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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Tower of DOOM is Trips-Steiner bad .... It's so awful that it's actually awesome. You get a degree of entertainment out of it that you don't get out of the average match. I'd rather watch Trips-Steiner than a ** 3/4-*** match that I'd forget about.

Remember watching that Hogan-Backlund match a while ago and thinking it was pretty damn good. Might as well throw in a bonus match review for y'all as I keep on trucking through this DVD

The Outsiders vs Harlem Heat (Halloween Havoc 1996)

I'm a big fan of Booker throughout his career. However, when it comes to Harlem Heat I was always a little bit iffy. This match was, in short.... Forgettable. I just watched it and I honestly have no fucking clue what happened in it. I remember a Harlem Hangover (AWESOME) , the Outsiders being super fucking over , and some typical NWO shenanigans leading to the finish. Scott Hall was probably the best in this match, as he actually took a few good bumps that made me pretty impressed with his work.

Surprising of course, because those with the guranteed contracts in WCW are usually guranteed to be complete trash. This match came and went with some solid bumping from Hall, but overall a very uninspired effort by both teams, dissapointing... Well, not really... It's Hall and Nash.



Syxx vs The Bounty Hunter (NWO Saturday Night 1996)

SO, Bounty Hunter is essentially a fat motherfucker who happens to be a jobber. This is a Syxx showcase in an empty arena of all places. This match is a squash done in all black and white, complete with Hall and Nash commentary, Dibiase ring announcing, and the like. It's pretty creative I must say, but how in the name of fuck am I supposed to review an empty-arena squash filmed exclusively in black and white ? Syxx OBVIOUSLY wins , and we get a promo afterwards.

Not rateable in the slightest, but an interesting concept and obviously included on the DVD to showcase NWO Saturday Night and the difference between NWO and WCW. I'm definitely glad I saw the segment for some reason, strangely entertaining

No Rating

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