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Re: NFL Mafia - The Quest for the Lombardi Trophy - Night Two

Originally Posted by sXe_JOY~! View Post
You're a little confused, young Fitz

Whoa, language much? Such hostility, it'll add frown lines.


Thoughts from the day's exchange:

* Ziggler's will to self-sacrifice is odd. Yes, it may flip scum reads, but it also removes another townie from the group.

* Titania stalling on her target and then when a wagon forms on Roger reveals it was him, well, it's just a little too convenient for my liking.

* Kenny's past play shouldn't discredit his play in this game. Although the way the whole thing has been handled is just painful to read through.

* Rus getting lazy with the ads. Be original, muppet.

Unfortunate that it's night when I get on, hopefully reads can be better acted upon tomorrow and we prevent dat stalling and get something done. I'm highly confident in my list turning up pleasing returns.
i'm playing well, trying to do something constructive and all i get is "herp derp u faked results in previous game" or "you;re a muppet". is that all he has to say to anyone? thats all rush does he insults the player not the play.

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