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How to make Raw better??

The show has just not been good and it'a showing every week in the ratings. So what are your idea to imptove Raw beside's moving the show back to 2 hours?

Here are some of mine.

1.Give it more of a PPV feel to it. Stop having meaningless pointless matches that accomplish nothing other than killing time.

2.Have more championship matches and even title changes to let the fans know it can happen.

3.More surprises. Be unpredictable.

4.Have the top babyfaces be more edgy and have the heels get the upper hand alot more often than they have. The audiance loves cheering for characters who have to deal with adversity. Why root for Cena and Sheams when they always win as it is. It makes you want to root for the heels.

5.Push everyone who has something to offer. The show would be alot more enjoyable if you had 10 exciting characters to look forward to instead of 3.

6.I would also get rid of the rematch clause. Give us a different Main event feud after every PPV.

7.Cut down on the comedy acts and also stop with all the recaps. Do we need to see something replayed 4 times?

Also IMO I think the WWE champion should defend his championship every week unless he is injured. Now I know people will say well that makes the PPV match pointless. Well let the #1 contender have an automatic title match at the PPV but like they say the card is subject to change. I think it would be better if you don't know the main event of the upcoming PPV until the end of the final raw before the PPV event.
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