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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Years with TOP matches better than 2012 : 1997, 2000, 2001, 2005

The Giant vs Hulk Hogan (Hog Wild 1996)

So, I saw this like two years ago and don't remember a damn thing about it other than it being completely horrible. I'm going to be optimistic about it this time. The bell ring and..... YEAH THIS IS BAD. REALLY REALLY BAD. They're moving like two sumo wrestlers covered in molasses out there, and the work being out in is even worse ; as I'm writing this Hogan has The Giant in what seems to be a 64 minute knucklelock. Hogan has the most uninspired offense I've ever seen in this match, just absolutely horrible.

I mean, the only moves Hogan uses in this match are as follows ; Knucklelock, arm-lock, back-rake X 678430 , punch, belt shot. WHO HAD THE BRILLIANT FUCKING IDEA TO GIVE THIS SO MUCH TIME ?!?!?! One of, if not THE worst main event singles match that I've ever seen. Of course we can't even get a good finish either, as the ending belt shot is so incredibly weak and unconvincingly horrible that I'm half ashamed to somewhat like Hogan. I mean, I feel bad for Giant because he was really green at this point, but as a supposed "ring-veteran" , Hogan should have been better than this... AND IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHORTER.

Avoid at all costs unless you're a super Hogan mark who has to see every single Hogan title change in history. Fucking bullshit.


Speaking of every Hogan match in history, check this ish out :


Homie has every single Hogan match he could find listed on there, and a TON of them have videos (some real goodies on there) . Check it out if you like rare matches , or you're somewhat of a Hogan fan in general. So many links on there it's insane ; wish we had this kind of site for Trips :hhh

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