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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Originally Posted by NoGimmicksNeeded View Post
Honestly, I only caught up and watched seasons 5 & 6 earlier this year in a row, avoided everything about them (I only knew Hanks was in it when I started watching) and I'd guessed it fairly quickly. I get fooled by every other twist, ever, but that one jumped out at me.

(as a side note, in fairness to the writers, I'm not convinced it was supposed to be a Shyamalan-style twist out of nowhere, which is why I think it seemed clearer than a lot of past moments where the wool was deliberately pulled over our eyes)

Anyhow, more than that particular storyline, I was referring also to the general vibes of the previous seasons. I never got the feeling I didn't know the vague direction the show was going in by the half way point - not what would happen exactly, but who the main antagonist would be, who'd be the one ending up on the table wrapped in plastic etc. With this season, I'm not even sure I'll know by the end of next week what'll be happening at the end. It's not necessarily a positive but it's refreshing.
Oh fair enough then my apologies. Its just my experience online was mainly that, people read reviews discussed it and it escalated to the point where a ton of people knew. And to me personally, the seasons that peopel hate on weren't as bad to me. Seasons 5 and 6 weren't bad but people kept hating on it and I just dont know why

Originally Posted by Mr. Christmas Joe Diffie View Post
Regardless of whether he figured Dex and Ike were working together, he did think Ike would be there. I mean it was a possibility to him. He pretty much threw caution to the wind and CHARGED. Not literally charged of course, but he might as well have.

Did the hit man wear a disguise when he bought the gun? No, so there were witnesses in that store. People saw his face. Who would ever want witnesses that can tie you to a crime? He still may never get caught, but why is he taking such a ridiculous chance? It's just not believable and acted as a stupid way for Dexter to kill him. It was just a plot device in the end. Maybe that hit man likes to LIVE DANGEROUSLY.

He doesn't have anything with Dex, but Dex was a witness TO A MURDER. Why would the guy take that chance that Dex wouldn't go to the police when he can just kill Dexter too? He wouldn't. He'd kill all witnesses. Dex wasn't killed simply because he's the main character and that's weak writing. You missed what I was getting at there.

After all this, why was Isaac afraid of these two hit men? They were shown to be grossly incompetent and Dexter killed them with ease. We know Dexter is a serious badass, lol not sure how or why he is btw he just is, so it should've been a decent challenge for him. But nah, they died easily. Perhaps it's possible Ike wasn't actually scared and he just wanted to see Dex in action. If so, I can abide that.

The episode was terribly written. If you accept bad writing, cool.
he thought he'd be there because he thought he'd follow Dex to kill him. Fairly simple, he made a mistake in underestimating Dex but honestly you can't think he'd know , no one would know

Why would he need to wear a disguise if you have false ID you dont need it.Hell, the hitmen had connections to the Ukraine so if need be they'd be on the next plane out to go back and disappear. They're well connected because you know they're hitmen and all. Don't forget,Dex has multiple I.D's too if he needs them he carries them in a black bag in his closet. Watch previous seasons where he rummages through because he thought he was going to get caught. What makes you think a pro wouldn't do the same? Also, maybe he was buying it from a place they extort ? Now thats probably a stretch but I think the various I.D. theory works out any problems

Dex is a witness to a murder but you forget that Issac told him that Dex was a killer and that it made perfect sense for him to work for the police and kill under their noses etc If Dex goes to the police saying that, they'd ask to many questions like why was he there with Isaac? Why was he trespassing etc etc Too much of a risk for Dex to take he knew that. It makes perfect sense

I think you're making too much of a stretch to say they were incompetent but afterall Isaac was cut off of all luxuries and weapons. Meaning he'd have to fight 2 guys with weapons.

Its rather simple, you're just making it difficult
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