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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Wrestlinfan35 View Post
I doubt they care as much as they would if this were during any other time of the year. They know once Punk/Rock starts, the buzz will come back. Starbuck mentions that 6 million people saw Punk lay out the Rock. Well, they clearly didn't leave over night. That was six months ago, the viewers fizzled out because the product is in a garbage state right now. This Ryback project is a fail, and it's a shame that Cena got injured because if Punk/Cena carried on I doubt the product would be as shitty as it is right now. We would have had at least something worth watching. Right now, there is nothing. Not until Rock comes back.

God, Punk/Rock can't come soon enough.
It's all Ryback's fault? Cena/Punk wasn't doing anything to help so I don't know why you're saying that either tbh.

6 million people saw Punk lay out Rock on Raw 1000 and from that point on Punk has been promoted as THE guy on Raw. Up until that point he was second fiddle, third fiddle even, and for the brief Brock/HHH program heading into Summerslam he took a backseat but other than that it's been all Punk as the central and focal point of the show. You give Punk a pass for the past 6 months while Ryback's been around for 6 weeks and it's his fault? This is why I can't take you seriously. You're WAY too much of a mark to see straight. The fact that people are going to come back to watch Rock in his first title feud in a decade isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for your boy. Regardless of whether Punk was champion or not, people would still be tuning in come January because it's the Rock going for the belt and nothing else. That's the hook. Punk will just happen to be along for the ride. Maybe he'll get a win out of it, maybe not. I think he could beat Rock clean, go on to end the steak at Mania and you'd still be blaming Ryback if Punk's segments were doing shit lol. Take your little marky glasses off please. You'll start to see much more clearly.
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