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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by heelguy95 View Post
Seeing Ambrose being psychotic at TLC would satisfy me. However, someone mentioned they think the match will be a DQ finish.. how would that happen.. it doesn't make sense. I have a feeling that the babyfaces will crush and ruin The Shield, CM Punk will return and Rybitch will continue the feud..

If you're a fan of The Shield, how can this not urk you?
Maybe because they're heels, or because they've been attacking Ryback for weeks. How about the fact that they stood tall at SS and the following two episodes of Raw, or dominated a large majority of this weeks episode. Why wouldn't Ryback be included in this?

Ryback's in a feud with The Shield, it draws more attention to the alliance, and they get to wrestle their first match in a PPV main-event. This is a huge deal for Ambrose/Rollins (don't know much about Reigns), and I'm betting not one of them is sitting around mopping saying "Ugh, I hate Rybitch [clever, btw]. He shouldn't be in the match with us!". They're probably thinking "Holy shit! We just debuted and now we're wrestling the main-event of a PPV with the GOAT Daniel Bryan(!), veteran Kane, and an upcoming star Ryback."

The only issue is in the way the match is booked. If it's a hyper-competitive 15-20 minute match where it comes down to a one-on-one situation with Ryback and he pins one member - gravy. If Kane & Bryan are rendered useless because Ryback is destroying The Shield by himself - watered down gravy. One match isn't going to ruin The Shield, and if it does, it probably means that the 'E didn't have much planned for them in the first place.
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