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The Shield's intentions are still logical.

I didn't want to post this in the Shield thread because this has little to do with the debut, or hype surrounding them, but on there storyline.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are doing more damage to the Shield than helping them, especially with them both being faces now. They're acting as if the Shield's attacks have been senseless and I can understand Lawler, but Cole's explanations are hanging by a thread, which to a degree makes sense, but I'd rather he just not defend them at all, than make bad excuses. Maybe they're waiting for Ambrose to explain it.

Anyway, the Shield claim they have no affiliation with Punk and Heyman, and maybe in the end they will be will, but there claims of justice still makes sense.

Last week, when Kane faced Punk, and Kane was attacked, Cole's explanation was that Punk has beating Kane in title matches before. Well, that wasn't a title match, and the vote fiasco aside, the Shield claims they didn't like things being a popularity contest, but even closer to their motives is that Punk was facing an opponent that for most of the night he didn't know who he was going to face, and that's not "fair". They would've attacked Bryan, or anyone had they been voted. The continuous attacking at this point is a legitimate feud with them.

Same with Randy Orton, Brad Maddox had no clue who he'd be facing, let alone, the second most decorated former world champion on the current roster. They also could've felt that Brad Maddox came up through the development territories just like they have or anyone else on the roster, and while they understand tryout matches no one ever has there tryout match against a main event level competitor.

Then attacking the Miz during the lie detector thing, realistically it shouldn't matter if Punk is working with them or Maddox, because the matches Punk beat Ryback in (Hell in A Cell, and Triple Threat) are no disqualification matches. Now, that one may be a stretch, but more importantly if the Shield has no connection to CM Punk then they wouldn't know if he's working with Brad Maddox, and the Miz asked if Punk was working with both in the same question. A 50/50 answer would've still put Paul Heyman at risk. Heyman is not a wrestler, he's a confidant, and even then while it's expected for Heyman to know, Punk could've never told Heyman. If Punk was working with Maddox, without Heyman's knowledge, Heyman would still be "fed" to Ryback. That would've been an injustice.
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