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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

I think it still sucks but this week's Raw was much better as compared to last few weeks. It looked like they actually planned the show and went with it. From start to end it was structured pretty well (not good in my opinion but better than the shit they have been pulling in the past few months).

As far as midcarders getting more exposure goes, I strongly disagree. Sure the fatal 4 way was a good match but I dont think they have gotten as much tv time or memorable storylines for the midcard title as they could have with the 3 hours. Remember the days when IC title had long rivalries with actual storylines and a payoff with some special matches (like ladder match) on Raws? Yea those days are long gone.

Tag team division is still a joke. Putting 2 mexican luchadores together, 2 black guys (one of which is useless) together, 2 puerto ricans together with no direction, motive or credibility is doing no good to the tag division. How original.. right? If anything it only shows the diversity in the WWE roster.

The only team that actually has chemistry and are charismatic is Kane and DB and the sole reason as to why that is goes to Daniel Bryan's recent popularity and Kane being a vet in this business and ofcourse with the time invested in them with the whole storyline with AJ and as how they became a tag team.


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