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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

A lot of the stuff WWE have been trying lately has not been as grandiose as I had hoped. Nothing that happens on the live, 3-hour show between the first twenty minutes & the last twenty minutes matters at all, ever. That's over two hours of completely wasted time.

Ryback is over. If people are still doubting that, then I don't know what to tell them. But he is not so over that you put him as the main event of continuous Pay-Per-Views in a row & have him opening & closing the A-Show. A.J. Lee, although I love her as a performer, has run her course with her current direction. She needs revamped pretty badly. Beating Tamina Snuka with a roll-up in a throw-away three minute match is not going to benefit anyone. Vince McMahon coming back to talk for a beyond stale Vickie Guerrero is not the solution.

I think the biggest problem is all of the replays, ads, recaps & shilling. That is legitimately an hour of the show every single week. People change the channel during that shit. Especially when they have other viewing options, like Monday Night Football. Oh, mid-match commercial? I'm turning to ESPN.

The entire layout of the show is old fashioned & dated. It's not 1998 anymore. They need a different format. One for the world of 2012, with DVR & short attention spans. They're booking the show like it's WCW Monday Nitro without any of the mid-card talent. There is not a Cruiserweight Division, a credible tag division, an IC division people care about or even contenders in the U.S. division. It's a bunch of guys killing time in-between nWo promos.
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