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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DFUSCMAN View Post
Hog Wild and that tower of doom match are on nearly equal levels of shit. Hog Wild is just so boring, Hogan rolls out of the ring for what seems like forever and when the match does finally get started it's nothing special. Then the finish happens.

Tower of Doom is a match that makes no fucking sense at all. The entire concept of the match makes my brain hurt. WHY ARE THERE LEVELS? The gimmick doesn't make any sense at all and it's just a massive clusterfuck. The finish is the stupidest thing i've ever seen, the match is stupid, HATE HATE HATE this match. IT'S 2 ON 8 IN A MULTI LAYER STEEL CAGE. WHAT THE FUCK

Lower than a dud, negative stars

Almost WCW in a nutshell when it came to some things. (maybe more than "some")

That match is so bad that the next time a mutli-layered steel cage match happened it had David Arquette as the World Champion and it was LOADS better. That doesn't do it justice. It was 100,000,000x more bearable. It was actually a good match, imo.

Arquette didn't do anything, but miss a splash and screw DDP. While letting Page & Jarrett beat the snot out of each other. About as "smart" as WCW could have been in that situation.


Yep, the Hogan/Backlund match is boss. I <3 it so much.

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