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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw
26th September 2011
Mohegan Sun Arena – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Raw starts this week without the opening video package and straight into the arena where the camera is focused onto the ceiling of the Mohegan Sun Arena and the thing that is captivating everyone’s attention right now is that the Hell in a Cell structure is hanging above the ring, ahead of the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View event this Sunday. The cameras though cut around the arena for that sweeping shot meaning someone is about to come out...


There’s a loud reaction inside the arena, a mix of both cheers and boos for the incomparable John Cena who explodes out onto the stage and starts waving his arms about and running around the stage to try and pump up the fans. Cena though slows down and pauses before the camera and says off the cuff, “Man that thing is HUGE!” before he starts to walk down to the ring as opposed to running. He holds his arm out for the fans to touch and grab as his eyes are focused solely on the structure he is set to step into in six night’s time.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw! We have John Cena starting things off for us tonight and can you see what he is focused on, King?

Jerry Lawler: John Cena is going to step inside Hell in a Cell for the second time this Sunday against Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship! That match is going to be huge.

Michael Cole: Cena announced that he was cashing in his one-on-one rematch clause for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell last week after he defeated R-Truth in our main event.

He stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks quickly at an extremely excited kid in the front row clad in Cena gear with a sign saying ‘JAM CENA’. Cena then pulls a wristband out of his pocket and tosses it into the boy’s direction which causes him to go crazy, which brings a smile to Cena’s face. Cena walks up the steps with the cell still his focus of attention and he steps into the ring, picking up a microphone as he does. Cena walks to the centre of the ring and salutes the fans as he waits for the music to cut out.

John Cena: Above my head... above my head is the structure that every Superstar in the back fears right down to their very core.

Cena looks around and nods before he carries along.

John Cena: The Hell in a Cell Match has seen some of the craziest moments in WWE History. Mick Foley flying off of the top of the Cell and through the announce table... Chris Jericho getting Pedigree’d onto the roof and his face being cut up... the ways to hurt your opponent inside Hell in a Cell are endless.

In a more serious tone than usual tonight, Cena now looks up and points to the Cell above the ring.

John Cena: For those of y’all that missed last week’s show, I announced that I am going to step inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday and challenge Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship.

That elicits a mixed reaction from the crowd, as some boo the mention of the champion but some cheer for the match.

John Cena: See, I might have only been in one Hell in a Cell match before and I may have lost that match but there is one thing that I have a lot more experience in than Alberto Del Rio... winning the WWE Championship.

Another solid pop.

John Cena: This Sunday I am going to walk into Hell in a Cell and I am going to kick Alberto Del Rio’s ass all over the Cell and I am going to become a 10-time WWE CHAMPION!

Cena livens up for the first time in the promo and he quickly calms down after that little outburst.

John Cena: Every time I have been WWE Champion I have been happy to put the title on the line at any place at any time...

Cena’s cuts a wry smile.

John Cena: Unfortunately the same can’t be said for ol’ Berty!

A mix of heat and laughs at that... a small ‘BERTY’ chant kicks up but it doesn’t catch on.

John Cena: Ever since he has become the WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio has taken the cheap way out every time he has defended that title. He won it by cashing in Money in the Bank after Kevin Nash attacked. He defended it the next night on Raw after Kevin Nash attacked. And at Night of Champions he defended it after... Kevin... Nash.... attacked.


John Cena: But the thing is, Kevin Nash ain’t gonna be able to get inside Hell in a Cell; hell, he aint even gonna want to; I’m not CM Punk!

That is met by a big pop for the ever popular Punk, but Cena nods his head and looks at the floor.

John Cena: What I’m tryin’ to say is that Alberto Del Rio needs to show the true heart of a champion if he wants any chance of leavin’ New Orleans with the WWE Championship and not the heart of a coward.

“OOH!” cries out the audience and Cena smiles.

John Cena: So Berty, next week on Raw... I’ll be standin’ in the centre of this ring with my title... and THE CHAMP WILL BE-


There is quite a lot of heat in the arena as Cena turns directly in the direction of the stage where the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio walks out with a smirk on his face, and the champion starts to make his way down to the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez is not present and neither is the sports car as they must both be being saved for when Del Rio competes later on. Del Rio is however dressed in his ring gear for his match with Zack Ryder tonight.

Michael Cole: I think Alberto Del Rio might have taken exception to a few of those comments made by John Cena about him.

Jerry Lawler: Alberto Del Rio is a proud man and he would not have liked hearing what John Cena was saying... as true as it was.

Michael Cole: I just think Del Rio knows that you got to do whatever it takes in order to succeed here in the WWE.

Jerry Lawler: There’s doing whatever it takes... and then there’s being a coward. Alberto Del Rio is a coward.

Del Rio laughs in the face at the ‘JAM CENA’ kid who looks upset after that. Del Rio also grabs a microphone as he reaches the top of the steps and he gets into the ring with Cena. ‘Realeza’ fades out and Del Rio smugly looks at Cena before he starts to talk.

Alberto Del Rio: John, I think ju’re mistaken... I’m not scared of ju and ju’re nine WWE Championship reigns.

Cena lifts an eyebrow at that comment.

Alberto Del Rio: And I’m not scared... of Hell in a Cell.

The fans boo that as Cena actually laughs a little bit at that statement.

Alberto Del Rio: So I’m not scared of defending my WWE Championship against ju inside Hell in a Cell. I’ve figured ju out, John Cena... ju’re not who people think you are.

Del Rio waves his finger at Cena before adjusting the belt on his shoulder.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju’re not this... unstoppable... hero that ju’re made out to be. I’ve found this out because I’ve beaten ju twice now, Cena! Ju’re not a threat to my WWE title, perro.

John Cena: I’m not a threat?

Alberto Del Rio: I’m going to beat ju again at Hell in a Cell just like I’m going to beat Zack Ryder tonight!

The fans pop loudly for the mention of Ryder and Cena even does a little fist pump.

Alberto Del Rio: The bottom line is, Cena, that I’m going to do what I always do at Hell in a Cell... I’m going to adapt to the situation in front of me and use it to my advantage.

The fans boo at that comment and now Del Rio looks up at the Cell over their heads and he points up towards it.

Alberto Del Rio: Bring it down, perro!

Del Rio lowers his arm and the lights in the arena dim slightly. Some spotlights shoot around all over the arena as the camera zooms into the ceiling... the Cell is coming down right now! The fans pop quite loudly for the Cell being lowered down towards both Cena who is in awe just looking at it and a very smug-looking Del Rio.

Michael Cole: Oh my! The Cell is coming down now, King!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know what Alberto Del Rio is thinking; locking himself in there with John Cena tonight before they face off at Hell in a Cell!

Michael Cole: I think he is just trying to show Cena that he isn’t scared.

The Cell finally lowers down and a loud pop rings out as both men are now trapped inside. Cena removes his cap and puffs out his cheeks at the size of the structure and Del Rio stands smirking at his number one contender.

Alberto Del Rio: This... doesn’t intimidate me, Cena-

John Cena: Well actually, Berty, it aint the Cell you should be scared of. You need to let what I’m about to say go right into your head so you understand me.

Cena takes a step forward, getting inside the champion’s face.

John Cena: Berty, I don’t quite think you understand what bein’ in a Hell in a Cell match is like. This Sunday when this Cell comes over the ring and me and you are locked inside of it... you’re not going to have anywhere to run, an’ you sure as hell aint gonna have anywhere to hide!

A big pop for that as the realism of the situation becomes apparent for Del Rio.

John Cena: So there’s nothin’... I mean NOTHIN’ stoppin’ me from walkin’ outta New Orleans as the WWE CHAMPION!

A strong pop now as Cena is right in Del Rio’s face... and the champion starts to smirk.

Alberto Del Rio: John, I know ju don’t like it when I say this... but it is my destiny to leave Hell in a Cell as the WWE Champion.

John Cena: Here we go again! Same old crap coming out of your mouth, Berty! Tell me, Mister WWE Champion... why is it your “destiiiinyyyy”?

Alberto Del Rio: John, it is my destiny because I am... smarter... than ju. But you... you already know that.

Cena goes to speak again but the fans start to boo heavily; but Cena doesn’t see Ricardo Rodriguez from behind!! Rodriguez piles into Cena after coming from UNDERNEATH THE RING! The two Mexicans start to stomp away on the #1 contender to the chagrin of the fans. Del Rio drops the title belt to the floor and he tells Rodriguez to bring Cena up. Ricardo gets Cena to his feet but Cena starts to fight back!! Cena nails Rodriguez with a right hand that send him flying but Del Rio comes from behind with a Running Enziguiri!!! Cena drops to the mat in a heap and he rolls out of the ring holding his head. Del Rio looks out to the crowd after taking out his challenger but he decides to follow Cena out of the ring and he lands on the floor inside the Cell. The champion grabs Cena’s head and he smashes it against the ring apron! Cena is in trouble now as Del Rio keeps hold of him but turns him towards the Cell!! Del Rio grabs Cena and charges forwards... and sends CENA HEAD-FIRST INTO THE CELL WALL!!! Cena bounces off the Cell and drops to the floor holding his head in pain as Del Rio stands over him with a satisfied grin on his face.


Michael Cole: Oh My! What a statement made by Alberto Del Rio! He does not fear John Cena and he does not fear Hell in a Cell, what a champion!

Jerry Lawler: I’ll give the devil his due here... that was smart from Alberto Del Rio to have Ricardo Rodriguez hiding under the ring. John Cena has just had a small sample of what Alberto Del Rio is capable inside Hell in a Cell.

Michael Cole: You heard what Del Rio said! He is smarter than John Cena and he has just proved it!

Del Rio and Rodriguez have now exited the Cell and are backing up the ramp looking back at the structure with big grins on their faces. Cena is only just coming back to after taking those few shots to the head that rung his bell a bit. Del Rio absorbs the heat from the fans as he stands at the top of the ramp and holds his WWE Championship high up into the air as Raw goes off to the first commercial of the night.
*Commercial Break*

We return from commercial and it is instant heat around the arena as the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis is sitting on his desk reading some papers. Noticeably, Rey Mysterio’s mask is still perched on the GM’s desk after the events of last week. Suddenly, a man walks into the shot... we’ve never seen him before and Laurinaitis still doesn’t realise he is there. The man is dressed in wrestling gear with the United States flag on his trunk, and smiles as he waits for Laurinaitis to notice him.

Spoiler for The Smiling Man:
Its Consequences Creed from TNA.... the picture won't fucking work.

With Laurinaitis still not paying any attention to him, the man just goes for it.

Smiling Man: Hey... Mr Laurinaitis?

Laurinaitis comically drops all of his papers on the floor after having the life scared out him, and as you can understand he isn’t happy.

John Laurinaitis: Who are you and what are you doing in my office?

Xavier Woods: I’m really glad you asked that, Mr Laurinaitis. I’m Xavier Woods... and I’m the newest member of the Raw roster.

Woods holds his hand out to Laurinaitis as a show of respect, but Laurinaitis slaps the youngster’s hand away which causes Woods to frown a little. He looks back up to Laurinaitis who is irate at this point.

John Laurinaitis: I didn’t sign you to Monday Night Raw... so would you mind getting-

Xavier Woods: Mr Laurinaitis, I know that you didn’t sign me to Raw. I was signed to Raw by the new Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

A nice pop for Woods for having the balls to interrupt Johnny. Laurinaitis looks too angry for words at this point.

Xavier Woods: Well... I’m going to go and watch the rest of the show now... sir?

Woods looks a little confused at Laurinaitis’ lack of response amidst his rage... and he slowly walks out of the shot; keeping his eyes on the GM with a nervous look on his face. The camera stays on Johnny’s face as he glares in the direction of the way that Woods walked in.

We’re back into the arena now and Evan Bourne is making his way into the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he walks down the ramp. He has a look of concern plastered across his face however as everyone knows what he is about to get himself into.

Michael Cole: Well, there you have it, folks! Xavier Woods is the newest member of the Raw roster! I don’t think John Laurinaitis seemed very happy about our latest addition though.

Jerry Lawler: That is because he is no longer the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations! But I think what we’re about to witness could bring a smile back to our General Manager’s face. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Evan Bourne.

Michael Cole: Well everything that Evan Bourne is about to get is what he deserves. He opened his mouth last week and disrespected John Laurinaitis and now he’ll suffer the same fate as Rey Mysterio did last week. Evan has no one to blame but himself!

Jerry Lawler: For those that missed Raw last week, the newest member of John Laurinaitis’ Administration, Brodus Clay, made his debut and he has put Rey Mysterio on the injured list... indefinitely.

Bourne is now in the ring and he plays to a crowd a little bit as he bounces on the spot to try and get himself in the zone. His music fades out and there is silence in the arena now as Bourne braces himself for what comes next.


There is solid heat in the arena now as Brodus Clay storms out onto the stage with a smirk on his face. We can see on the tron as part of his entrance video there are splices of him destroying Rey Mysterio last week. Clay snarls as he walks down the aisle, paying no attention to the fans as he does, his eyes locked firmly on Bourne. Evan has his head in his hands as he now realises what he has gotten himself in to.

Michael Cole: Ha! Look at Bourne’s face! It’s only just came to Evan Bourne’s attention what he has signed himself up for; he said he wasn’t scared of Brodus Clay last week but I think he might have had a change of heart now!

Jerry Lawler: Rey Mysterio is Evan’s idol! Last week this brute Brodus Clay took him out... showing a total lack of respect!

Michael Cole: He was teaching Rey Mysterio a lesson! Rey went against John Laurinaitis, he defied him. And Brodus Clay solved that problem for Johnny. I don’t think Rey is going to be getting on Johnny’s bad side any time soon... I don’t actually think he’ll be doing anything soon! Haha!

Jerry Lawler: I’d just like to apologize to Rey and his family for those comments. Everyone here at the WWE wishes Rey Mysterio the swiftest of recoveries.

Clay gets into the ring and just smiles at Bourne who tries to look as defiant as he can. Clay lifts his arm up into the air to some more heat before he retreats back to the corner whilst the referee does his final checks. Clay’s music fades out and there is a loud buzz in the arena as the behemoth now hunches forwards and his hands are twitching at the thought of being able to prey on Bourne. The referee calls for the bell and Bourne slaps himself in the face to fire himself up.

Match One:
Brodus Clay vs Evan Bourne

The bell rings and both men stand still for a moment in their corners and Clay is almost beckoning Bourne to come for him. Evan doesn’t take the bait and waits some more for Clay to approach and sure enough the big man can’t help himself and he charges right towards Bourne in the corner but Evan gets out of the way! Clay stops himself from colliding with the turnbuckle but he can’t dodge the stinging kick to the back of the knee from Bourne! Big Brodus barely flinches from the kick and then Bourne comes in with another one! Clay now turns around and he grabs Bourne around the neck and throws him into the turnbuckle!! Bourne is trapped and Brodus starts to fire away with rapid right and left hands! Bourne can’t even begin to fight back but thankfully for young Evan the referee is forced to come and break it up. Clay backs off and Bourne starts to stumble forwards clutching his stomach and Clay scoops him up and splats him down onto the mat with a Scoop Slam!! Bourne’s back arches on the mat and the fans boo at the sight of Clay being dominant in the early goings of the match. Evan gets back up to his feet and backs back into the corner and Clay charges in and crushes Bourne up against it!!!

Evan stumbles out of the corner once again and Clay charges into the ropes and back towards Bourne.... and collides with a Flying Headbutt to Bourne’s chest!! Evan is turned inside out and Clay goes for a cover! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Bourne get the shoulder up to the shock of everyone in the arena and Cole says that is Evan was smart he would have just let Clay win the match right then. Brodus is not happy with the kickout and he puts his hand around Evan’s head and pulls him back up to his feet. He goes to put his head in between his legs to set up for the Powerbomb but Bourne is able to crawl through Clay’s legs and he gets out onto the apron. Bourne stands up and Clay comes bounding in but Bourne uses the ropes to kick his foot up and catches Clay in the side of the head!! Brodus stumbles back following the shot. Bourne charges over to the turnbuckle and he leaps right up onto the top rope. He jumps off of the top and connects with a Heel Kick from the top rope!! But Clay still doesn’t go down!! Bourne has a look of desperation on his face and he runs against the ropes and come back with a dropkick to the back of Clay’s knee that knocks Clay’s leg out and brings him down to a knee. Bourne now goes to hit Clay with a right hand but Clay dodges and he grabs Bourne with one hand by the back of the neck and lifts him up... planting him down on his face!!

The unique move from Clay leaves Bourne sprawled out on the canvas on his front and Clay gets back up to his feet as if he didn’t take any hits at all. Clay runs the ropes again and this time he drops an elbow down across Bourne’s back! Evan cries out in pain after the 350+ lbs is dropped onto him but he doesn’t have a chance to recover as the machine-like Clay brings him back up to his feet and Irish Whips him into the ropes. Bourne comes back towards Clay and Brodus elevates him up into the air... and catches him on the way down with a SAMOAN DROP!!! The fans cry “OOH!” at that as Bourne lies on the mat like a stone following that move but it seems that Clay is still.not.done. Obviously still brewing after the kickout before, Clay has a look of pure anger on his face as he grabs poor Evan and brings him up to his feet and puts his head in between his legs again. Bourne’s body hangs limp as Clay lifts him up with consummate ease... and he spins around in a couple of times and he plants Bourne with a SPINNING SIT DOWN POWERBOMB!!!! Evan lands right on the back of his neck and Clay pulls him back towards him and makes a cover...One...Two...Three!

Winner: Brodus Clay (5.53)


Clay gets up to his feet and has his arm raised in quick fashion by the referee as the official now calls for help from the back for Bourne who hasn’t moved a muscle after taking that sick move from Clay. Within a few seconds, a team of medics are once again charging down the ramp to check on Bourne. Clay looks down on the scene and smiles at the crumpled Evan still on the mat.

Jerry Lawler: Wow... I hope those medics are able to patch Evan up safely after that match. I mean, Evan was able to get a fair few shots in on big Brodus but they didn’t affect him one bit.

Michael Cole: This Brodus Clay is the real deal, King. If anyone out there doubted the power of the Laurinaitis Administration before he came onto the scene I am sure they have re-evaluated their opinion by now.

Jerry Lawler: I just hope that Evan Bourne is alright.

Michael Cole: He said he wasn’t scared of Brodus Clay and now he is facing the consequences of that; good riddance, he got what he deserved. Can we just look at that Powerbomb again please?

A replay is shown on the Tron of the finish of the match and Clay looks up at it with a smirk as the replays show the way that Bourne landed on his neck following the move. Clay drops down off of the apron and starts to plod back up the ramp as Raw goes to its second commercial.
*Commercial Break*

Backstage once more now and we see the smiling face of Matt Striker plastered on the screen as he is all ready and prepped for another ground-breaking interview.

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guests at this time are two men that will face The Awesome Truth this Sunday at Hell in a Cell... I give you CM Punk and Kofi Kingston!

There’s an extremely loud pop for that in the arena as CM Punk walks into the right side of the shot and Kofi Kingston appears on the left side of Striker. Both men appear to be in confident moods ahead of the big match this Sunday.

Matt Striker: Punk, Kofi, thank you for joining me at this time. Punk, I’ll start with you... Last week you were having a match with your friend Kofi Kingston and then The Awesome Truth attacked you both and announced that you and Kofi will team up to face them at Hell in a Cell. Where is your mind at heading into this match?

CM Punk: Well Matt I presume by you asking that question that you are referring to the fact that I have been focused on finding out why I keep getting screwed out of the WWE Championship by Kevin Nash?

The fans boo at Nash’s name being mentioned and Striker gives Punk a look to say “Yeah, that is what I meant”.

CM Punk: John Laurinaitis and his Administration seem to think that because I have been focussing all of my efforts on Kevin Nash that my mind might not be one hundred percent into our Tag Team Match this Sunday. Well the thing is gentlemen is that for the next six days, I’m moving Kevin Nash outta my head and I am setting my sights on The Miz and R-Truth.

A solid cheer in the arena for that; Kofi smiles at that.

CM Punk: Y’see, I have a good friend as a partner this Sunday and it isn’t fair on Kofi Kingston if I’m looking over my shoulder for a seven- foot senior citizen.

Kofi Kingston: Haha... I appreciate that, Punk. Matt, last week Punk and I were tearin’ it up out there and I was enjoying every second of it. What annoys me is that not only did the WWE Universe not find out how that match would finish... but I didn’t find out how it would finish.

Kofi smiles and Punk nods his head.

Kofi Kingston: But we can save that for another time...

CM Punk: Before we think of anything like that we do have some business to deal with this Sunday first. Hey Kof, I just remembered something!

Kofi raises an eyebrow and Striker holds his microphone a little closer to try and get an insight.

CM Punk: Funkman can’t know his WWE History because he put Kofi and I together as a team to face The Awesome Truth at Hell in a Cell... but we’ve done something that The Awesome Truth have yet to do; we’ve been Tag Team Champions.

A strong pop from the fans.

Kofi Kingston: And depending on how The Awesome Truth fares tonight... we could become two-time Tag Team Champions this Sunday.

Another firm pop and Striker clears his throat to indicate he would like to cut in.

Matt Striker: Kofi, you sound awfully confident considering it has been almost three years since you and Punk were Tag Team Champions, don’t you think-

Kofi Kingston: Matt, I’m gonna stop you there. My whole career people have underestimated me, and Punk can say the same for himself.

Punk nods at that.

Kofi Kingston: So now it is time for things to change; I want people to start to take Kofin Kingston seriously from now on. I’ve took Punk to his limits last week and I took Alberto Del Rio to his limits a few weeks ago on Raw. I’ve proven time and time again that I shouldn’t be underestimated.

Striker seems a little taken aback and Kofi continues his tirade however.

Kofi Kingston: So of course I’m confident that Punk and I will beat The Awesome Truth at Hell in a Cell. It is time for me to reach my full potential; and I’m startin’ at Hell in a Cell. C’mon Punk, let’s go.

Kofi seems a little annoyed as it appears that Striker has lit a fire underneath him. Punk hangs back for a moment and awkwardly stares at Matt.

CM Punk: I think you might have pissed him off a little bit right there...

Punk looks at the camera and shrugs his shoulders before following his partner off screen, leaving a very confused Matt Striker.


We’re back in the arena now and there is a decent level of heat for the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, who walks out wearing a jacket and trousers; not in action tonight. Accompanying him as usual as Vickie Guerrero who applauds her top client as he smirks out to the crowd, stroking the title on his shoulder. When they get to the bottom of the ramp they skip the ring and head towards the commentary booth. Once at the table they both take a seat.

Michael Cole: Yeah! We’re getting some real stars here on commentary tonight, King! It is the United States Champion along with Vickie Guerrero! Guys, how are ya?

Dolph Ziggler: I’m great thanks, Michael. We’re just out here to watch some great action.

Michael Cole: Ah so it is a scouting mission for the United States Champion and his beautiful manager, Vickie Guerrero. The winner of this next match will go on to Hell in a Cell this Sunday to face you for the United States Title.

Jerry Lawler: That isn’t the only reason they’re out here...

Vickie Guerrero: And what is that supposed to mean, Jerry?

King refuses to answer the question which could prove to be the wiser decision considering the last time he slandered a Superstar he was battered by David Otunga. All attention goes back to the entrance ramp and a familiar Scot’s face is plastered across the screen.


It was of course the gentle guitar chords that prelude ‘Broken Dreams’ by Shaman’s Harvest that everyone could hear that got everyone’s attention. There is more of a mixed reaction than anything in the arena for Drew McIntyre as he walks out onto the stage looking extremely smug and pleased at the opportunity he has been given. He nods his head in Ziggler’s direction before he starts to walk down the ramp.

Jerry Lawler: This is what I’m talkin’ about Vickie! I’ve never really seen eye-to-eye with Drew McIntyre but do you and Dolph really expect him to just lie down at Hell in a Cell and let Dolph pin him?

Dolph Ziggler: If he is smart, which he is, Drew will lie down for me on Sunday. He is being offered the opportunity of a LIFETIME.

Vickie Guerrero: Look at what I have done for Dolph; he is the United States Champion and a former World Heavyweight Champion. Drew’s career had fallen into the wayside but now he has the chance to experience the same kinds of success that Dolph has had.

Jerry Lawler: From what I sounded like last week, you two just needed some idiot to do your dirty work!

Michael Cole: King will you show some respect! Drew McIntyre should be grateful for what Dolph and Vickie are doing for him!

Vickie Guerrero: He will be grateful when he becomes one of the top Superstars in the WWE. Go Drew!

McIntyre gets into the ring and he points to the clapping Guerrero at the table and Dolph merely just waves a hand forwards towards him as he watches intently. McIntyre though gets straight back into his focus now as he turns to the ramp. The music fades out and Drew is now being booed by the fans. He smiles and focuses at the stage.


A very loud pop reverberates around the arena for the very over Alex Riley and he walks out onto the stage jumping up and down on the spot. He looks around the arena and shouts out to the fans before bounding down the ramp, his gaze locked on McIntyre in the ring.

Michael Cole: Well here comes Alex Riley; and he has previously had some problems with Drew McIntyre on WWE Superstars and tonight they get the chance to end this dispute live on Monday Night Raw. Dolph, what would you think of A-Ry facing you at Hell in a Cell?

Dolph Ziggler: Michael, you know that isn’t going to happen. I’ve seen Alex these past few weeks... yeah he’s been winning matches but anyone can do that against sub-par opponents. Drew McIntyre is much more than that.

Vickie Guerrero: Alex Riley is lazy; he does the bare minimum. He might be winning matches but he isn’t impressing anyone.

Jerry Lawler: Sorry, and when was the last time that Dolph was in a match on Raw? Lately it seems that all he does is talk and not compete.

Dolph Ziggler: I competed at Night of Champions and I’m competing this Sunday you idiot.

Riley slaps hands with the fans, and he fist bumps the ‘JAM CENA’ kid/guy which causes him to mark out once again. Riley gets into the ring and he jumps onto the turnbuckle to a good reaction and motions around his waist that he is gunning for a title; still riding off of the momentum he built up a few months ago after breaking off from The Miz. His music fades out and it appears that this #1 Contender’s Match is about ready to go!

Match Two:
#1 Contender’s Match – United States Championship:
Alex Riley vs Drew McIntyre

The bell rings and both men quickly meet in the centre of the ring with a lock up. They are pretty even as it starts out, but soon enough Riley starts to force Drew back into the corner. The referee comes in and breaks it up which irritates A-Ry. Drew takes advantage as he reaches over the referee and lands a stiff right hand that rocks Riley right in the face which knocks him back a few steps. McIntyre brushes past the referee and he follows up with a knee lift that causes Alex to fall stand back upright, even though a little dazed. Drew now grabs him, elevates him up and plants him onto the mat with a decisive Scoop Slam. McIntyre smiles at his early period of dominance and he backs against the ropes before dropping a shoulder across Riley’s neck. He goes for a cover and drives the forearm into Riley’s face...One...Tw-Kick out! A respectable pop as Riley kicks out to no surprise. Alex starts to get back up but McIntyre is right on top of him; laying into his chest with stomps that start to knock Riley away and into the corner. Guerrero starts to praise Drew on commentary and Ziggler just nods his head in agreement. Riley is now seated against the bottom and middle turnbuckles and Drew takes a few paces back across the ring. He measures the run up before charging in and smashing his knee right into Riley’s face!! A-Ry is knocked through a loop already in this match and we fade out to a commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Coming back and McIntyre is still all over Riley as he has him locked in what looks like a mean Abdominal Stretch in the centre of the ring. Riley yelps out in pain as he winces and tries to find his way out of the hold. McIntyre shows no sign of letting up on the hold as he yanks back on Riley’s head which causes the stretch to become even more severe. The fans whip up a “RILEY” chant for the very-over superstar who uses this to start forcing himself out of the hold. He gets his leg untangled from between Drew’s and he elbows the Scotsman in the ribs that knock McIntyre back so it is now just a rear headlock from McIntyre, but Riley uses his vertical base to back both himself and Drew into the ropes and A-Ry sends McIntyre into the ropes on the other side of the ring and he meets him with a Hip Toss!! Riley isn’t going full force as he is hurting from Drew’s vicious assault already. He waits on McIntyre to get back up again, before he runs through him with a clothesline!! The fans pop and Drew is right back up once again and he runs straight into another clothesline from Riley!! Alex is pumped now and McIntyre gets back up to his feet once again, and he swings for Riley but the shot is ducked and Riley lifts McIntyre up from behind.... and he walks over to the ropes; and he crotches McIntyre on the top rope!!!

Ziggler winces in pain just from seeing that, and McIntyre has his eyes widen open after that, and he falls to the side and OUT of the ring onto the floor where he holds his nether regions and tries to make his way back up to his feet with the help of the ring barricade. Riley starts to fire up the crowd in the arena as he bounces up and down on the spot in the centre of the ring whilst waving his arms up in the air to pump the WWE Universe up. When he sees that McIntyre is back up to his feet, Riley runs back against the ropes and he darts across the ring. He reaches the ropes next to where McIntyre is and he leaps over the top rope and lands on McIntyre with a Vaulting Body Press!! The impressive move has all of the fans in attendance on their feet popping hard for A-Ry, who motions around his waist one more time. He points at Ziggler before he picks Drew back up and rolls him into the ring. McIntyre rolls into the centre of the ring onto his back, and instead of sliding back into the ring, Riley jumps up onto the apron and he starts to climb up the turnbuckle! This isn’t Alex’s usual area of expertise, but he tries his best to get up onto the top rope and balance himself. After a little wobble, he stands up straight and jumps off of the turnbuckle now... looking for a Splash-But Drew got the knees up!!!

Riley is left holding his stomach once more and it takes a proper hit after falling from a great height right onto Drew’s knees. He doesn’t let it down to long as he bounces up against the turnbuckle and uses it to bring himself back up to his feet, whilst Drew uses the opposite corner to get back to his feet as well; both men have their eyes locked on the other. McIntyre is the first one to charge, btu Riley sidesteps him in his corner, but Drew stops himself from colliding with the turnbuckle. He turns around and Riley starts to score big time with some hard right hands to the face and head. The referee comes in again to stop Riley, and Drew takes advantage of it once again with a big kick to the mid section that leaves Riley keeled over in the ring. McIntyre goes over to him and quickly attempts to hook A-Ry’s arms up... Future Shock-NO! Riley turns out of it and McIntyre comes back and now Alex scoops him up onto his shoulders! There’s another communal pop in the arena and Riley sets up for the TKO-But McIntyre slides off of A-Ry’s shoulders! Drew pushes Riley forwards and he Riley stops himself and turns around... right into a Big Boot from McIntyre!! Alex is knocked flat out on his back and McIntyre wastes no time at all picking him up... and he hooks Alex’s arms up once more; and plants him to the canvas with the FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! There is a lot of booing in the Mohegan and now Drew goes for another pin, hooking the leg this time! One...Two...Three!!

Winner and #1 Contender for the United States Championship: Drew McIntyre (10:01)


McIntyre gets straight up to his feet with a massive smile on his face as he looks around the arena whilst having his arm raised by the referee. He even gets up onto the middle turnbuckle and holds his arms out to absorb the heat from the fans. Notably, Ziggler and Guerrero have gotten up from their seats and are both applauding McIntyre, but now Ziggler starts to walk towards the ring with his title in his hand. He gets into the ring and stares right at the jubilant McIntyre. Ziggler holds the United States Championship forwards and says “Don’t get any ideas this Sunday. One more thing and then you’re in”. McIntyre looks back at Dolph with a little hint of a frown but he then starts to smile as he realises that already he is ascertaining more success as he has just won a match cleanly on Raw. McIntyre looks right at Ziggler and holds his hand out, and Ziggler shakes Drew’s hand; the agreement set firmly in place.

Michael Cole: Now I think that Drew McIntyre has proved his ability tonight by winning this match against Alex Riley, but this Sunday at Hell in a Cell he now has to prove his loyalty to Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

Jerry Lawler: I personally think that Drew shouldn’t lie down for Dolph; he is a true professional and lying down and letting someone pin you is the act of someone without a spine.

Michael Cole: But Drew McIntyre could move onto bigger and better things under Vickie Guerrero’s influence. He scored an impressive win over Alex Riley tonight and who knows what the future will hold for this young man.

Jerry Lawler: But he’ll be taking one step forwards tonight and three steps back by lying down and letting his opponent pin him at Hell in a Cell. If he was smart he’d just hit Dolph with a Future Shock DDT when he isn’t expecting it and become the United States Champion.

Guerrero has now joined the two men in the ring and she now stands in between them and raises each man’s arm into the air to make what looks like an extremely well-fitting sight. Ziggler and Guerrero now turn to leave the ring; and Drew is left pondering what his options are for this Sunday.

The screen now goes backstage and we can see that The Miz and R-Truth are both walking towards the screen, talking amongst themselves. We come in mid flow.

The Miz: So Truth, tonight is the night that we become the WWE Tag Team Champions.

R-Truth: Yeah it’s gonna be good. Do we need to talk about tic tacs?

The Miz: Tic Tacs? Really, Truth? Really? Look, all you need to be concerned about is winning out there tonight, and following...my...lead.

Truth nods his head in understanding.

The Miz: And let me make this clear; I am going to be the one that wins this match for us tonight.

R-Truth: Dat’s fine... as long as I get to have the shinier belt.

There is a few laughs in the arena as Miz looks at Truth as if to say “Are you serious?” but it is apparent that Truth is actually being serious.

The Miz: What? Oh forget it... c’mon let’s go.

Miz walks away back towards the cameras and Truth looks a little confused as The Awesome Truth head towards the cameras; The camera focusing on Miz’s determined face as we head out for a commercial.

*Commercial Break*


There is nothing but pure, unadulterated HEAT coming from the fans in the Mohegan Sun Arena as the music of the Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis blares out over the speaker system. After a few seconds, the man himself walks out onto the stage dressed in a suit and he waves out to his “fans”. Making the booing even louder, the man accompanying Johnny down to the ring is none other than Brodus Clay; who wears a smirk on his face after mauling Evan Bourne earlier on. Johnny leads his troop down towards the ring and he picks up a microphone as he steps into the ring. Michael Cole... is standing up and applauding.

Jerry Lawler: Would you sit down, you idiot?

Michael Cole: Jerry, just because you don’t want to show the greatest man in the WWE any respect doesn’t mean that I won’t.

Jerry Lawler: The greatest man in the WWE? You mean the man responsible for Rey Mysterio, and now as we’ve learned, Evan Bourne as well, being on the injured list because he fed them to Brodus Clay? What a hero.

Johnny is now standing in the centre of the ring with a microphone in his hands. He is still smiling out at the fans booing him, whilst Clay just paces a little in the background; happy to just look hard in the back. Laurinaitis raises his hand up to signal his music being cut out which unearths the “YOU SUCK” chants from the fans.

John Laurinaitis: My name is J-

“YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Johnny’s solution is just to shout over the crowd.

John Laurinaitis: My name is John Laurinaitis and I am the Permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

It seems like the fans will boo everything he says.... which is understandable.

John Laurinaitis: Ever since I became General Manager of this show, I have been assembling a super group. It is not something I initially wanted to do but after experiencing the first two weeks on the job; I’m glad I did it.

People aren’t sure where he is going with this.

John Laurinaitis: Raw Superstars have been out to get me; they’ve threatened me and confronted me. I am an important man, I can’t afford to be hurt by one of my Superstars.

More heat as everyone realises he is spewing total bollocks.

John Laurinaitis: But this group’s sole purpose is not to protect me, no; this group’s purpose is to succeed.

Clay nods his head and now Laurinaitis turns around to the beast.

John Laurinaitis: Take Brodus Clay, here. I knew he was coming to Monday Night Raw; I was the guy that signed him to the WWE!

More booing and Clay smiles now.

John Laurinaitis: I know what this man is capable of... and let me assure you all; what you have seen so far from him is just the start. Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne went against me and they paid the consequences; just like any other Raw Superstar that acts against me or speaks against me. I’m not going to try and gloss it over... that is how this show works now.


John Laurinaitis: I want all of my Superstars to succeed; but let me just say that it will be a lot easier for all of you if you if you don’t cross me.

There is almost silence in the arena now as it seems a whole cloud has been put above everything.

John Laurinaitis: That is what Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne found out the hard way; and what our Tag Team Champions are about to find out, too. It is time for the Laurinaitis Administration to win our first championships!


The fans now come back to life following that chillingly honest promo from Laurinaitis and the WWE Universe is back to its booing ways for The Awesome Truth; The Miz and R-Truth. Miz is dressed in his long black jacket and Truth with his white gangsta vest and they are both in high spirits as they walk down to the ring to join their Administration-mates.

Jerry Lawler: I think tonight could mark the start of a new era in WWE after what John Laurinaitis just said; he assembled this group so he could hurt the Superstars that go against him?

Michael Cole: No! This group of individuals are driven by success! Did you not hear what Johnny said?

Jerry Lawler: Well I heard what I heard; and Raw’s future does not look very bright if that is the case. Also, these guys can show up on Smackdown too if they win the titles tonight!

Michael Cole: That would be AWESOME! See what I did there? Wow, this is a great sight!

Awesome Truth join their comrades in the ring and Laurinaitis shakes hands with both Miz and Truth, and Miz goes and slaps Clay on the back before he smiles at the monster who didn’t look too impressed by that. The four men all stand in the centre of the ring for the first time as a complete unit. They absorb the heat from the fans, possibly even welcoming it. ‘Shut Up’ fades out and the “YOU SUCK!” chants are back. All men look pleased with themselves until...


Finally the fans have something to cheer about as the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov come out onto the stage. Santino has his title around his waist as he does the trumpet taunt across the stage, but Kozlov puts his hand on his shoulder and points to the men in the ring, and Santino instantly freezes still at the sight of Brodus Clay. This makes the beast smile a little, but The Odd Couple make their way down to the ring, with Kozlov leading a very scared Marella by the arm.

Michael Cole: How dare... HOW DARE these two goons interrupt the Laurinaitis Administration?! The fact that these two are the best tag team in the WWE is a joke, ladies and gentlemen; a disgrace.

Jerry Lawler: The Odd Couple earned their shot by beating two other teams at once and then beat the champions at the Pay-Per-View for the titles. They even defended them against those boring idiots last week!

Michael Cole: Well they’ve never faced a team like The Awesome Truth before! Eight days, huh? Great reign.

Standing outside the ring, Santino shouts for the referee to get Brodus out of the ring which makes the referee grimace but he is able to politely ask Johnny and Brodus to evacuate the ring which they do. The Odd Couple now get into the ring to stare at their challengers for the evening and remove their belts whilst Awesome Truth takes off their jackets.

Match Three:
WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Odd Couple vs The Awesome Truth
w/ John Laurinaitis & Brodus Clay

It is already decided that Truth will start off the match for The Awesome Truth, but the champions revert to a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who goes in; Santino throws out Scissors and Kozlov breaks them with Rock! The fans pop as Truth’s eyes widen at the sight of the Moscow Mauler, and he turns to The Miz to try and do the same as their opponents but Miz shakes his head and points at Kozlov who grabs Truth from behind!! Kozlov uses his massive strength to lift Truth off of the ground and he throws him right onto his arse in the champions’ side of the ring!! Truth winces but that is the least of his problems as Kozlov now runs right through him with a boot to the face! Truth holds his face and Kozlov now decides to give Truth a taste of some ground ‘n’ pound with mounted strikes to the side of the head!! There is not much in the way of blocking from Truth but the referee pulls Vlad off of his target. He plucks Truth off of the mat now and forces him into the corner where Santino waits. There isn’t a tag just yet as Kozlov elects to thrust his shoulder repeatedly into Truth’s mid section! Kozlov stays in position to indicate that Santino can tag himself in and the Italian does so!

There’s a big pop in the arena as Santino gets himself into the match. He reels off a right hand to the side of Truth’s head and then another one that knocks Truth’s neck back. Santino walks back and he waits for Truth to stumble out of the corner and drills Truth with one more right hand to the face that knocks him down! The fans cheer loudly and Santino starts to walk around the ring raising his arms to fire the crowd up but he catches sight of Brodus Clay smirking at him and he stops dead in his tracks; frozen at the sight of the monster! Laurinaitis laughs and Kozlov pounds the turnbuckle in frustration but Santino’s focus comes back when R-Truth knocks him down from behind!! Santino falls to the floor and Truth is right on him with right hand lefts hands that pepper the Italian in the head and the back. Miz points out to Truth and he shouts “ARM!” and Truth then straightens Santino’s arm out on the mat and stomps right on it! Marellla screams out in pain as Truth now stands tall over him. He grabs the arm once again and wrings it out before going over to Miz and tagging him into the ring. Truth holds Santino’s arm outstretched and Miz just flat out kicks it!! Santino cries out in pain as it becomes apparent that Awesome Truth are trying to rule The Cobra out of Santino’s arsenal. Santino shakes his arm out as he recoils away and Miz turns him back around and kicks him in the stomach before turning it around into an impressive Swinging Neckbreaker!! Miz gets up and smiles out to the fans as we go to another commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return and still in the Tag Title Match where Santino is still at the mercy of The Awesome Truth as the Italian is locked in a Hammerlock in the centre of the ring courtesy of R-Truth. Kozlov is desperately pounding the turnbuckle pad as he tries to get Santino back into the match. Marella is trapped as it seems every time he moves, Truth locks in the hold even tighter. Laurinaitis is still playing cheerleader at ringside and he screams for Santino to tap out. Brodus Clay walks around the ring and he goes to the side where he is looking right into Santino’s eyes. Santino’s eyes widen as a sudden rush of determination overcomes his face and his leg starts to shake and bounces up and down and surely enough Santino starts to rise back up to his feet!! Marella gets a few laughs from the fans as he makes the comeback seem so much more dramatic as it should be. He is able to turn out of the hammer lock and he pushes Truth against the ropes and takes him over with a Hip Toss!! Truth holds his back in pain as he lies on the mat and Santino goes for the Saluting Headbutt-Nobody home!!! Truth rolled out of the way to kill all of Santino’s momentum and leave him diving face first into the mat. Both men now start to head towards their respective tag team partners who are both holding out their arms for a tag. It becomes clear that Santino is a lot closer to Kozlov than Truth is to The Miz and Marella is only a few mere inches away from getting the tag... but The Miz comes in and he pulls Santino all the way back across the ring!!!

Ungodly heat all around the arena now as Santino is right in Awesome truth territory once more. Kozlov tries to get in there but the referee stops him from interfering so Miz uses the chance to get in a powerful boot to Santino’s face! Truth is now back up to his feet and he lays into Santino with another hard stomp before tagging The Miz back into the match. Miz slowly brings Santino up to his feet by holding him by his face and he snarls at him “YOU... are a JOKE!” before SLAPPING Santino right across the face!! The force behind the strike causes Santino to stumble backwards right into the turnbuckle where he holds his face in pain, but Miz walks across the ring to the opposite corner... and he smashes Santino with the Seated Corner Clothesline!! Miz sits on the turnbuckle, being applauded by Laurinaitis but booed by all of the fans. Santino struggles out of the corner once more and Miz stalks him from behind. He goes to hook up The Skull Crushing Finale!!-But Santino rolls through!! Miz is sent packing across the ring but he is right back up to his feet, instead of going for the tag, Santino charges at The Miz... and is ploughed down by a Big Boot to the face!! Santino is laid out and Miz quickly jumps on top for the cover....One...Two...Thr-NO!! A loud cheer for Santino kicking out of it that causes Miz to pound the mat in frustration, and Santino’s resilience is noted by Lawler; which Cole retorts at Miz taking it easy on him. Miz brings Marella up again to his feet and goes for another big move as he applies the Facelock... and powers Santino’s face into the mat with a Snapmare Driver!! Marella is SPIKED onto the canvas and he flops back around onto his back; so Miz can make another cover! One...Two....Thre-KOZLOV BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

The Russian stomps on the back of The Miz’s head to stop the pin attempt and Laurinaitis is furious at that. Miz holds the back of his head and he goes to tag in Truth. R-Truth, still basically fresh like Miz, starts to direct traffic and he says that he has an idea. He instructs Miz to hold Santino up in place, which he does. Truth now rebounds off of the ropes and goes for a LIE DETECTOR-SANTINO MOVES--- AND TRUTH WIPES HIS PARTNER OUT!! Miz falls to the mat and he rolls out of the ring after being creamed by Truth. Truth gets up to his feet after the spinning theatrics and he looks around and notices that Miz is nowhere to be seen and Laurinaitis has his hands on his head... Truth’s eyes widen as he realises what happened, all the while allowing Santino to TAG IN KOZLOV!!! Truth catches Vlad coming out of the corner of his eyes but it doesn’t save him from being flattened by a huge clothesline! Truth is right back up again and he storms towards the big Russian and is floored by a boot to the chest!! Kozlov is right back on him and he picks him up and traps the arms and delivers chest-caving headbutts to Truth’s chest!! Kozlov deems that three of these will be enough, and he throws Truth overhead with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!! Kozlov roars out to the fans and they reply with a decent cheer for one half of the champions’ flurry. Kozlov now waits on Truth to get up from that move; ready for the Iron Curtain... but The Miz comes back from behind and clubs Kozlov in the back of the head!! Miz starts to pound away on Vladimir, and he whips him into the ropes, despite not being the legal man, but Santino was up on the apron and he blind tagged himself back into the match!!

Miz and Truth didn’t see it but the referee did which is the important thing!! Kozlov comes back to Miz and knocks him down with a giant headbutt to the chest that pushes Miz all the way back across the ring and into the ropes in front of the announce tables.... Kozlov charges in and clotheslines The Miz over the top rope... and he goes over himself; both men landing in a heap at ringside!!! With those two out of the match for the time being, the two legal men now find themselves back in the action, as Truth and Santino start to trade blows in the centre of the ring! Santino starts to get the better of it, and he whips Truth across the ring, but Truth comes back and manages to hit Santino with the Lie Detector this time!!! The fans boo as Truth now waits for Marella to get up; knowing he has to win this match by himself now. Everyone knows what is coming up and gives heat as a result... as Truth lines Santino up...


The fans go fucking MENTAL in the arena because CM PUNK walks out onto the stage!!! He smiles out to everyone and Truth in the ring turns around to look at what is happening, leaving Santino on the mat. Laurinaitis and Clay immediately come to the bottom of the ramp and Johnny sends Clay up the ramp to get rid of Punk. The referee comes out of the ring to try and stop Clay from causing a scene and to instruct Punk to leave.... but the fans in the arena cheer even louder now because KOFI KINGSTON IS IN THE RING!!! Kingston came in through the crowd!! Truth turns around to follow up on Santino; but walks right into TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! Truth is laid out and Kofi leaves the ring and hides behind the steel steps as the referee turns around and sees that Santino is now on top of Truth... The referee sprints down to the ring, irking the attention of Laurinaitis.... Ref slides into the ring and counts the pin! ONE...TWO....THREE!!! PUNK AND KOFI SCREW THE ADMINISTRATION!!!

Winners: The Odd Couple (16:13)

The fans go crazy at the way the match finished as Santino gets up to his feet looking shocked; all fo these stars out here and Santino Marella is the man standing tall in the ring. Kozlov slides back in as well and he has the titles and hands one over to Santino and the two champions celebrate in the ring... that is until Brodus Clay slides into the ring and hits a double clothesline on the Tag Team Champions!! The fans boo the monster as he now grabs both Marella and Kozlov by the back of their necks and throws them out of the ring.... but he turns around into a double dropkick... from Punk and Kofi!!! The fans’ reactions change every three seconds as the boots to the chest and face leave Clay stumbling on his feet and now the partners for this Sunday start to hammer away on the big man!! Punk tells Kofi to back away and he scores with a Roundhouse kick to the back of Clay’s head that knocks him forwards but not down... but Kofi’s turn now... TROUBLE IN PARADISE TO CLAY!!! But he still doesn’t go down!! Everyone is shocked as Punk and Kofi stand there wondering what to do... but The Awesome Truth from behind!! Miz and Truth are obviously pissed after being cost the Tag Titles and they knock the men responsible down and lay into them with stomps and punches. Laurinaitis deems it safe to slide into the ring now and direct traffic as his three soldiers start to beat away on Punk and Kofi. The crowd are booing as loud as possible at the sight in the ring... but everyone is left standing still once again now...


It’s TRIPLE H!!!! The COO of the WWE charges down the ramp removing his suit jacket and ripping his tie off as he comes down to the ring to make the save!! The Game slides into the ring but just as he does, all four members of the Laurinaitis Administration scarper out of the ring, and Triple H dares them all to come back in! Laurinaitis leads his troops towards and then up the ramp, Miz and Truth having to hold Clay back from getting some of Triple H. Punk and Kofi now make their way back up to their feet; smiling at the Administration as the little beating they got was worth what they did tonight.


Jerry Lawler: I don’t think CM Punk, Kofi Kingston and Triple H were listening to what John Laurinaitis was saying earlier!! I think this Administration has some opposition, and the opposition strikes the first blow tonight!

Michael Cole: This isn’t smart; these guys aren’t going to get themselves anywhere by doing this.

Jerry Lawler: Are you blind, Michael? That is the Chief Operating Officer of this company; and I don’t think that he is in favour of this... dictatorship. This is a dictatorship!

Punk and Triple H exchange a look to each other as neither man has ever really seen eye to eye but Punk is thankful for the save, before both men go back to staring a hole through the LA who are all now on the stage, the three wrestlers involved all seething... but nothing compares to the crimson red shade of John Laurinaitis’ face.


We start off with a black screen, but it is quickly illuminated with a flashing shot of the most sadistic structure in WWE history... the Hell in a Cell.

There is one match in WWE history that goes beyond all depths.

Triple H delivers a Pedigree to Chris Jericho from Judgement Day 2002 on top of the cell.

Bodies have been broken.

"The Game" is now on the receiving end of a Spinebuster from Batista onto the steel steps inside the cell.

Careers have been shortened.

Randy Orton dives off of the top rope and puts The Undertaker through a table; Taker then Tombstones "The Legend Killer".

Lives have been changed...

Mick Foley is put through the top of the cell by Taker; and then again by Triple H.

for the worse.

Sheamus and Randy Orton walk down to the ring for their match last year; Orton RKOs Sheamus ontop the steps for the win.

But only one thing will be guaranteed...

The Undertaker sends Mick Foley flying off of the top of the cell and crashing through the announce table.


OCTOBER 2, 2011


Back into the arena now for the shot of the commentators for DAT RUNDOWN~!

Michael Cole: That is right, folks; this Sunday in New Orleans, Lousiana, the WWE presents Hell in a Cell! We’re going to see not one, but TWO Hell in a Cell Matches. These matches have the potential to change lives and end careers!

Jerry Lawler: And in one of those highly-anticipated Hell in a Cell matches, the WWE Championship is going to be on the line! Alberto Del Rio faces his toughest challenge yet when he defends against John Cena!

Michael Cole: Well Del Rio showed us earlier what he is capable of inside that Cell when he rammed John Cena head first into the Cell earlier on tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Well those two are certainly capable of causing some chaos inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday... but two men that I KNOW will put each other through Hell this Sunday is the two men battling over the World Heavyweight Championship on Smackdown; The World’s Strongest Champion Mark Henry and Sheamus!

Michael Cole: These two have been embroiled in a rivalry that has seen ring barricades being broken, announce tables smashed; they even destroyed the stage at Night of Champions!! The Cell is the only place I can think of that will stop these two beasts from bringing the entire arena down! Also, we’re going to see these two in a one-on-one Final Confrontation this Friday on Smackdown!

Jerry Lawler: We’ve just seen some carnage involving four men competing against eachother this Sunday where The Awesome Truth of the Laurinaitis Administration take on CM Punk and Kofi Kingston!

Michael Cole: The battle lines have been drawn for this one, as we saw earlier tonight. This is as personal as a tag team match will ever be, folks. There is a lot of animosity between these four men and I can’t wait for it all to come to a head at Hell in a Cell!

Jerry Lawler: There are the other variables in that match included as well, though Michael. Big Brodus Clay will be out there this Sunday, as will John Laurinaitis! CM Punk and Kofi Kingston are going to be at a disadvantage.

Michael Cole: We learnt on Smackdown this past Friday that Cody Rhodes will defend the Intercontinental Championship against William Regal, after Regal picked up a pin fall victory over Rhodes...albeit under dubious circumstances.

Jerry Lawler: What are you talkin’ about, Cole? I loved it when Rhodes got his lights knocked out!

Michael Cole: I don’t want to go into that matter any more... but an interesting situation is the one involving the United States Championship... ever since Drew McIntyre became the number one contender earlier tonight, there has been one question on everyone’s mind; is he going to lie down?

Jerry Lawler: He can shove Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero’s help if he wants to... and then he can become the United States Champion! If he was smart!

Michael Cole: But he could amount to even more with Ziggler and Guerrero’s help! Dolph is a former World Heavyweight Champion; Drew McIntyre could realise his potential by their side.

Jerry Lawler: We will have to see about that... Another match that is sure to deliver is two of Smackdown’s top stars in Wade Barrett and Randy Orton going one-on-one!

Michael Cole: This situation has been brewing for a few weeks on Smackdown, and this has started getting a little personal... Barrett called Orton a worm on Smackdown; but Orton returned the favour with an RKO to Barrett after the main event!

Jerry Lawler: And how can we forget the Divas Championship? Speaking of which; here’s the Divas Champion!

On the Tron appears the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, with Natalya walking beside her. The Divas of Doom must be on their way out here because a small graphic appears in the bottom corner saying ‘NEXT’!

Michael Cole: There she is, the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix is all set for action ahead of her title defence this Sunday!
*Commercial Break*

We return to the show once again and we can see that The Bella Twins are in the ring, both looking as sassy as possible. They both look confident, but it drops as soon as some particular music plays over the sound system...


There is actually a pop in the arena as Beth Phoenix walks out onto the stage, with Natalya by her side. The Divas Champion raises her title above her head in the air whilst beaming out to all of the fans as she marches down to the ring with her eyes locked on The Bella Twins in the ring.

Michael Cole: I’m actually starting to enjoy watching the Divas now that Beth Phoenix is the Divas Champion. These two women are on a mission to bring the wrestling back to the women of the WWE and with that Divas Championship they have a lot of leverage.

Jerry Lawler: I will admit that I’ve not seen two Divas dominate in the way that Beth Phoenix and Natalya have in the last few years.... but every time I see them I can’t help but think that they remind me of schoolyard bullies.

Michael Cole: Well Beth is going to take on Nikki Bella tonight; her challenger this Sunday Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella on Smackdown; so we get a chance to see how the Bellas fare against the champion.

Jerry Lawler: Well they both got beaten up by Kelly Kelly on Smackdown... so I think they won’t do brilliantly.

Beth gets into the ring and mounts the turnbuckle, holding her title high intp the air as her awesome theme music still pumps into the arena. She drops down and hands Natalya the belt... and the Anvilette looks at it just a little too long; causing Phoenix to slap her on the shoulder jestfully and tells her “Don’t even think about it.” Before the two friends smile and Nattie leaves the ring, as does Nikki Bella.

Match Four:
Non-Title Match:

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya vs Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

The bell rings, and Brie thinks an acceptable cause of action is to charge as fast as she can at the Divas Champion... but Beth stands firm and Brie bounces off of her and falls to the mat. Beth and Natalya laugh as the champion now plucks Brie off of the mat by pulling her up to her feet by her hair and she forcefully throws her into the corner. Phoenix now comes in with some hard shoulder blocks that cause Brie to cry out in pain. The referee comes in to try and break it all up but Beth instead whips Brie across the ring powerfully into the opposite corner and as Brie stumbles back out... Phoenix runs in and wipes her out with a SPEAR!!! The move gets a decent cheer from the fans and a tiny “EDGE” chant breaks out. Beth gets up as Brie holds her ribs in agony after being flattened by that move. Beth waits for Brie to get up to her feet... but it seems that the Spear was enough for Bella, so Beth is forced to walk up towards her and lift her up. Phoenix is quick with the go-behind and she immediately hooks her arms in between Brie’s... she lifts her up and drives her into the mat with the GLAM SLAM!! Nikki cries out as her sister is out of it, and Beth now turns her prey over for the count... One...Two...Three!! /Squash

Winner: Beth Phoenix (1:48)


The result comes as no surprise to anyone in the arena as Phoenix defiantly steps up to her feet with a smirk on her face, and Natalya slides back in to the ring and hers her pal the Divas Title. Beth has her arm raised with the hold as Natalya uses her foot to roll the downed Bella out of it and to her twin, shouting back down “This is OUR ring!” which gets a little heat, but not a lot because no one really likes The Bella Twins...

On the Titantron however, we see a very interested viewer of that match... it is only Beth’s opponent for this Sunday, Kelly Kelly! After being the picture of confidence after her dismantling of The Bella Twins on Smackdown, she now wears that look of terror that she had before Night of Champions after witnessing Beth in action. But suddenly, Eve approaches her from behind and puts her hand on Kelly’s shoulder; scaring her initially, but Kelly breaks into a large grin after realising it was Eve. Eve goes to talk to Kelly suddenly grabs her and pulls her in for a hug.

Eve: Hey, Kelly... is everything okay?

Kelly lets up and looks back at Eve; that worried expression is suddenly back on her face.

Kelly Kelly: You must have seen what Beth just did out there; now that she is champion it seems like she will be even harder to beat this Sunday.

Eve frowns a little bit.

Kelly Kelly: I was feeling really good after Smackdown but now.... I’m scared again, Eve.

Kelly shifts her eyes away and tries not to look at Eve, but Torres now puts her hand on Kelly’s arm.

Eve: I know that you can beat Beth Phoenix at Hell in a Cell, Kelly; you just have to believe in yourself. If it helps, I’ll even come down to the ring and be in your corner?

This suddenly causes Kelly’s head to look back up.

Kelly Kelly: Really?

Eve nods and Kelly’s starts to beam... before she pulls Eve in tightly for another embrace. Eve pats Kelly on the back as KK now rests her head on Eve’s and closes her eyes.

Kelly Kelly: Thank you, Eve... you don’t know how much this means to me...

Kelly tightens on the hug a little more, and the camera zooms in on the blonde’s smiling face before fading away.

Backstage again, and we’re in an office environment once again with the camera faced towards the ceiling... it pans downwards to reveal a VERY pissed off-looking Laurinaitis Administration. John Laurinaitis sits on his desk whilst The Miz and R-Truth sit on the couch next to it with Brodus Clay standing next to them. All three of the wrestlers look a little worse for wear after what they have gone through tonight. Miz is the first to break the silence as he quickly stands up; Truth comically bolting up straight after him.

The Miz: I can’t believe they did that earlier... Who... do they think they ARE?! Johnny, I want to know what you are going to do about this!

Truth’s head quickly snaps into the direction of the GM, and he grunts to a few laughs from the fans.

John Laurinaitis: Miz... please, calm down; it wasn’t just you that CM Punk and Kofi Kingston screwed tonight... it was all of us.

The Miz: I know that! But that still doesn’t change my question... What... are... you... going to do?!

John Laurinaitis: All I need to do is make one phone call, and I will have a very big surprise for CM Punk and Kofi Kingston at Hell in a Cell... Just trust me, guys.

Johnny eases up as he even smirks now, his confidence seems to calm The Miz down for now as well; as he takes his seat back, with Truth also doing the same. Back into the arena now...

Michael Cole: I don’t know what John Laurinaitis meant by that, but it seems there was some tension in the ranks just then.

Jerry Lawler: It was just The Miz letting his own ego getting in the way; whatever John Laurinaitis does have planned... it can’t be good news for CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.


There’s a decent level of heat, as somewhat unannounced, the former WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty walk out onto the stage. They are both dressed in street clothes and don’t pay much attention to the fans as they walk down the ramp; maybe they need to get something off of their chests?

Jerry Lawler: Oh who invited these two chumps out here?

Michael Cole: I can agree that they weren’t announced to be on the show tonight, but they must have asked John Laurinaitis for this time.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I’m going to catch up on sleep before the main event; wake me up when they’re gone!

The former champs pick up a mic each as they climb the steps before getting into the ring. They stand in the centre of the ring with little fanfare as they wait for the music to die down. The fans don’t really react that much; more of a rumble around the arena than anything else.

Michael McGillicutty: We know that we aren’t scheduled to be in a match tonight; we weren’t even meant to be on the show tonight at all. But we asked John Laurinaitis if we could have a few minutes out here, because we have an announcement, if you want to call it that.

David Otunga: All week, we’ve been hearing rumours backstage that because of what happened last Monday night on Raw... rumours that Michael and myself are going to stop teaming together.

Otunga looks out to the fans before he carries on.

David Otunga: We can categorically tell you right now that those rumours are NOT true.
That is met by some heat from the crowd as these two don’t exactly make the most popular tag team.

Michael McGillicutty: Like every team, we are just currently experiencing a... rough patch. We’re not going to break up just because we lost the WWE Tag Team Championships at Night of Champions and our rematch last week on Raw. We’re not going to give up on becoming WWE Tag Team Champions once again.

David Otunga: Like the superior athletes we are, we’re going to get out of this rough patch and come back better than before.

The two men nod in agreement.

David Otunga: And, as much as it pains me inside to say... we might have been wrong before. Maybe we are boring and maybe we do need to add another dimension to our game if we want to beat Santino and Kozlov.

Michael McGillicutty: So we asked John Laurinaitis if we could have a few weeks off of appearing on Monday Night Raw... so we could take some time to find ourselves and train on something other than our in ring skills; because let’s be honest here, they don’t need training.

Speak for yourself, Mike...

David Otunga: We’re going to take this break as a chance to see the less serious side of being a WWE Superstar, and when we come back... no other tag team in the WWE will be able to compare to us. We will come back better... and we will become the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Michael McGillicutty: Watch this space.


They drop the mics down to the floor and now head to exit the ring once again; their message clearly sent. They drop down onto the floor and start walking up the ramp, not making any kind of fuss.

Michael Cole: Well it seems like these two young men are looking to make a real success out of this team; I didn’t see anything wrong with them in the first place!

Jerry Lawler: We haven’t seen any improvement in them tonight, but I have to respect the fact that they know what the problem is with their team.

Michael Cole: I think we could be seeing those title belts back on these two in the future. But speaking of titles, the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is in action in our main event... and that match is next!
*Commercial Break*


The music of the WWE Champion blares out into the Mohegan Sun Arena, and the Pennsylvania crowd respond with nothing but heat for Alberto Del Rio, who pulls up in a White Lamborghini Gallardo and beeping the horn as much as he can. The door swings open and the WWE Champion steps out, now dressed for in ring action, with the towel around his neck and his trunks on now.Of course the WWE Championship glistens around his waist as he strokes the bonnet of the car before gesturing out to the fans as he steps up onto the ramp for the shower of golden pyrotechnics to fall down in the background. Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring, and having done his announcing shtick, waits on his employer to make his way into the ring.

Michael Cole: You see that entrance, King? That is the entrance worthy of a great WWE Champion like Alberto Del Rio! Everything he does is grand and a big deal.

Jerry Lawler: I still think he needs to focus on not only his Hell in a Cell Match this Sunday but his match tonight against one of the young, rising stars in the WWE.

Michael Cole: He’s going to be fine inside Hell in a Cell; you saw what he did earlier!

Jerry Lawler: That was nothing compared to what we have seen inside that Cell that is hanging right above the ring, Cole, and you know that!

We see replays of what Del Rio did to John Cena, his challenger for this Sunday, earlier on tonight; he rams Cena’s head into the Cell wall following the confrontation between the two men. The camera switches back to Del Rio beaming out amongst all of the boos. He looks up at the Cell and waves it off... taking this whole situation a little too lightly it seems. The lights return to normal, and the music fades away as the fans buzz in anticipation for who is coming next.


The WWE Universe ERUPTS with cheers as Zack Ryder walks out onto the stage, wearing as much of his merch as humanly possible. He looks like he is in a good mood despite recent circumstances, but he has a look of determination as he prepares for a match against the WWE Champion. Ryder slaps hands with fans in the front row as he is focused on this potentially career changing match.

Jerry Lawler: Did you hear the WWE Universe? They just LOVE Zack Ryder!

Michael Cole: Well, Zack Ryder gets a reward for all of his hard work on the internet... a main event match on Raw against the WWE Champion... what has the world come to? Everyone says that this guy is so popular... so how come all of his friends have sided with Jack Swagger?

Jerry Lawler: I think Primo and Curt Hawkins proved that they were never really Zack’s friends when they both stabbed him in the back-JACK SWAGGER?!!

Ryder had gotten up onto the apron before getting into the ring... but JACK SWAGGER COMES CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!! Swagger grabs Ryder by the legs and pulls him off of the apron, and Ryder lands face first onto the ring apron that sends him stumbling away! There is a lot of heat in the arena for Swagger, as Del Rio just watches on from the ring. Del Rio now points for Swagger and tells him to punish Ryder even more! Swagger obliges as he lifts Zack back up... and sends him shoulder-first into the steel ring steps!! Zack cries out in pain as the referee now slides out of the ring to escort Swagger up the ramp. Ryder is left in a heap at ringside at the hands of his bitter rival, but Del Rio now chooses to leave the ring and approach Ryder... only to roll him into the ring! The champion then calls for the referee to come back. Swagger backs up the ramp and eventually backstage; his work done for now. The referee slides into the ring, and he crouches next to the downed Ryder, who holds his shoulder in pain following the assault from Swagger. We can’t hear the conversation between the two, but Ryder starts to nod... is this match still going to go ahead? The referee orders Ricardo out of the ring, and he has a quick word with Del Rio and a final check on Ryder... before calling for the bell!

Main Event:
Non-Title Match:

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs Zack Ryder

Ryder is still too concerned about his shoulder to even notice that the match had started so Del Rio immediately charges in and starts to hammer away on Ryder with him trapped in the corner; targeting the majority of those shots to the shoulder area of Ryder. The commentators start to ponder if Del Rio and Swagger had a prior arrangement before this match for that shoulder of Zack Ryder to have been targeted to make this match a lot easier for Del Rio. Del Rio throws Ryder down into the centre of the ring and starts repeatedly stomping away on the shoulder again, causing Ryder to wince in agony. Del Rio shows some aggression as he tears Ryder’s t-shirt off of his back and delivers some more stomps to the now fully exposed shoulder. Del Rio paces the ring, which allows Ryder to get up a little and as soon as Ryder’s arm is off of the mat, Del Rio is right in there, trying to hook Ryder up for the Cross Armbreaker!! But Ryder resists the hold and pushes Del Rio away with his other arm! Ryder goes to follow up, the injured arm hanging limply as Ryder leads in for a strike with the good arm, but Del Rio easily dodges and delivers a solid kick to the shoulder that sends Ryder down to the mat in a heap of pain after another strike hits the mark on the shoulder.

Del Rio now comes in and stands over Ryder, before he lifts him back up to his feet, making sure to yank on the hurt shoulder. He brings Ryder up to his feet and he wrings his arm out, which causes Ryder to grimace again, and Del Rio now leaps into the air and drops Ryder’s arm right onto his knees!! The move hurt Zack’s arm as well as pulling on the shoulder joint that causes Zack to bounce around in the ring in pain. Rodriguez is liking what he sees and ADR now turns Zack over and goes for a cover after that move; putting all of his wait onto the good shoulder. One...Two...Thr-No! Zack is forced to use the bad shoulder for the kick out which Cole points out is smart strategy on the champion’s part. Del Rio now takes a few steps back... and he measures Ryder from a distance, before executing a well-placed boot to Ryder’s shoulder! Zack is scrambling around after taking another blow to the shoulder that Swagger injured. Zack scrambles right into the corner where he was before, and once again Del Rio charges in... but Ryder telegraphs it and uses the good shoulder to elevate Del Rio onto the apron!! Del Rio sticks the landing... but he grabs onto Ryder’s bad arm and jumps onto the floor... snapping Ryder’s arm off of the ring ropes!!

Ryder can’t get started in this match because of this shoulder and he stumbles into the centre of the ring and the champion now hops up onto the apron and waits for Ryder to turn around before springboarding off of the ropes and landing on Ryder with a Cross Body! Del Rio stays on top and he forces the shoulder down to the mat as the referee counts! One...Two...Thr-NO!! Ryder saves himself once again! Del Rio tries to being Ryder up once again... and he’s going for the Cross Armbreaker once again!! But Ryder is able to fight him off with a headbutt!! The move is desperation from Ryder as he knocks Del Rio back a few steps before rubbing his forehead. Ryder now charges at Del Rio, but the champion sees him coming... and he lifts Ryder up... TILT-A-WHIRL!! But Del Rio stops Ryder’s back from hitting his knee and he quickly transitions Ryder into a Powerslam position; and drops Ryder’s shoulder down onto his knee!! A great move from the champion and Ryder is once again writhing in pain, but Del Rio quickly goes in for another cover... One...Two...Three-NO!!! Ryder keeps himself alive to great physical cost as the kick out clearly hurt him.

Del Rio’s patience starts to wear thin as he now resorts to verbally berating at Ryder; “Ju are NOTHING compared to ME!” as Ryder makes his way back up to his feet using the turnbuckle. Del Rio charges in at Ryder... but runs right into Ryder’s boot!! The fans cheer but they don’t get ahead of themselves due to the previous events of the match. Del Rio stumbles backwards and Ryder is able to hop himself onto the middle turnbuckle... and he leaps off of the corner; connecting with a Missile Dropkick to the chest of the champion!! A loud pop from the fans as Ryder now goes into the cover!! One...Two..Del Rio kicks out!! Ryder has his head in his hands after coming so close against the WWE Champion. Ryder brings Del Rio back up to his feet and delivers a right hand (the good arm) right to Del Rio’s face that sends the champion reeling back against the ropes, and Ryder catches him with a Back Body Drop upon his return!! Del Rio holds his back in pain and he now scrambles into the corner and sits himself down against the bottom turnbuckle! The fans cheer and Ryder points down to ADR, before pumping his fist...”WOO WOO WOO!”... BROSKI BOOT TO THE CHAMPION!!! Ryder is properly pumped up now... and he waits in the centre of the ring for the champion to get back up to his feet! Del Rio starts to bring himself back up after being kicked in the face. The champion comes a couple of paces forwards and Ryder is advancing – ROUGH RYDER-NO!! Del Rio sidesteps Ryder and uses his momentum to send him SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST!!! Zack cries out in pain again, and the WWE Champion yanks his arm and pulls Ryder into the centre of the ring... and successfully applies the deadly Cross Armbreaker!! Zack is trapped in the centre of the ring so he has no choice but to TAP OUT!!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio (9:38)


There’s a lot of heat for the result, but the majority of fans applaud Ryder’s gutsy performance, but the result was inevitable. Rodriguez slides into the ring and delivers Del Rio the WWE Championship and the champion points up to the cell and then back to the title before raising it high up into the air. Ryder is being checked on by the referee as he is in some obvious discomfort now. Although the fans start to boo even louder because JACK SWAGGER is sauntering his way back down the ramp following the end of the match; he breaks into a run and slides into the ring... and starts pounding away on Zack Ryder! Del Rio leans back in the corner watching the fun as Swagger now brings Ryder back up to his feet and places his head between his legs.... but the fans start to cheer loudly because HERE COMES JOHN CENA!!! The ‘JAM CENA’ guy is visibly going crazy as the #1 Contender slides into the ring and rocks Swagger with a right hand, and then delivers one to Rodriguez that floors him! Cena goes right for Del Rio but the champion dives out of the ring!! Cena is visibly pissed off after what happened earlier and that Del Rio got away, so he turns back to Swagger... Swagger swings with a right; and Cena turns it into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Swagger holds his back in pain and he rolls out of the ring and joins Del Rio at the bottom of the ramp... Cena though smiles as he realises that there is still one man left in the ring. Del Rio has seen this all before as his poor ring announcer gets back up to his feet in the ring... and Cena delivers AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO RODRIGUEZ AGAIN!!


Del Rio is mortified that Cena got Ricardo again, but Cena seems focussed on helping Zack Ryder to his feet for now, that is until he sees that Zack is okay, before both men in the ring stare a hole right through their respective rivals. Swagger is smiling back at Ryder cockily as he backs up the ramp, but Del Rio is frozen at the base looking at Cena, and he looks at the Cell again... before holding tightly onto his title... I think he may have just realised something.

Michael Cole: The battle lines have been drawn before these two men step inside Hell in a Cell; and I think that John Cena has just eliminated one of Del Rio’s main ways of winning that match.

Jerry Lawler: Del Rio will be a lot easier to beat without Ricardo Rodriguez in the picture!


Raw ends with the camera zooming close in on a very, very determined looking John Cena.



Quick Results:

Brodus Clay def. Evan Bourne
Drew McIntyre def. Alex Riley
The Odd Couple def. The Awesome Truth
Beth Phoenix def. Brie Bella
Alberto Del Rio def. Zack Ryder


OCTOBER 2, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Mark Henry vs Sheamus

The Awesome Truth vs CM Punk & Kofi Kingston

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes vs William Regal

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre

WWE Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly

I really enjoyed writing this show, and I feel that the matches in particular are some of the best I have done. I just hope that matches everyone else's opinions Hope you enjoy it, guys #TeamTWG

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