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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

So finally saw Cena/Orton BP and well, I freaking loved it!

You know, on one hand I hate how PG means no blood (unless it's Cena/Lesnar of course) but on the other hand the policy against blading really forces wrestlers to gout there and be creative and not rely on high spots and the image of blood cascading down a wrestler's face to put over the match.

Orton's methodical offense just made this match seem so, I don't know, real. Like it just felt raw and nasty. The stops to Cena's head on the steps really made me cringe. The timing was just perfect. The shots from the kendo stick was nasty as well. And here is good ring psychology 101. I'm pretty sure we all thought Orton was going to hit Cena really, really slow with the stick. Well I did so it just made me jump when I saw him in a fir of range just beating the shit out of Cena with the stick. And Cena's selling. My God did it sound like he was in pain. Now that's how you sell!

The finish was just great. Seeing Cena hand-cuff Orton to himself and beat the crap out of him was just perfect timing. It was a well timed and well executed babyface comeback. And the power struggle for the key was the icing on the cake for me. Just some blind blowing psychology in this match.


Yeah, you read right. This match just had me hooked from start to finish and is one of the few matches that I legit bought into and sank my teeth into the entire time.

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