think kids at this age aren't having sex, and doing all sorts of sexual shit with one another you are living under a rock. Do I think adults having sex with children is wrong? Yes. However, I knew what I wanted when I was a teenager, and I wouldn't so much call the older people I have slept with "perverts", or child molesters because they weren't.

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