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Re: I've noticed something about the Other Wrestling Section

I'm still confused on what the alternative is, or what you're actually complaining about.

Initially reading this thread, I thought this was going to be a positive thing that this section is not flooded with the same threads and same tiresome fights as others. I'm a little surprised that you (the op) sees this as a bad thing.

I only come on this board to check out this section, because this section gives a nice window to other things happening in the wrestling world. I come here for knowledge and to talk about things that most other wrestling fans do not know about. What reason would I have to fight with someone, when there is already so few of us?

I see plenty of debates, but they're civil. We're talking about art, something that is entirely preference. It's a good thing that we explain why we like or hate something with out implying the other person is an idiot. Of course some minor fights break out, and im sure there are people here who do not like certain other posters, but for the most part we have a good community going on here.

Another thing which people touched upon is what exactly would we all talk about? This isn't like the TNA or WWE section where everyone is on the same page. People who post here watch territorial wrestling, independent wrestling, deathmatches, old/new/indie japanese, old/new/indie lucha and the mainstream stuff (as well as the older mainstream stuff like WCW etc). Nothing really 'unifies' us except we watch stuff other than what is on TV. It's like going to an Atheist community, all of them will have different opinions because they're only considered Atheist by one idea in that they do not believe in a God, all other ideologies and what not can be and are totally different.

I'd gladly take in the 5 match thread which shares a lot of good matches and discussion over this section being spammed with "so and so is overrated", "the new IWC poster boy", "Kurt Angle Da Best and you're stupid if you don't think that" threads.
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