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Originally Posted by SantaFitz View Post
I'm scummy. I didn't lynch the fucking cop. I explained why I thought MDP/sXe was the cop and they were all perfectly valid reasons. Instead everyone followed CP for reasons I really don't understand.
I'm terrible and if it makes you feel any better I'm really angry with myself. I can assure you I'm just really bad.

Originally Posted by SantaFitz View Post
Scummy as fuck hammer and then you call me scummy. I'm not sure if you're just clueless or scum.
Paco was on the wagon as well. Same argument as Ziggler and Cloverleaf really, I don't know if it was just bad play or him being scum. McQueen and Nov should have know better though.
CP is scum and he will die next, no question there. My remaining two would be.

1. Nov (I'm sure as I could possibly be about this).
2. McQueen
3. Christo (yeah I know he wasn't on the wagon but it's totally possible that he made sure he was on the right side of the flips).
4. Cloverleaf
5. Paco
7. LC (missed the whole phase but I feel confident that she's town)
8. Ziggler
Yeah, not so much clueless but stupid. I got to that point and hammered sXe then read back (rookie mistake) and saw potential errors in my inexcusable play and regretted putting in the hammer. But, whats done is done. CP's gonna pay.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Claus View Post
why is it ok for you to call someone scum based on a lynch, but when I call you scum for getting overtly "upset" about a no lynch, I cant call you scum.

Nice double standard
Oh come on. I didn't call you out on it cause i was annoyed that you'd called me scum, It was a natural reaction to being called scum when I wasn't. His post came across scummy, sue me.

Originally Posted by SantaFitz View Post
Nov has done nothing to contribute in a positive way towards town, tried to stop me from bringing up discussion about the open set up, and put a vote down for a claimed cop without any explanation. I don't know how I haven't been able to get support against him.

Cloverleaf is on the middle of the list because I can't be sure if he was being scummy or just bad. I hold experienced players like Nov and McQueen to higher standards then people like Paco and Cloverleaf.

I don't think all of the interactions with LC and CP were staged. LC is always all over the place and gets herself lynched as town all of the time. I don't think she's been any worse than normal here.
I should have read back and thought more, I made a rash decision.

Wow, I've been quite defensive but it's only cause I can see how scummy my hammer was on sXe.

So yeah, CP we coming for you bruv...and I agree that Nov and Mcqueen should know better

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