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Re: Team Hell No & Ryback vs The Shield - TLC Match

I posted this in another thread but thought it would be relevant here too:

I'm not liking this idea for Ryback/Hell No vs Shield in a TLC match.

It's bad enough we have to not have a WWE title match, now we're not getting a Tag team Title match either. Seeing as it was the tag team division that made the TLC matches, i'd expect them to have a big match at the PPV which showcased the division.

Shield also attacked Miz and Orton, why not have Ryback/Miz/Orton against the shield in a tables match? Orton and Miz dont seem to have any feud's going into the PPV so its not like you're sacrificing anything with putting them in the match. This way you get ryback in a match, you can pay-off the storyline with him and the shield and it'll be in a match that's relevant to the feud (didn't we just have Vince and Vickie talking about how you need something to win in a ladder match re: Ziggler/Cena? Surely that applies to TLC matches too so why are we getting this only win by pinfall or submission bullshit?)

Put Hell No in a TLC or even a ladder match for the titles with PTP, Mysterio/Cara and Kidd/Gabriel. That could be the match of the night!

They could even have a heavyweight title match as the main event if they do what was described earlier on with having ziggler cash in on Sheamus/Show and win the title, think he's gotten one over on Cena and then Vince says that the main event will be a ladder or TLC match for the world heavyweight championship with Ziggler v Cena.

This way you get:

1. Ryback as one of the front and centres of the show like WWE want, in a match where they're not wasting talent and Miz and Orton have a good match to be in which will also be a fantastic showcase of the talent of The Shield. Could even have The Shield lose to fuel Vince's big man obsession as long as they take some good bumps and show they're not just jobbers.

2. A potential match of the night and classic TLC or ladder match for the tag team titles with Hell No v PTP v Mysterio/Cara v Kidd/Gabriel

3. A brand new main eventer in Dolph Ziggler and someone who looks formiddable as champ by winning the title and presumably defeating john cena in the same night.

I thought of that scenario in 5 minutes, with all the creative people they have there no-one thought of this idea or thought it would be a fantastic way of saving a most likely sub-par ppv? It just seems like common sense?...
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