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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
It's not great but it's nowhere as bad as people make it out to be each and every single week in the RAW discussion thread.

Simply put there are some things on RAW that I like and things that I don't. There are the weeks when I enjoy RAW and then they are weeks when I didn't like it and found it a complete bore.
It always amazes me how easily you bash other non WWE shows when their not 100% perfect but then can defend WWE and their garbage whenever somebody has a negative opinion about it. No offense, but the problem with the WWE is people like you. People who continue to except mediocrity and look down on people who want to see the product improve because they know full well that the WWE is capable of producing a product that can blow us all away. Why would the WWE ever need to improve themselves when they have so many loyal fans like you who will continue to watch and gladly except whatever they put out?

If you think that the product is good that's fine because that's your opinion. You shouldn't complain when people say Raw is terrible because it really is that bad to some people. Take me for example. It's pretty much unwatchable with the exception of about ten minutes every show. That's just not worth the time to me. I say what I say because I know that the WWE is capable of more than what they are giving us. This is the same company that created the most entertaining era in wrestling history so don't give me the "it's a different time" or "the things that worked back then won't work today" bullshit either. The year or time has nothing to do with having "consistent title divisions, story lines that make sense, more attention to mid carders, ect. I don't make those excuses for them because I don't work for the WWE like some people on here think they do. If I'm not being entertained I don't watch.

It makes me sick when people try to downplay how bad the product today. It makes me even more sick when people tell other people to stop being so negative because this negativity is what's ultimately going to lead to the improvement of the WWE. The WWE is all over the net these days I'm sure the ratings declining and the negative vibe on the internet is showing them that their product in the wrong direction. Smiling and bullshitting with yourself about how the product is still good will get us nowhere.

Originally Posted by Elijah89 View Post
I honestly think the product has been good since mid to late 2010. People end up getting smarky and forget how to watch wrestling.
Everything you posted was fine until this point. People didn't forget how to watch wrestling. The WWE forgot how to create good wrestling. I would have never been a wrestling fan if the WWE produced this crap ten years ago.

No offense but I think people like you either don't know or forgot just how good the WWE was in the past.

.......waiting for usual "stop living in the past" post.

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