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Re: Kofi Kingston - future main eventer or endless midcarder?

Honestly who the hell really is all that impressive on the mic in WWE? let alone who really has all that great of a character?

For mic workers who I'd actually say are strong on the mic you've got Punk, Sandow (And getting better by the week) Barrett, Christian (When he has good material to work with)

Miz is decent to good but he's hit or miss.

Now of the current babyfaces in the main event, who exactly cuts great promos?

Sheamus? Nothing spectacular at all on the mic

Ryback? Same story, hopefully he actually gets better but right now his mic skills aren't good)

Orton? Can't remember anything memorable he's done on the mic as a face at all.

Even with mid carders, Ryder, Santino, Mysterio, are nothing special mic wise either.

For all the criticisms Kofi gets on his mic work, honestly for WWE standards he's pretty average. It isn't like alot of others are really turning out good promos either. Promos are pretty one note, basic and poor in WWE in general these days. Plus the same people who get after Kofi for having no character are the same who mark for guys like Rhodes, Ziggler whose characters are just as bland. Being arrogant and the typical "I want title, I'm better than you are. I'll beat you.... blah blah blah" are what the majority of WWE heels are these days. A showoff isn't an innovative gimmick that is the exact same thing that has been done 9000 times before in the WWE.

Anyways if they changed Kofi's gimmick slightly he could really take off, whose to say. Give him more though. Majority of the other guys on the roster have been given more to work with, more exposure that is the only difference as Kofi really hasn't. Start by giving him a storyline, not a meaningless title reign but an actual storyline to get people more invested in him as a character rather than a mid- card attraction. I think he has the potential to make it, reliable, over, credible, capable wrestler and not at all horrible on the mic. Time will tell if he's given a chance to do any more than he has been.

In 2012, Characters and promos are very shit in general in the WWE though. Kofi isn't the only person who "doesn't have character" and he's far from the worse case

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