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Re: Dexter Season 7 (spoilers)

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
Umm ever thought of fake identification? Since he's a hitman, its pretty obvious he wouldn't use his real name and address.You can't have every single thing explained to you, you should already expect that to be honest. I also don't think he kills in broad daylight, he kills when he sees teh oppertunity. Also, Issac wants Dexter dead so why would they assume they are working together?The assumption was Issac is following Dex therefore following Dex would bring him to Issac. Very simple actually.

He didn't shoot Dex because he has nothing with Dexter. he doesn't want him nor would Dex tell the police he saw him since he was with Isaac they'd ask too many questions, he knew he was in the clear

Very simple reasons behind it but for some reason you missed it.
Regardless of whether he figured Dex and Ike were working together, he did think Ike would be there. I mean it was a possibility to him. He pretty much threw caution to the wind and CHARGED. Not literally charged of course, but he might as well have.

Did the hit man wear a disguise when he bought the gun? No, so there were witnesses in that store. People saw his face. Who would ever want witnesses that can tie you to a crime? He still may never get caught, but why is he taking such a ridiculous chance? It's just not believable and acted as a stupid way for Dexter to kill him. It was just a plot device in the end. Maybe that hit man likes to LIVE DANGEROUSLY.

He doesn't have anything with Dex, but Dex was a witness TO A MURDER. Why would the guy take that chance that Dex wouldn't go to the police when he can just kill Dexter too? He wouldn't. He'd kill all witnesses. Dex wasn't killed simply because he's the main character and that's weak writing. You missed what I was getting at there.

After all this, why was Isaac afraid of these two hit men? They were shown to be grossly incompetent and Dexter killed them with ease. We know Dexter is a serious badass, lol not sure how or why he is btw he just is, so it should've been a decent challenge for him. But nah, they died easily. Perhaps it's possible Ike wasn't actually scared and he just wanted to see Dex in action. If so, I can abide that.

The episode was terribly written. If you accept bad writing, cool.

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